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September 26, 2017
Funny as hell, I can't stop watching it over and over. One of my favorites!!!!
September 16, 2017
Take the worst aspects of bad male driven comedies (fart jokes, poorly paced humor and forced dramatic scenes) and add an all female cast. That doesn't make a bad comedy any better. What makes it watchable is a few funny scenes and a few good performances from Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy. Other than that, it's a comedy movie that tries way too hard to be a comedy movie.
September 12, 2017
Still one of the best chicks comedy ever written. Bring the sequel please!
September 4, 2017
Went into this movie expecting another chick flick, but boy was I wrong. Don't cast doubt until you realize this is produced by Judd Apatow, the man behind 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Super Bad. Kristin Wiig makes this movie, but Melissa McCarthy steals many scenes. Not your typical chick flick because this movie includes many gross out scenes that you will be laughing about after you leave the theater. While having a typical plot line of a chick flick, it was very funny throughout. And as a man I'm not ashamed to say I liked it.
½ September 3, 2017
This film has hilarious scenes mixed with some tender moments too. Perhaps a little too long but overall an enjoyable rom-com featuring some very funny and memorable scenes. Rating changed from and 8 to a 9 on second viewing. GGN 1001
August 20, 2017
The best team of comediennes out there. Excellent and hilarious.
August 16, 2017
Really funny comedy for women and for men.
August 15, 2017
Arguably, the best female comedy off all time. A great MOVIE and not only comedy to the early 2010's. Kristen Wiig stole the show and Melissa McCarthy as her's first breakout movie!

|It's a 9,4 out of 10|
½ August 13, 2017
Well, it ain't funny
August 6, 2017
Ranchy is fine. No, scratch that, raunchy is good. It's as good as long as there's clever humor that goes with it. I understand that Bridesmaids is trying to accomplish a feel of "Girls can be bad too," but it just fails at the funny. There are one or two scenes that do bring out laughs (Melissa McCarthy is pretty hilarious), but the basis of Bridesmaids is just women doing silly things; there's no real witty humor. I felt no sense of compassion for the protagonist, as she just acted as a nasty woman who simply dislikes people either for who they are or who don't go her way. Nothing happened in the movie. I was excited during the plane scene, not because of the unfunny drunk Kristen Wiig scene, but because I had the smallest ounce of hope that they might go somewhere and actually do something. Instead, I was led to a big slap in the face. Bridesmaids's jokes have the abilty to be funny, but are unfortunately disappointing with all the humor wrung dry out of them. With a hollow script, pretty much humorless dialogue, and a predictable plot, Bridesmaids is a big disappointment.
½ July 9, 2017
Hilarious! Hysterically funny!
½ July 7, 2017
This is the least funny movie I have ever had the misfortune to view. I adore Kristen Wiig and all this movie does is portray the worst stereotypical faults a woman could possess.
July 2, 2017
Laugh out loud the whole way through. KW is incredibly funny
June 13, 2017
6/11/2017 (2): A pretty decent movie with some funny scenes.
May 25, 2017
If I had one complaint about this movie is that the third act is pretty predictable and you've seen this shtick millions of times already. Aside from that, I'm not surprised this has become a more recent comedy classic. The characters seem genuine, the dialogue is well written and natural, even the gross out gags are done pretty well (like how it fits with the food poisoning scene). I enjoyed watching this movie and I'll probably see it a few more times in the future.
½ May 21, 2017
Funniest movie I have seen in a long time. Melissa McCarthy knocks it out of the park. A few key parts just keep you in stitches.
½ May 21, 2017
This movie was hilarious
May 3, 2017
WHAT I LIKED: When someone tells me that I don't like Hollywood rom-coms, to contradict them I either reference Richard Curtis, or Paul Feig and his work on this film. Yes 'Bridesmaids' is not only a properly funny and well-constructed romance/comedy that delivers on laughs and emotion; it's also a real stand-out in the genre because of the way in which it delivers all of that with such a light touch. Indeed whilst some of these films take themselves rather seriously despite the laughs; this one truly understands its madness, and is laugh-a-minute stuff as a result. At the same time though, as is the case with all great comedies, when it decides to, Bridesmaids can take itself on a more emotional tangent as the characters and story are all built so well. All in all, that makes for a very engaging and thoroughly hilarious experience.
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: At points, the self-aware comedy descends into silliness.
VERDICT: A self-aware and light-hearted rom-com that also has its feet firmly planted in an emotional story. Basically, it ticks all the boxes, and then ticks a couple extra for luck.
March 10, 2017
One of my favorite comedies of all time. Kristen Wiig is awesome. Coming of age tale about a 30 something loser who is planning a wedding for her friend. Hilarious. The best. I laughed so hard. I love movies about people who have to overcome obstacles. Kristen Wiig really convinced me she was unhappy and lost.
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