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June 8, 2016
The least enjoyable doc I've seen. Poorly put together, depressing subject matter and just more than s bit boring.
December 17, 2012
Great Documentary about a circus family trying to hold it all together, in rural Mexico. Exciting and heartbreaking all at once.
½ July 27, 2012
This was VERY well done!!!
½ July 4, 2012
Follows a nomadic Mexican circus family as they travel all over the country, balancing home life (however home is defined in such a situation) and work life. This is a fascinating movie. There's nothing like it out there.
March 14, 2012
A remarkable and heartfelt documentary about the "life" of a Mexican touring circus family -- rife with challenges mixed with dedication to family and the lure of the "show." Marvelously assembled without being intrusive, this is a memorable film, worthy of your attention.
February 25, 2012
What a refreshing birds eye view of this Family`s mechanics , i am a better person by allowing myself to just enjoy and cheer for this wonderful human beings, can not say a single moment one does not root for this Cirqueros...
Felicidadez a toda la Familia POnce...
February 12, 2012
beautifully captured.
November 16, 2011
special features are worth watching as well
September 25, 2011
This looks like a brilliant film.
½ September 22, 2011
The hard scrabble life of a Mexican family circus is captured with poignancy and along with serious issues on child labor.
September 19, 2011
I loved this documentary. Great subject, wonderful music, and good directing!
July 30, 2011
While we probably could have predicted and expected some of the trials and tribulations that come from the family business of the circus (education, separation, exploitation, etc.), leaving it to just the circus family members themselves to tell their story (as simple and plain speaking as they are) does give it a level of bona fide genuineness (something that would have been missing if left to a narrator)
July 9, 2011
Really, really great filmmaking. A careful documentary about the grit of 3rd world countries, the idea of family, the potential for fame. I'm really glad to have caught this one, that otherwise didn't jump out at me having seen the trailer.
Super Reviewer
May 8, 2011
Two circus movies in a row! What's next? A revival of BERSERK starring Joan Crawford? Anyhow, this one is world's apart from WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.

This beautifully filmed yet dramatically hesitant documentary about a family struggling to run their traveling circus through the small towns of Mexico plays more like a melancholy tone poem. We are so used to DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA in our documentaries anymore, that it's easy to criticize this film for leaving a lot of it offscreen. Instead, we just watch as 3 generations of a family sacrifice education, running water, and all luxurious amenities to keep their business alive. There's a warmth at play here, especially in the vibrant colors and stunning photography, but I was left with some indelibly heartbreaking images, such as a little girl crying as she is forced by her grandparents to keep practicing backflips oryoung kids erecting the circus tents day in and day out.

I was left with many questions. Too many in fact. What are the child labor laws like in Mexico? How many people actually work at this circus? Is it just the family? Because we pretty much see them doing everything, but it just seems so impossible. Have the kids ever been injured by the animals? And the story does get repetitive, which is somewhat the point. Regardless, there's something really moving in this brief (75 min.) film about a lost culture struggling to continue its legacy.
April 10, 2011
Even at a mere 75 minuets, Circo feels like a movie that runs out of steam pretty fast. Don't get me wrong, the family is interesting as is circus life in general, but after a while of their "this is all we know" schtick it felt repetitive. It was also pretty clear the filmmaker wanted us to like the family, which doesn't really make for the informative documentary I was looking for. In other words, while we may think it would be a pretty forced and unfurling life for the kids, the film seems to side against the mother when she takes them away. At the same time, we are given very little information on how they receive, take car of, and afford the different animals. Perhaps it's the peta member in me (that's a joke, I hate peta as much as the next guy), but the second I hear "circus" I think about the mistreatment of animals. The fact that we never see any treatment of the animals at all makes this film seem like it's lacking. Also lacking is the exploration of many of the "characters". We are given the written name of them all, but few are explored. The cinematography is pretty good and the music really fits the feel of the movie, but those things alone can't save it from being a bit of a dud.
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