Clue Reviews

Nov 2, 2021
One of the funniest movies ever made, bar none.
Oct 29, 2021
One of the best comedies ever made. The women (and Tim Curry) carry the show, while writer/director Jonathan Lynn's script and direction carries infectious energy. Witty, filled with physical pratfalls and kookiness, Clue is an absolute gem
Sep 10, 2021
It's amazing how fresh and vibrant Clue feels, with every member of the cast knocking it out of the park.
Aug 12, 2020
Everybody knew what they were doing
Aug 12, 2020
Every single person is perfect
Mar 22, 2020
...a mostly entertaining yet decidedly erratic board-game adaptation.
Nov 18, 2019
If you're open to a weirdly atmospheric comedy that dashes from deadpan to manic and back again, it's a delight.
Jan 2, 2018
You leave it with one conviction: stick with the game.
Mar 21, 2013
It's not the least bit scary or suspenseful but instead quickly grows tedious. The more you struggle to keep track of the constantly multiplying plot developments, the harder it gets to care who did it.
Sep 23, 2012
If Clue falls a bit short of the mark, it remains a likeable artifact of talented people giving a ridiculous task the old college try... [Blu-ray]
May 20, 2012
Mostly successful and entirely strange... a comic [mystery] that doubles as a parody and triples as an ironic deconstruction of the form.
Jan 2, 2011
The board game is a lot more fun.
Jan 19, 2007
Only Lesley Ann Warren, as a tough-talking madam, finds an effective level of stylization, using her leggy physique and wildly expressive features to create a cartoonish figure that's funny within its own boundaries.
Jul 21, 2006
the endings are almost intended to be seen sequentially, and they are the funniest when viewed in that manner
Jun 24, 2006
The characters are less credible than their plastic counterparts, the puerile humour is dispiriting, and the plotting pulled this way and that by the conceit of releasing the film in the US with a trio of alternate endings.
Aug 5, 2005
Jun 20, 2005
Curry steals the show in this fun and frantic comedy.
Apr 17, 2005
Like a well-oiled machine, "Clue" uses slapstick and situational humor to tell a rather pointed story.
Mar 9, 2005
Frenetic, silly, but not as bad as is often claimed.
Oct 23, 2004
One ending is more than enough.
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