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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) Reviews

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September 5, 2017
Very sad at the ending
½ August 27, 2017
interesting story about a concentration camp as seen through the eyes of a little boy
½ August 20, 2017
interesting war film. enjoyed it.
August 15, 2017
A strong movie with a memorable end. It captures the innocence of childhood and paints a picture of the darkness of its time really well. A strong message told in a beautiful way.
August 14, 2017
A tear-jerker if ever there was one!
July 31, 2017
7/31/17 Netflix
A moving story with a twist on the standard holocaust story. The ending was a total surprise and I wont ruin it with a spoiler observation. See this one, you won't be disappointed.
July 29, 2017
A powerful, moving, and ultimately tragic story, a must see to understand other words will do....
½ July 18, 2017
awesome story too bad it wasn't true would've made the Nazi think for the rest of his short life
July 12, 2017
Reflective, insightful and utterly heartbreaking. The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas is an interesting telling of one of the worst episodes in the history of human kind told from the perspective of a couple of innocent children. It is touching and devastating, but with several layers to be analysed. The two kids are great in their roles and Vera Farmiga is amazing as the mother. I love this film and, no matter how many time I see it, it breaks my heart every time.
June 17, 2017
This movie is so sad :( Vera is an amazing actress !!!
½ May 19, 2017
Seeming like a fairly routine holocaust movie about a German boy who befriends a Jewish boy through the fence of a prison camp, the proverbial trick up the sleeve is only revealed in the last 10-15 minutes. While the twist is unlikely, it is also not implausible and does wrangle empathy through the plight of the child protagonist.
May 17, 2017
Writer and Director, Mark Herman directs a very great and emotional movie, that's very sad and executed very very well, and a perfect depiction of a fictional event, that takes place during a real event (The Holocaust).
½ May 17, 2017
Movie had a simple narrative but poorly executed. The ending also felt somewhat of a rush and could have been done differently. Could have been fine if it was a short but full length film is pushing it.
½ May 12, 2017
As a rule, I procrastinate a movie until I read the book it is adapted from. The horrendous Holocaust quests are cloaked (exceptions) until the end in the book and the movie (more), aber this triviality was intended to focus on the 8 year old (9 year old in the book) & his same aged
Jew friend and to denounce the average Germans whose family heads were carrying out these delinquent "enabling" acts. Vera Farmiga and the kiddos are luminous with Bruno sporting Hitler~like hair. The final scene makes you crumble like wall of bricks but the film entireity was commercially exploited. My rating is 3.5
May 11, 2017
its a bit touching but its a good movie
April 17, 2017
A well made thought provoking film which in my opinion doesn't trivialise the holocaust in any way. Good acting and sets. Well filmed. Unlikely that security would have been this lax in a work camp and the end is a bit unlikely.
Never the less a good film.
April 2, 2017
My opinion---

"The boy in the striped pajamas" is a drama of war realized with the hands of a master by: Mark Herman, he knew how to put his sensibility on a subject that can not be more delicate than this black period of human history, with His deportations, his massacres, his pure horror. A very realistic and very hard movie on the concentration camps, and the story is really poignant, and the characters are well written and superbly interpreted by very convincing actors. Asa Butterfield in the role: Bruno and Jack Scanlon in the role of Shmuel (the Jewish boy) and Vera Farmiga in the role of Asa's mother and David Thewlis in the role of Asa's father. A movie that fills the spectator with emotion, a great film of its kind, because all these wars are also all the misfortunes of the world that fall on the heads of the innocent, a movie to be discovered absolutely for its sensitivity to the skin
½ March 20, 2017
Heartbreakingly amazing.
½ March 9, 2017
It is an interesting perspective on how the Holocaust was viewed from a particular family, proposing a moral conflict that highlights childhood innocence during the time and jumps feelings of guilt, questioning and rejection to what happened. However, the film is too simplified and limits a lot of issues that were necessary and did not expand or conclude at all. 73/100
March 6, 2017
Simply presented and extremely powerful in message.
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