Class of Nuke 'em High Part II: Subhuman. Meltdown


Class of Nuke 'em High Part II: Subhuman. Meltdown

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Sequel to Class of Nuke 'Em High, Tromaville Tech student reporter Roger discovers an international conspiracy to turn humans into sub-humanoid slave labor.

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Lisa Gaye
as Prof. Holt
Brick Bronsky
as Roger Smith
Leesa Rowland
as Victoria
Scott Resnick
as Dean Okra
Shelby Shepard
as Prof. Jones
M. Davis
as Murray
Phil Rivo
as Harvey/Malathion Man
Erica Frank
as Tour Guide
Sharon Gardner
as Mother with Baby
Bea Lindgren
as Grandmother
Lorraine Parchment
as Yoke's Girlfriend
Troy Fromin
as Yoke's Sidekick
Tyler Bowe
as Yoke's Sidekick
Paul Borghese
as Basketball Coach/Toxic Avenger Assistant Director
Amy Hilbrich
as Basketball Player
Brad Roth
as Chainsmoking Student/Squirrel Gang Member
Nello Scaduto
as Nurse Chave
Jean Stewart
as Nurse Pony
Lyndsay Dawkins
as Plain White Rappers
Darla Slavens
as Plain White Rappers
Lily Hayes Kaufman
as Prepubescent Professor Holt
Alex Pirnie
as Mutant Squirrel
William K. Kulzer
as Chief Brundt
as Decomposed Green Guy
Madison Monk
as Toxic Avenger Director
Jesse Johnson
as Squirrel Gang Member
Greta Rubens
as French Teacher
Jon Albert
as Fungus Mungus
Patricia Kaufman
as Nurse at Birthday Party
Jerri Greene
as Screaming Tromatized Housewife
Patti Woodhull
as Screaming Tromatized Housewife
Wendy Burnell
as Squirrel Gang Member
D. Shane Christopher
as Squirrel Gang Member
Ana Debasa
as Squirrel Gang Member
William J. Kulzer
as Chief Brundt
Jesse Cole Johnson
as Squirrel Gang Member
Andre Lambert
as Squirrel Gang Member
Jeanne LeGrand
as Squirrel Gang Member
Julie Nine
as Squirrel Gang Member
Louis Ortiz
as Squirrel Gang Member
Glorivic Parong
as Squirrel Gang Member
Suzanne Solari
as Squirrel Gang Member
Lisa Star
as Squirrel Gang Member
Saint Teresa Stone
as Squirrel Gang Member
Billie Taylor
as Squirrel Gang Member
Sean Valmont
as Squirrel Gang Member
Veronica York
as Squirrel Gang Member
Elisabeth Young
as Squirrel Gang Member
Kristina Krofft
as Virgin Subhumanoid
Maraya Chase
as Subhumanoid Squirrel Feeder
Sophia Orkoulas
as Subhumanoid Squirrel Feeder
Traci Mann
as Ms. Rowland's Stand-In
Walter Kubiak
as Tromaville Nerd
Marty Sokol
as Tromaville Nerd
Diane C. Skinner
as Motorcycle Girl
Sheri Belfert
as Bald Subhumanoid
Bonnie Clarke
as Bald Subhumanoid
Heather Forsyth
as Bald Subhumanoid
Susan Jones
as Bald Subhumanoid
Trinity Loren
as Bald Subhumanoid
Phoebe Phaigh
as Bald Subhumanoid
Sandy Ruthowski
as Bald Subhumanoid
Nicole Vasilopoulos
as Bald Subhumanoid
Mark Richardson
as Rock Band Member-674 F
Ryan Jones
as Rock Band Member-674 F
Andy Jones
as Rock Band Member-674 F
John Bausch
as Rock Band Member-674 F
Gilbran Chong
as Child at Birthday Party
Charlotte Kaufman
as Child at Birthday Party
Shanah Richardson
as Child at Birthday Party
Sherie Richardson
as Child at Birthday Party
Cosimo Sherman
as Child at Birthday Party
Josh Greene
as Young Boy on Roller Blades
Brent Lichtman
as Young Boy on Roller Blades
Wes Lichtman
as Young Boy on Roller Blades
Rocky Sherman
as Young Boy on Roller Blades
Jessi Woodhull
as Young Boy on Roller Blades
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Critic Reviews for Class of Nuke 'em High Part II: Subhuman. Meltdown

