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January 31, 2011
It's more of a demo reel for Efron than a movie. His predominant fan base, though, won't mind a bit.
October 6, 2010
As the drama increases, so do the clumsy flashbacks and corny lines: this relies on cheap tricks to force tears, even if those tricks work.
July 30, 2010
All this sets us up for a "twist" ending, but if you don't predict it a half-hour before its revelation, you surely must have nodded off during baseball practice.
July 30, 2010
Where's a vampire when you need one?
July 30, 2010
The movie has a machine-extruded gloss that makes it harder, not easier, to swallow its difficult emotions.
July 30, 2010
Maudlin and unintentionally hilarious.
January 5, 2014
the film cranks up the level of schmaltz to a fever pitch
December 31, 2012
Melodramatic and off-putting, this Zac Efron drama is a complete mess.
April 25, 2012
April 4, 2011
[A] ghoulish death comedy.
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