Book of Shadows - Blair Witch 2


Book of Shadows - Blair Witch 2

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This sequel to Blair Witch Project is all formula and no creativity, mechanically borrowing elements from the original and other horror movies.



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Adventure and fantastical treasure await a young man on a quest to discover an ancient book whose contents hold the secret to life in this adventure tale from director Rob Reiner and scribe Zoe Green. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi


Kurt Loder
as Himself
Bruce Reed
as Burkittsville Resident No. 1
Lynda Millard
as Burkittsville Resident No. 2
Deb Burgoyne
as Burkittsville Resident No. 3
Joe Berlinger
as Burkittsville Tourist No. 1
Sara Phillips
as Burkittsville Tourist No. 2
Lanny Flaherty
as Sheriff Cravens
Pete Burris
as MBI Man No. 1
Briton Green
as Stoner No. 1
Erik Jensen
as Stoner No. 2
Peggy K. Chang
as Foreigner No. 1
Tony Tsang
as Foreigner No. 2
Anja Baron
as Foreigner No. 3
Andrea Cox
as Burkittsville No. 4
Lauren Hulsey
as Eillen Treacle
Ed Sala
as MBI Man No. 2
Tyler Zeisloft
as Teenager No. 1
Richard Kirkwood
as Teenager No. 2
Justin David Fair
as Teenager No. 3
Raynor Scheine
as Rustin Parr
Robert M. Kelly
as MBI Man No. 3
Dina Napoli
as Reporter, WBAL
Landra Booker
as Reporter, Fox 45
Jaqui Allen
as Reporter
Sloane Brown
as Reporter, WJZ 13
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Audience Reviews for Book of Shadows - Blair Witch 2

  • Apr 13, 2015
    It's a silly film really. Number 1 fan of the original and I'm not too offended. It's not a film to be taken seriously, it features camp performances, not as much grit as it believes itself to possess and a wobbly, rushed direction throughout, especially towards the end. It is however enjoyable for the most part and relatively memorable.
    Harry W Super Reviewer
  • Oct 24, 2012
    The studio clearly had no idea what they had on their hands with The Blair Witch Project, as evidenced by the atrocious sequel Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. The found footage style is abandoned, and instead labels itself as a "re-enactment" of real events. But the story is little more than that of a stereotypical horror film, and makes little to no sense. Something is trying to be said about the reality of film, but it's lost in the convoluted and inept storytelling. Book of Secrets: Blair Witch 2 is an uninspired piece of garbage with no scares or suspense.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • May 06, 2012
    bad sequel and poor excuse for an addition to the franchise. this was rightfully the last sequel to be made.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Jan 19, 2012
    Kim: Something happened to us in the woods... something evil.  "The terror continues..." Book of Shadows: The Blair Witch 2 has to be the worst horror sequel I have ever seen. It's worse than Jason X, it's worse than Halloween 3. In saying that, I'm also sort of happy in a way, that Book of Shadows was so terrible. If it had been even a slight success, there would have been a crazy amount of additional sequels dished out. As it is, this killed the sequels and we haven't been shown any for 12 years. Thank God.  Book of Shadows took everything that was cool and terrifying about the original and threw it out the window. The first relied on its small budget as a way to scare. Instead of showing us all the details, they left it to our imagination. This one decides to show just about everything. They show us tons of blood, in a schizophrenic and hectic sort of way. We are shown hallucinations of what characters think is happening and everything seems like it is passing over everything else. It's like a 3 year old with a coloring book. Initially you can see what the picture is, but after they've scribbled on it with ten different colors in incoherent ways, all that's left is a mess.  This takes place shortly after the hysteria of the first film. At the start we are shown clips of late night shows and critics speaking about the film. We are given a fake news broadcast that is showing us how everyone is overrunning the town of Burkittsville. Locals say it isn't true, and the sheriff tries to keep all the tourists out of the woods. One local takes it upon himself to cash in on the hysteria, creating the Blair Witch Hunt. He takes some tourists out to some spots and they party. They wake up remembering nothing. All their stuff is thrown about and they have weird marks on their flesh. They then retire to the locals house, which is a factory, in order to decode what has happened with their cameras. Don't watch it. I love the first one, but this is just a waste of time. It adds nothing to the Blair Witch story and only serves as a film Artisan thought they could make some money off of. Once again, Thank God they didn't.
    Melvin W Super Reviewer

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