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August 20, 2017
Obscure and my favourite Dreyfuss movie. This movie is still politically relevant and ADORABLE while making a myriad of points. When Lithgow had hair.
½ March 26, 2012
The Coen Brothers' The Big Lebowski is not the first film to cross a rickety counterculture with the work of a gumshoe. This film, which has yet to put out on DVD, is forgotten and it shouldn't be.
July 29, 2009
Obscure & under-rated! I love this movie! Look out for the crayons!
½ February 23, 2009
Dreyfuss is in fine touch as a former 60's radical, divorcee, turned gumshoe who must tote his two young sons around during his cases. The storyline is adequate enough with the, now customary for its time political double-dealings, but it's Dreyfuss' likable performance which holds this rather lightweight mystery together.
January 19, 2009
Mixed bag of a film. At it's best when it concentrates on how the 1960s student radical generation adjusts to 1970s life a few years after the radical wave had subsided; often perceptive and insightful. As a private eye story, holds the interest but a convoluted story (as is regularly the case in such films) that isn't particularly easy to follow and doesn't hold up to much scrutiny once you examine it at the end.

Worth seeing though with some standout scenes and a good cast; F Murray Abraham is a standout in his brief role.
October 25, 2008
I'm partial to any political drama from that deeply cynical post-Watergate era of film making so I was always going to like this. Add Richard Dreyfuss /and/ John Lithgow and now my expectations are way up there. I was not disappointed.
July 28, 2008
This film works on several levels: the '60's activists, the old flame connection, the good old murder myster....all put together with affection and style.

The cast is excellent, from Richard Dreyfus on through John Lithgow and Susan Anspach---even the minor characters are well-played.

Watch this one and wonder [i]why[/i] it didn't get more play.
January 15, 2008
This was an OK film-watch on TV.
½ November 14, 2007
My word did no one see it!
½ November 9, 2007
Cool little crime comedy, NOT on DVD. Dreyfuss at the top of his '70s game.
½ October 12, 2007
Dreyfuss as a 60's revolutionary holdover. Look for small bit by F.Murray Abraham as a Abbie Hoffman type.
½ October 11, 2007
Interesting movie about late 70s California politics.
½ July 14, 2007
adequate who-done-it; yet, the context of a former radical examining past & present values is poigniant here as a cultural snapshot of the late '70's. Reading reviews of Michael Moore's recent release made me FLASHBACK to this film that I saw when it was released. I want to see it again.
½ August 13, 2006
[size=3]I was watching part of the Walt Disney Treasures set, [u]On The Front Lines[/u] and it occured to me that the Disney cartoons have gottten a bum rap over the years. A lot of that is the company's fault. Walt Disney stopped making cartoon shorts in 1952 and never showed those pieces outside of the various Disney TV shows. Meanwhile the competition, especially Warner Brothers sell syndicated packages of their cartoons all over the country and generations of kids get to know and love that work. [/size]
[size=3] [/size][size=3] Make no mistake a lot of the other stuff is funnier particularly most of the Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, Road Runner magic at Warners and Tex Avery's insane masterpieces for MGM. But dammit! A lot of Disney cartoons had merit. A lot of Donald Duck stuff is good and the Goofy cartoons from the 40's and 50's are inspired. Some of those Goofy sports cartoons compare favorably to anything Chuck Jones was doing at the time.[/size]
[size=3] Watching the best Disneys, you appreciate the craft of the work and realize that the company was great at using cartoons for other purposes than belly laughs. The set I saw included a lot of World War II propaganda cartoons. "Der Fuhrer's Face" may be the best WWII cartoon of all and the wartime "Chicken Little" turned the idea of the usual jolly little movie cartoon on its head.[/size]
[size=3] I also saw an interesting documentary called "Z Channel: A Magnificent Obssession". It was about a Los Angeles cable channel from the 70's and 80's that specialized in showing art minded American and foreign films, more specifically about the main programmer, Jerry Harvey, who was obssessed with movies but ultimately killed his wife and himself.[/size]
[size=3] The curious part was hearing all these critics and directors talk about the rare films that only Harvey had the vision to show. I was seeing most of those films when they first came out. Hell, "Berlin Alexanderplatz" played on PBS. Maybe he was the only guy in Los Angeles showing this stuff but the East Coast wasn't exactly Podunk U.S.A. Altman, Visconti, Peckinpah, Herzog, Laura Antonelli's stuff, it all played here.[/size]
[size=3] I will admit that the movie mentioned a few films even I hadn't heard of, a WWII story called "Overlord", a French comedy called "Le Magnifique" and a Klaus Kinski film, "The Most Important Thing Is To Love". Those never got over here.[/size]
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