Mar 17, 2013
Director Richard Gray (Summer Coda) has his hands full trying to do justice to the story's moral minefield while putting in enough slo-mo footy action...Regrettably, this results in a well-meaning muddle of a film.
Mar 11, 2013
This story of AFL, mateship and sex scandal is let down by a clunky screenplay and some misguided morality despite the presence of Jack Thompson and an enthusiastic cast of talented young Australian actors.
Mar 7, 2013
What's meant to be ploddingly glum drama ostensibly about Aussie Rules footy proves to be a humourless study of forgiveness, redemption and so forth, with plenty of agonising along the way.
Mar 3, 2013
Did the cast and crew honestly think viewers would want to chant "win, rapist, win!"?
Feb 20, 2013
Australian footy-themed melodrama fumbles, kicks few goals.