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½ February 10, 2019
I turned on this movie for a background distraction as I cleaned. Almost immediately I found myself watching and enjoying it very much. They took a little raunchy humor, added smart dialogue, a pinch of nudity and a really good heartfelt message. As a single dad, it meant a lot to have single parents portrayed realistically, though amped up a bit for comic effect. This movie was my biggest gap between expectation and reality in a long time!
February 9, 2019
Iï¿ 1/2 1/2 1/2(TM)ve seen a lot of movies in my day but this is the stupidest and the worst movie I have ever seen.
½ February 9, 2019
Funny, heartwarming and contains powerful acting but ultimately it's predictable.
½ February 2, 2019
Had its cheesy comedy parts, but overall I was surprised how funny it was!
½ January 31, 2019
A pretty low brow comedy with some laughs. Its just hard to get behind John Cena as an actor.
January 26, 2019
In this hormone laden autobiography of John Cena's mid-life crisis, millennials finally receive the recognition they deserve for butt chugging craft beers and pioneering feminism. With a healthy dose of father-daughter sexual tension, Cena also tries to salvage what's left of his failing career by performing acts more risqué than wearing tights and wresting oiled up adult males; these acts include chewing on his daughter's used underwear, playing with her vibrator, and infiltrating her DMs with taboo emojis. This doesn't even scratch the surface of what is now seen as the 21st century's greatest novel-based incest docudrama... keep reading. Despite Kayla's greatest efforts to get pounded out by her pansexual prom tinder date, Cena lays the smackdown out of pure seething jealousy by undertaking in various fratboy party tricks. We can see you, John Cena.
January 19, 2019
I passed out laughing at the locked eyes scene. John Cene is hilarious but I didnï¿ 1/2(TM)t even see him in this movie...
½ January 16, 2019
A few laughs here and there. Not as funny as the critics would have you think.
½ January 16, 2019
I absolutely did not expect to like this movie, then imagine my surprise when I actually LOVED IT. Don't get me wrong, I can see the flaws in it, it plays to the lowest form of comedy in some moments (i.e. a lot of jokes about sexuality). That's to be expected though, given the content of the movie. Ike Barinholtz is the definite core of hilarity in this film, his hijinx throughout the events that play out are leaps and bounds above the rest of the cast. I sadly can't give this movie more than a 3 1/2 because I know that in a few years it will slowly fade into obscure movies people once saw.
January 14, 2019
Blockers is a refreshing and bold comedy that although adds to the formula of Seth Rogan's stoner comedies, does have a lot to say about family, women and youth today. Its downfall is its approach to throw any joke at the wall and see if it sticks, with a a whole variety of different comedy on display which ultimately does help to cater to everyone but can feel a bit too crazy for this down to earth story. The plot and characters are its strength with the cast doing a great job of bringing the script to life with all cast members clearly giving their all and taking the material seriously. John Cena makes a fantastic comic debut while Ike Barinholtz continues to entertain and even move us, with a role that's very much a step up for him. Leslie Mann seems to adopt the lead role more which works well as she and the two male leads are backed by fantastic younger leads. It has a lot of messages and story lines but to the films credit it does manage to wrap them all up. Its themes are impressively placed, without seeming tacked on, with the comedy working best when its unexpected and working off the great dynamic of the adults.
January 13, 2019
enjoyable and entertaining. very formulaic and the characters are very stereotypical. the writing is good and the three main stars have some great one-liner/offhand comments. the happy surprise is john cena's daughter in the movie - i could see her getting her own teenage angst movie (ladybird-ish). pretty raunchy. it's like a judd apatow movie, just not as well done.
½ January 10, 2019
I created a rotten tomatoes account just to give this terrible movie a more appropriate rating 4 stars. Trash.
January 8, 2019
Pretty decent raunch com. Obvious plot for a few laughs. Cena is really bad in it.
January 8, 2019
Cena just isn't a good actor. Chicken heads were pretty funny though.
½ January 1, 2019
'Blockers' was originally written in 2012 and called 'Cherries', luckily the script went through many re-writes, and the title was changed (twice) resulting in an enjoyable comedy with structure. Three parents (Leslie Mann, John Cena, Ike Barinholtz) try to stop their children from losing their virginity. The trio has spot-on chemistry and numerous LOL moments. The kids (three high school seniors) played by three relative newcomers also have wonderful camaraderie.

This is by no means perfect, when it works it hits the bullseye. Watching this with my wife made it even better. I'd imagine watching it in a large group would be best. We had a really good time and if you don't have a stick up your you know where you will too! Husband: 7.7; Wife: 7.0; Final Average Score: 7.35/10
January 1, 2019
Hilarious A.F.! Great movies for parents. ????
½ December 31, 2018
I don't know why audiences hate this movie, but this movie was fucking hilarious and at times it was sad!
December 31, 2018
Blockers is about three parents; John Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barenholtz who try to stop their daughters from having sex on the night of their prom. It reminded me of American Pie, but in that flick we were rooting for the boys to achieve their goals. In this one, the parents resort to burglary to find the truth about their daughterâ(TM)s true objections. The storyline is funny, with some hilarious scenes. Overall it was a very good comedic movie, although they did leave out some scenes from the trailer. Definitely worth adding to your library.
½ December 31, 2018
Ya know, this movie is actually a lot funnier than it should be. The plot is as tired as it gets: three lifelong friends make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. Basically, it's American Pie 8.0. The twist, if you can call it a twist, is that they are girls. But surprisingly, that twist brings a lot of interesting things to this movie, and challenges gender ideals and the double-standard thinking about male vs female sexuality in a fun and approachable way. Why are a group of bros pledging to lose their virginity something to cheer, and girls pledging to do the same something to fear? Why must girls be protected from their sexuality while boys are celebrated for it? It's a good question, pointedly asked by one of the girls in the movie ("Why is sex even bad?") and one that does not have a simple answer, if any answer at all. The other twist is that the protagonists are not the girls, they are the parents. Sadly, the parental figures are clichéd: the clingy mother, the overprotective father, the deadbeat dad. But what I liked was that the deadbeat dad is the only one who talks any sense or demonstrates any respect for his daughter as her own person; the so-called "good" parents are the ones with the unhealthy attitudes. The film is well cast (and I can't believe I'm saying this about a movie that stars John Cena, but he's actually pretty good in this) and all three leads bring humor to their roles... though only one of three girls was anything to write home about (keep your eye on Geraldine Viswanathan, she is great). The film is a bizarre mix of smart and gross-out humor, but most of the time it works, and makes for quite a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. It's nice that the film draws attention to our culture's old-fashioned ideas about girls' sexuality, but even then, why can't we have a movie that actually accepts and celebrates women's sexuality instead of a movie poking fun at antiquated ideas about suppressing it? It's a good step, but we have a long way to go. Strange that a low-brow comedy literally named for cock-blocking would be one of the best female empowerment movies of the year.
December 30, 2018
Sooooo, apparently political correctness has completely ruined comedy's forever. This could have been a great movie, but they had to stop every 5 seconds to "make sure the audience understands the plight of everyone". There were some funny scenes, however they were overshadowed by the constant inclusion ravings. And why in the world would a movie glorify teenage drug use? WTF
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