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Audience Reviews for Class of Nuke 'em High Part II: Subhuman. Meltdown

  • Dec 15, 2009
    Even though I had a laugh or two, this did nor even come close to the entertainment value that Class of Nuke 'Em High had. This was incredibly stupid and boring. The jokes really fell flat and I thought that the lead was the most annoying character in bad movies that I've seen in a long time. This was bad, even for Troma.
    Ken D Super Reviewer
  • Aug 28, 2009
    Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown is again set in the radiation polluted town of Tromaville, although instead of the High School this time the story takes place at the 'Tromaville Institute for Technology' or 'TIT' for short (yeah folks that's the level of comedy this film aspires to). Misguided genetic scientist Professor Holt (Lisa Gaye) has created a new form of life, a genetically created human being who fully matures within nine months & can be used for all those jobs us humans don't like, Professor Holt calls her creations Subhumanoids. Ace reporter for the Tromaville Tech Times Roger Smith (Brick Bronsky) becomes romantically involved with a Subhumanoid named Victoria (Leesa Rowland), however no-one said the course of true love would be smooth & as such there is a problem with Victoria. It comes to Roger's attention that other Subhumanoids are beginning to go into meltdown &, well melt into green slime leaving behind a furry green football sized creature. Roger also becomes aware of Dean Okra's (Scott Resnick) plan to turn all the Subhumanoids into slaves & sets out to free them & find a cure to stop Victoria from turning into green goo, meanwhile a 30 foot radiation mutated squirrel goes on the rampage as it stomps it's way through Tromaville... Co-written & directed by Eric Louzil I personally thought Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown was better than the original & a pretty good comedy horror in it's own right. The script by Louzil, Lloyd Kaufman, Carl Morano, Mark F. Roling, Jeffrey W. Sass & Matt Unger is a vast improvement over the original as it actually has a storyline this time round. It still doesn't make a whole lot of sense but it never takes itself seriously & is good fun to watch. Some may disagree as it has the usual low brow humour you would expect from Troma, a fat guy bending over sticking his bum at the camera & farting, projectile vomit, throwing a baby around like a football, the limited locker space so the students (the female ones in particular) wear very limited amounts of clothing & a giant mutated squirrel urinating & being sick over everyone. However in the case of Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown it works quite well, don't get me wrong it's far from brilliant but it's entertaining in a strange funny sort of way. The character's aren't the best & the dialogue isn't exactly Oscar worthy stuff but then this is Troma so what did you expect? Something is always happening, it moves along at a nice pace & at least it's never boring. Director Louzil doesn't do anything particularly outstanding but it's better made than most Troma films that's for sure. The jokes & gags are very hit & miss, I found some funny while other's I found simply moronic. It certainly tries hard to pack as much crazy action as it can into it's 100 odd minute run time. I also must mention the closing credits, besides a cool theme song there are some really funny credits like 'Unoriginal Story by I. Kant Wright' a list of 'People Who Did Not Act in this Film' & more. The film goes for outrageous comedy more than horror so don't expect any scares or shocks, the gore is conspicuous by it's absence, a torn off head & someone eating some broken glass is as gory as it gets. There is lots of nudity as one would expect from a Troma film. Technically the film is alright although it varies from scene to scene. There are some stop-motion monsters which look OK while some of the other special effects are absolutely awful. A special mention goes to the closing theme music & catchy song which I thought was great. The acting isn't great & I still can't figure out what that point of Professor Holt's massive beehive hairdo was all about. There are plenty of good looking ladies with not much clothing on in this film, which helps. I liked Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown & found it quite funny although many will be put off by the low production values & totally bizarre plot. If your looking for a bit of fun & have a slightly depraved sense of humour then I recommend this film, if you don't then I don't. Followed by Class of Nuke 'Em High 3: The Good, the Bad and the Subhumanoid (1994).
    Cassandra M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 08, 2008
    What did you expect?
    Anthony V Super Reviewer

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