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July 1, 2015
A painful, sad account of Camille Claudel's last years. Much bleaker and more depressing than the 1988 account of her career and relationship with Rodin. Here we have barely a trace of her skill as a sculptor: she picks up a piece of wet earth and molds a figure before throwing it away in anger. And she draws flowers on the borders of letters she sends to her devout brother and a longago friend. She is left in paranoia and misery in the midst of the inhabitants of an insane asylum in Provence. This portrayal of the beautiful region will not encourage tourism. Convinced she is being poisoned, Camille lives on water and a daily potato she cooks herself. She helps with the other patients, who are portrayed by actual mental patients, which adds to the poignancy and tragedy of the movie. Her priggish brother, a famous Catholic poet and playwright whose works I have never liked. Despite his faith, he shuts his sister away as he agonizes over his affair with a married woman. He is continually lecturing everyone and not listening to anyone. His clothing is well cut and he drives a glossy automobile. The actual Claudel visited Camille only seven times in 30 years. She didn't have a chance.
½ August 18, 2014
It was a work of art indeed but it was unbearable for some reasons... I looked forward to see "The End" or "Fin" whatever..!
August 3, 2014
Juliette Binoche is magnificent.
June 15, 2014
Bruno Dumont's latest film, CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915, has none of his usual shock value but with total astute subtlety, Dumont creates a breathtaking and quite frightening world where one loses all control over one's life. Juliette Binoche is once again astounding playing a woman trapped in her own mind but perhaps most terrifying, isolated and restrained in an asylum by a world that simply will not understand her. The Claudel of this film is restrained and a true victim of the world around her. Dependent on others for her freedom and sanity. CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915 depicts a person becoming more insane by the hands of others. It is a film that shakes you to the core.
½ April 19, 2014
Binoche's perfprmance is awe inspiritng the atmosphere is stark cold dismal you know if she did go home there would still be the persecution complex and poisoning fear and that would be probably too hard to handle by her brother who has his own family and they are of different taste etc. than Claudel . A true tragedy that requires even more investigation to make conclusions.Barbara Smith Hilal
April 16, 2014
Camille Claudel, 1915 is a French drama that recounts a week of Claudel's life after she has fallen on hard times following her early years of artistic success and creativity and now finding herself hidden away in a reclusive countryside asylum. Years earlier, Camille had been the celebrated protégé and (later) mistress of Auguste Rodin (the sculptor of 'The Thinker') and they also had a productive, artistic relationship. When it ended, it ended badly as Rodin was never going to leave his wife and things did not go well for Camille who took it all rather hard. Years after the partnership had come to an end, she was still not "herself" and her brother had her admitted to an asylum in Avignon where she seems to always believe Rodin's men are plotting to kill her and her "loving" brother is close-by even though she has practically been abandoned by him. Camille learns early in the film that her brother Paul is coming to visit her on the upcoming weekend and the film is ponderous and slow as nearly every scene captures Juliette Binoche (Chocolat) contemplating an optimistic future she cannot obtain in her present situation. Her future life and happiness hinge upon that "loving" brother of hers who is coming to visit. Binoche captures the role well as the audience sees brief bursts of life and/or hope escape from this asylum resident who clearly does NOT belong where she has been put. This is based upon a true story.
April 8, 2014
a somewhat vague account of the artist Camille Claudel's life in and out of an insane asylum but it does capture the loneliness and sadness of her being there really well.
April 7, 2014
watching French movies
½ April 5, 2014
There is a deep-heart interpretation from Binoche and a great recreation of asylums in that time, but there are two major problems: the feeling of desolation and lack of hope is so achieved that the movie is unbearable for a long time, and, also, it reflects a terminal state of Camille Claudel, isolated, depressed and with not spiritual or familiar support. Maybe a few years later in her biography, the story could have expressed more the drama of a woman condemned to death in life.
March 26, 2014
Monumentally, wrist-slittingly sad. Just what did Rodin do to this poor woman, beautifully portrayed by the aged Binoche, to cause such anguish, paranoia, and pain? Was she more tortured by being cooped up in an asylum or by her lover's portrayal? And to think, 30 years at a place & to be visited by a brother who shd have been committed to the place on her behalf ? Oh the French.....
½ March 24, 2014
The 1988 Camille Claudel with Isabelle Adjani & Gerard Depardieu was brilliant, captivating and beautiful. I can't even see any point to this film being produced -- for it fails to hit any benchmarks on artistic madness, insane asylums or even the protagonists individual plight. I'm not sure why this film was made...the story should have been closed at the 1988 version.
½ February 24, 2014
Mind-numbingly boring. I'd rather get a lobotomy.
½ December 23, 2013
Juliette Binoche gives another terrific performance in this tale of helplessness...
November 25, 2013
Juliette Binoche gives a heartbreaking performance. A must see.
½ November 23, 2013
Que vida tan triste!! :(
Excelente película, una magnifica actuación de Binoche.
November 23, 2013
Brilliant portrayal, if slow moving.
November 6, 2013
Binoche had her best performance in this film I think. Don't watch it on weekend! it's a very slow-paced movie and needs great patience to follow.
½ October 28, 2013
Bruno Dumont no busca crear un complejo retrato de Camille Claudel (una artista quien fue amante de Auguste Rodin y hermana del escritor Paul Claudel) con esta película; en vez, la utiliza como un vehículo para adentrarnos a la soledad y locura que uno debe sentir encerrado en un manicomio a principios del siglo pasado.
"Camille Claudel, 1915" no es una cinta fácil de digerir (contiene un ritmo soporífero y claustrofóbico) pero es una interesante propuesta con una estupenda actuación de Juliette Binoche, quien demuestra una vez más que es una de las mejores actrices en la actualidad. Recomendable.
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½ October 22, 2013
"Camille Claudel 1915" has a couple of great things going for it, like an excellent performance from Juliette Binoche in the title role of a woman who was at one time a lover and protege of Rodin and a sculptor in her own right, and a valid point about the state of mental health a hundred years ago, allowing a woman to be trapped in an asylum for decades against her will. That's especially hard to take considering she is much healthier than her fellow inmates and her brother Paul(Jean-Luc Vincent) has delusions of his own.

But that's pretty much it and nowhere near enough, as Bruno Dumont does little more with the source material of letters and medical records than to simply transcribe them. Look, I know he has never made easy films to understand but at least in the past he has tried to challenge the audience instead of making a tedious movie like this one.
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