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November 22, 2016
Horrible Christmas movie. You would not even know this movie was happening during Christmas time if they hadn't mentioned it a couple of times. The only thing connecting this movie to Christmas was Scrooged theme, which it did a horrible job of conveying. Also - one major thing that I found to be shameful was that this African-American girl had no African-American love intrests. Of all of the guys from her past not one of them was African-american, bi-racial, or any other ethnicity aside from Caucasian. Not even any of her friends were African-American. I find that type of casting to be really sad!
December 30, 2015
Lovely Christmas movie with a great message. Great ending.
½ January 1, 2015
Terribly mis-titled film. This is a remake of "Christmas Carol" about a publicist. Utterly unengaging. Ashley Benson however I found as a highlight despite not knowing who she is. Benson plays a dead young starlet that I guess will only be allowed into Heaven if she can save the soul of the main character. Because Benson is highly watchable I'm boosting the score up a star.
½ December 27, 2014
good movie love it :)
December 26, 2014
Great movie! Has a great message! Loved it!
½ December 18, 2014
Kind of a corny adaptation of the Scrooge with a love story. Not very good at all.
Super Reviewer
½ December 18, 2014
Cute, but questionable message. Spoilers ahead...............
I don't know that I really liked that a strong young woman who has worked hard and wants a good future for herself is torn down as selfish and shallow. Clearly it's more noble to be poor and want nothing but true love?!
That aside, the deathbed scene also had me scratching my head. Okay, so she made some poor decisions in her personal life. That leads to her dying alone. However, it's not specified what she is dying of, except that she is young. This is the wake up call she needs to turn her life around. So she won't die.
Okay, someone please explain to me how choosing a different partner keeps you safe from whatever horrible illness struck her down young?
Unless it's an std from her unfaithful ex, though implications are, she already slept with him, so even so, if she caught an std, she's already got it at this point.(and, honestly, I don't think that is where they were going anyhow with that, although, we do have a modern day "Scrooge" plot here with a ghost who has genital herpes, so anything is possible!).
It's not all bad. Ashley Benson is fine as an alcoholic deceased starlet. I didn't find Christina too convincing, but she's okay, it is only a fluff piece after all. Chad is horrible. Wooden and no chemistry whatsoever.
I certainly wouldn't have wanted to pay money to see it, and the plot is old and tired, but it is December, so forgivable to watch a bit of crap this time of year!
December 4, 2014
Dear Lord where to begin, Someone please stop Charles Dickins spinning in his grave. Anyway they've got a Brittaney Spears/Lindsey Lohan type starlet self destructing just before her new movies premiere.. chokes to death on an Olive from the oversize martini that seems surgically attached to her hand. Freshly dead celeb appears to her publicist blah blah blah... Well in the classic Christmas Carol we were scared witless looking at Marley with chains all over the place. This Gen X version is covered in Versace, Valentino... etc.etc. plus she hangs out with Publicist Sloane who is sleeping with her boss as she works to beat out her last boyfriend for a VP position..
Long story short Of course Sloane turns it around with visits from ghosts in the form of her ex-boyfriends Past, Present, & Future... Her "Bob Crachett" is an overworked secretary who's Christmas gift from Sloane is getting to go home early from the Memorial Service/Movie Premier that Sloane promoted for the dead starlet. Dead Starlet's reward for scaring Sloane straight is after years of out of control behavior after Sloane is "reformed" gets a splashy full wing on ascention to heaven with sparkle and glitter... Sloane's big revelation that made her turn it around was not the combo from the original of facing his own mortality plus tiny tims Oh no Sloane does see her future self flat line in a barren hospital room (She seemed most affected by lack of flowers) and her best friend lose her restaurant and forced to work at Applebes Horrors!
To say this is Juvenile is an insult to juveniles, The Message from this Message picture is Rules for the Beautiful people continue into the Afterlife (Starlet is so ready to move on and see James Dean etc..) and that those you've treated like trash will forgive you everything if you are young and pretty... Bad movie, horrible Christmas movie.
½ December 2, 2014
A cute little christmas tv movie
November 23, 2014
Sloane Spencer is a publicist in Los Angeles, California planning the Snow Angel movie premiere on Christmas day for her client Caitlin Quinn. Unfortunately for Sloane, Caitlin continually seems to find herself involved in press scandals. Sloane is under pressure to make this event perfect so that she is chosen for a promotion to Vice President instead of her ex-boyfriend and co-worker Jason. To help her in her climb to the top, Sloane is dating her boss Andrew, who is also the son of the head of the company. Sloane is so focused on herself and her goals that she often doesn't consider the feelings of those around her, preferring to think only of herself. She makes plans to work all of Christmas Day rather than spend time with her mother, Vivian, or go to the dinner hosted by her friend from college, Jenny, and Jenny's husband, Ed. Jenny and Ed opened a restaurant, but are now in financial trouble. After visiting them at their restaurant, Sloane promises to help them out by giving out gift certificates to their restaurant in her company gift baskets.

Out a club that night Caitlin chokes to death on the olive from a martini. Her ghost comes back to haunt Sloane, telling her that her time is running out and she needs to change her ways or pay the price. Caitlin tells Sloane that for the next 3 nights she will be visited by 3 different ghosts at the stroke of midnight and they will give her a chance at redemption.

Sloane is shocked and confused when Andrew calls her to tell her that Caitlin has died, not believing that she just talked to a ghost. So, she decides to see the body for herself. At the hospital, Sloane runs into Patrick, her ex-boyfriend from college, who is a doctor at the hospital. Upon seeing Caitlin's body, Sloane is clearly more upset about the implications for the movie premiere than the loss of a young girl. Sloane becomes even more flustered after being visited by Caitlin's ghost again, and seeks consolation from Patrick. The spark between them is still there, and Patrick confronts Sloane about breaking up with him rather than going with him to medical school in Iowa.
January 5, 2014
pretty standard ABC Family fluff
the title mismatches the scenario because it feels more like Christmas Carol than anything else
Christina Milian and Ashley Benson are such a treat to watch together, it's like watching two very close sisters get along in an instant
the film despite the cheesiness and a lot of corny moments is still very positive, upbeat, and quite giggle-worthy
plus they really do cover some interesting ground about getting everything you want in life whether it involves a successful career, being set for life, being ambitious, connected and committed but also at the expense of those you care about and whom you leave behind
changing your ways seals your future and the actions taken
this one could have been so much worse but thankfully that isn't the case here
August 31, 2013
Very cute story, and full of life lessons.
½ June 5, 2013
Too silly. The story is superficial, confusing and boring. And Sloane, the main character, is a pain in the ass. Maybe teens will enjoy this because of Chad Michael Murray or Ashley Benson.
April 14, 2013
Ashley Benson and Chad Michael Murray!!
March 7, 2013
Wow... could it be any more lame? Lame plot and no chemistry between the characters that were supposed to be in love.
½ December 23, 2012
super horrible cheesy christmas love version of a christmas carol ... but i fucking loved it! lol
½ December 21, 2012
This is a sweet, fluff movie that adds a unique twist to the traditional Dickens' story. It is an easy holiday movie to watch, but isn't a must see movie.
½ December 17, 2012
One of the dumbest and most horribly-acted films I've ever seen. I hope nobody watches this. Ever.
February 25, 2012
verry good has good qualties
½ January 15, 2012
Christmas Cupid? More like Christmas Stupid. A terrible attempt at a made-for-tv Christmas movie.
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