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An autistic twelve year old boy and his older sister battle a Bengal tiger in a boarded up house as a massive hurricane blows into town, dashing any hope of a hasty escape. In the wake of her mother's death, Kelly (Briana Evigan) is forced to play the roles of sister and parent to her autistic younger brother, Tom. Upon discovering that their step-father, the owner of a safari park, has raided her college savings to purchase a volatile Bengal tiger, Kelly realizes that her dreams of getting a higher education are all but dashed. But just as Kelly begins to think that the worst is behind her, a powerful hurricane begins to batter their house with devastating winds. Even worse, her step-father's tiger has escaped from its cage, and it's been quite a while since the formidable man-eater has had a proper meal. Trapped, terrified, and completely defenseless against one of nature's most perfect predators, Kelly and Tom do their best to avoid the ferocious wild beast until the winds die down, and they can escape outside. Meat Loaf and Garret Dillahunt co-star.


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  • Aug 06, 2013
    Directors C Super Reviewer
  • Feb 04, 2012
    What the hell?? Brianna Evigan trapped with her autistic brother inside a house with a Bengal Tiger? WHo the F*CK, wrote this? <-- that's what I thought before watching this then I was completely mind f*cked to see such a GREAT HORROR flick. This just goes to show that no matter how ridiculous your plot is, if you got the right stuff then it will be good. Evigan's character may be the smartest character in the history of HORROR.
    August S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 16, 2012
    <B><I>BURNING BRIGHT</I> (2010)</B> WRITTEN BY: David Higgins, Christine Coyle Johnson, Julie Prendiville Roux DIRECTED BY: Carlos Brooks FEATURING: Garret Dillahunt, Briana Evigan, Charlie Tahan, Peggy Sheffield, Mary Rachel Dudley, Tom Nowicki GENRE: <B>NON-SUPERNATURAL HORROR / THRILLER</B> PLOT: <B>A woman is trapped in a house with a ravenous tiger during a hurricane which occurs during an earthqauke and a solar eclipse. Nah, only kidding. It's just the tiger and a hurricane.</B> COMMENTS: With its title borrowed from William Blake's poem, "The Tyger," Burning Bright is both an unusual film and an unlikely candidate for being an effective horror movie. Surprisingly, it's pretty good! Twenty--something Kelly (Evigan) tries to enroll her young autistic brother in a special school so she will be free to accept a college scholarship, but her recently deceased mother's deadbeat boyfriend (Dillahunt) has looted her mother's savings. He wants to turn their Florida homestead into a safari bed-and-breakfast. He blew Kelly's inheritance on a Bengal tiger to serve as the preserve's showpiece attraction. Next thing you know, a major hurricane sweeps over the peninsula, and Kelly finds herself alone with her brother in the large family home. Well, almost alone. It seems the newly acquired tiger is somehow in the house with them, and the deceased mom's boyfriend is AWOL. But before he left, the boyfriend had the house boarded-up to weather-out the hurricane. REALLY boarded up. By the time Kelly and her little brother realize that there's a ravenous tiger roaming the hallways, they discover they can't break out of the house. Captive, like animals in a cage, Kelly and her handicapped ward, who exhibits a profoundly damnable lack of self-preservation instinct, struggle and scheme to keep one step ahead of the very ornery, very hungry and determined Bengal. While Burning Bright's storyline is a tad improbable, it's suitably exciting and suspenseful enough for us to suspend disbelief. Amazingly, the filmmakers pull of their concept successfully. The action carries off the premise. It works! I watched this movie with friends and while we all groaned at some obvious bone-head moves the characters make while trying to survive the night, we were nevertheless riveted to the screen from start to finish. The scenario offers well-conceived twists and turns to deliver plenty of nail-biting, seat-squirming thrills, while the action shots are superbly presented, delightfully claustrophobic, and colorfully photographed with cohesively consistent, visual design elements. Burning Bright offers a unique optical footprint, and it is a memorably horrifying, offbeat entry in the thriller genre. Performances are all reasonably convincing, and include an uncredited Meatloaf as the Big Cat broker at the start of the film. But the real stars of the show are Katie. Schicka, and Kismet the three Bengals cast in the role of "the Tiger," Kinetic, physically expressive, with a slick repertoire of facial expressions and tricks, the tiger trio is a real show-stealer, and frankly, I was quite impressed by their acting. I hope they got their number 10-sized cans of Fancy Feast for their contribution to the film. Which leads me to question, why aren't MY cats bringing home the bacon as stars of a major motion picture?
    Pamela D Super Reviewer
  • May 02, 2011
    There are some films with a premise so juicy, you just can't say no. Burning Bright is a triple threat of genius conflict. First of all, we have a young girl battling with the choices her life presents. She wants to take a scholarship to a university, but can she leave her autistic brother alone. To better visualize this moral conundrum, the film takes place during a hurricane. Oh, and there's a tiger in the house. It sounds ridiculous, and for the most part it is. Especially once it's revealed why there is a tiger in the house. It's the dumbest plan in movie history. The biggest sin of this film is taking itself too seriously. Even the title is a reference to a famous poem. The director does a great job at building tension, and unlike the killer tiger movie Maneater, it's edited so the tiger seems fierce. The film does have some brave character moments, such as Evigan dreaming about suffocating her autistic brother, and leaving him in the house. These moments help tobuild some empathy towards her. On the other end of the scale, we have a tiger that takes longer to bust through wardrobe doors, than it does for a teenage girl to break through a wall. It must be nice to have a screenwriter on your side. As the film rambles on, it all gets a bit repetitive, especially since the house isn't that big. I'd recommend it for a rainy morning of stupid fun. Plus, it starts with a cameo from Meatloaf.
    Luke B Super Reviewer

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