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March 25, 2017
this movie so sucked.
½ March 25, 2017
Worst, most depressing movie EVER! Comedy? I don't think so...
March 8, 2017
Vicarious investigations.
½ December 5, 2016
This movie fell very flat too me. Very dull and hum-drum of a movie.
November 27, 2016
Bill Murray playing Bill Murray, hehe. Sad, isolated, weird, yes it cannot be anyone else than Bill. His much-younger girlfriend leaves him, and suddenly he is chasing down a mystic letter, in search for his (maybe) son, as the son (maybe) chasing him. Mysterious, slightly funny and Jarmusch-trademarked.
½ September 5, 2016
Ultimately clouded by ambiguity, "Broken Flowers" is quite intriguing.
½ July 11, 2016
Bill Murray is still a legend top movie ending was a bit buzza
½ April 9, 2016
Spoiler alert! This movie has no ending! Just as you're beginning to wonder how it's gonna end, the credits come up. If it had HAD an ending, perhaps I would have rated it higher, especially if it was a GOOD ending. It starts with a contrived setup (the Post Office ran outta ink in their cancellation machine), moves slowly but methodically, and Murray does a fine job as a guy who can't decide if he really cares. But then, y'know, it just ends. Between this and Coffee and Cigarettes, I will never again see a Jim Jarmusch film, even though he apparently made the excellent Sling Blade.
February 23, 2016
The Astatke soundtrack is almost worth the price of admission alone, and the movie is enjoyable and funny. A rich couch-potato is thrown into a series of circumstances, none of which resolve the purpose of the quest, and more questions are raised by the end. The journey is all a pleasure, however, with Murray in classic, dead-pan, mode. The movie is relatively pared back, and doesn't aim too high, but does what it does very well. A classic Jarmusch film.
½ January 19, 2016
The adventures, if you could call it that, of a melancholic and rather uncaring bachelor. The amount of symbolism and metaphors, though at first hidden, is so stifling it pushes out most, if not all, intrigue the movie has. Sure, the camera-work and visuals do great to help get the point across and it's very clever, but this isn't material you'd show to an average movie-goer. This is something shown to someone who wants to not particularly enjoy the movie, but dissect it for all its meanings and tricks. Still, for what it is, it's solid. Oh, and major points for that ending.
January 16, 2016
Not a film for everybody, but a must-see for anyone who enjoyed Murray's turn in Lost In Translation. Jarmusch fans will also relish the picture, as his deadpan comedy is on the best form here since it was first unleashed on the world in Stranger Than Paradise.
December 21, 2015
Bill Murray is brilliant as usual. Jeffrey Wright is also outstanding. For music buffs, the soundtrack is fantastic and really augments the atmosphere of the film. Jim Jarmusch really nailed it.
October 17, 2015
Bill Murray gives a great and understated performance yet the lack of resolution (which I get we aren't supposed to have one) falls flat for me.
September 5, 2015
A few interesting and funny moments, but they are very few and far between. This is the slowest-moving movie I've ever seen
½ June 12, 2015
I wondered what Jim Jarmusch's films were like before seeing this movie, and I haven't since. Intentionally aimless and pretentious in the extreme, I was embarrassed for the filmmaker watching this. Bill Murray is as bad in this one as he was good in Lost in Translation, the performance is 1 3/4 hours of deadpan mugging for the camera, as if he was executing a vicious parody of himself. He needn't have done anything after Lost in Translation, apparently. Still not as obnoxious as a Wes Anderson movie, but that is no compliment.
May 8, 2015
Subtle and understated, lovely.
½ May 4, 2015
Bill Murray -- whose soul escaped while he was still alive -- only he could play this role of the empty man filled with hidden yearnings of a more animated person. Not sure I would rate this as a "comedy". Verified that if there is a movie with Murray in it, it has to be worth watching
May 2, 2015
A one-time-Casanova attempts to reconnect with four old flames. Muted, humanistic, insightful. A melancholic exploration of the disconnect between present and past. (Excellent Ethiopian jazz soundtrack. Bill Murray and Frances Conroy are damned resonant.)
½ April 29, 2015
Jim Jarmusch is one of the more obscure and unique filmmakers in the business today, and it's seen quite clearly here in "Broken Flowers". Jarmusch takes a relatively generic premise that sounds like it could easily be a crappy McConaughey rom-com, but makes it interesting with the use of unique, subtle storytelling and a blend of genres. I think the subtle storytelling may be my favorite part of the movie. When Don visits his previous girlfriends, the details of their past relationships aren't revealed. We as the audience are able to interpret how their relationships once were, how they ended, and learn more about the characters' personalities through their interactions. This is good because it's real; when two former lovers meet up after 20 years of not seeing each other, they won't describe the details of their past relationship, they already know; they will either enjoy or hate seeing each other once again and talk about how they are now or how they've been. I will say that the film can be a bit repetitive, though, as not much else happens in between his visits, it just goes from one woman to the next. But it does add another interesting element to the film, suspense and anticipation. As Don continued to talk with each woman, I kept thinking to myself, "Is this her? Is this the woman who sent the letter?".

SPOILERS AHEAD: After all of Don's visits with his past lovers, we reach the ending. And it's with this that I have a love/hate relationship. All of the details seem to be coming together; Don has a conversation with who he believes to be his son, and we think find out who sent the letter, but just when I expected the final details to be revealed, the movie just ended. Everything I had been waiting to discover throughout the whole movie was just thrown out. In that regard I was upset. I was excited for the answers and I never got them. But, there was also a purpose for the ending. Don ends up just like us, expecting answers and not getting them. The guy he thought was his son ran off, saw yet another young man who could be his son, and he noticed clues at the house of one of the women but was unable to piece them together due to unlucky, violent circumstances. Don never finds out who is son is or who he got pregnant, and he will most likely never find out. We follow Don through the whole film, in fact, there isn't one scene without Bill Murray in it. We stick with Don until the very end, and are left feeling just the same as him: confused, sad, and hopeless. Sure, it's depressing, but life doesn't always have happy endings.

So to sum it all up, "Broken Flowers" is unique, intriguing, believably human, dramatic, and funny. Though it may not please the average, casual moviegoer, this film is truly special.
April 14, 2015
Don (middle-aged bachelor, starred Bill Murray) received an anonymous letter from an ex-lover, informing him that he has a son aged 19 who maybe looking for him. Don's neighbor made Don narrowed down the possibility to four former lovers and moved him to visit them to search for answers.

The subject sounds dramatic (or has the possibility to be dramatic). However, since the director is Jim Jarmusch, you cannot expect him to tell a classical Hollywood story. The story is told in a smooth way, with little ups and downs and an open ending. I'm not very sure about the theme, but very impressed by Don's detached attitude towards life and his hesitation on actions. I like the story's mood, which is very well created by appropriate blank in characters' relationship and narrative rhythm, as well as Bill Murray's natural performance.

Broken Flowers is the second film of Jim Jarmusch I saw, after Only Lovers Left Alive. Both of them made me feel there is some nature beauty in Jim Jarmusch's film language. It seems he creates beautiful scenes with little effort, just like the way he tells his story, which has some natural lightness in it.
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