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½ December 30, 2017
Terrible horrible movie.
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July 10, 2017
I've always felt that it's a little problematic if your gag reel is funnier than your comedy film. At least in films like this, that are designed to be as broad as humanly possible and 'as funny' as possible. Chu and Blossom, a review that I wrote not that long ago, didn't end up being a hilarious movie. I'm sure its gag reel would end up being funnier than the actual movie. The point I'm trying to make is that this only applies to film where the entire goal is to be funny and not movies that have a story to tell with strong characters. Who went into this movie expecting strong character development? There really can't be anybody that truly expected that. I know for sure that I didn't expect any of that from this flick. I know I've always been a person who, at least, tries to go into films with an open mind. Yes, I even believe I went into Jack and Jill and Grown Ups 2 with an open mind. I think a lot of people expect to go in wanting to hate those movies, but I don't. I want to like movies. Why would I want to watch a movie that is gonna make me want to pull my hair out and make want to go on a crime spree? I don't wanna watch movies like that. When I watch a movie, as little hope as there is for that particular film being any good, I want to enjoy it. I don't want to hate it. This is one of those films for which there was little hope of it being any good. That's just the way it is. A janitor, who's lost his memory, thinking he's a secret agent spy, who finds himself in the middle of this conspiracy involving some computer chip. How much do you think you can draw from this premise? Then again, I suppose with a talented writer, you can get something out of anything, right? Where do I begin with this movie? I suppose let's start with its star, Cedric the Entertainer. I'm sure Cedric is a very nice man and I'm sure if, he's given the right project, he can be an entertaining comedic actor. I think his work in Barbershop speaks for itself. But he's just absolutely obnoxious in this movie. And not the type of obnoxious that Kevin Hart is supposed to be in, say, Ride Along, where he's still sort of endearing, in a way. I think that concept can work and it DID work with the first Ride Along. I'm not saying that it's a comedy masterpiece, but the dynamic of Kevin Hart being a tiny, annoying man versus Ice Cube's rough demeanor worked very well. You don't have that dynamic here, Cedric doesn't really play off of anyone, well, at least until Lucy Liu comes into the equation. And even then, it's still all about Cedric and not even necessarily the dynamic of his chemistry with Lucy. I'll be perfectly honest, I found Cedric to be completely unfunny here. I suppose that would have been clear when I said the character was annoying, but annoying characters can still be funny if they're well-written and/or the actor portraying the character does a good job. Look at Adam DeVine's entire filmography. This guy has made a career out of playing assholes that you just wanna punch in the face, but he's very entertaining at it. Then again, DeVine's characters are supposed to be that way. I don't think Cedric's character, in this flick, was meant to be annoying. I'm assuming they were going for someone that anyone could relate to. Let me tell you right now that they missed the mark completely. Jake, the janitor, is particularly infuriating when he starts acting like a condescending dick to his 'girlfriend' Gina, who's undercover as a waitress. Jake starts acting as if her occupation as a waitress prohibits her from understanding how serious his job as a 'spy' is. He acted like such a fucking dick to her. But that's not even nearly the worst part. The worst part of this is, and this is the worst thing this type of flick can be, the fact that it's completely unfunny. I get that this is not the type of premise that you can get a lot of laughs from, but you won't know unless you try. They did not make any attempt whatsoever to make this an entertaining movie. They relied on old and tired sitcom-y concepts and slapstick. I'm not saying that slapstick can't work in a modern film, but you gotta know how to properly build to it. Jackie Chan's works, at least his earlier films, relied as much on slapstick (inspired by silent film comedians) as much as it did on his martial arts ability. He was able to combine the two to create a unique and entertaining style. This movie uses slapstick because their script is shit and they needed something to put in trailers. This really is THAT bad of a movie. It would've gotten half a star if it wasn't for the fact that DeRay Davis and Niecy Nash made me chuckle a couple of times. More the latter than the former, but I'll take the positives where I can find them. This is the type of film that destroys careers. Why do you think that Cedric the Entertainer hasn't received any major starring roles in films since this? He also starred in The Honeymooners (which was released two years prior to this one and was also a critical and commercial failure). Lucy Liu's career was on the downslide at this point anyway, but this movie certainly did her no favors. Lucy and Cedric have continued to get work, of course, as supporting characters, voice over artists and other assorted TV roles. So it's obviously not a complete career destroyer, but it certainly halted Cedric's transition to a major comedy film star. And I can't say that I'm sad about that. Cedric just did a shitty job in this movie. He was annoying and he wasn't very funny. Parts of that might not be his fault, in that he was scripted to be this way, but a good comedic actor can take shitty material and, at least, elevate it somewhat. And I don't mean elevate to greatness, because that was never gonna happen, but I mean elevate it to where it's at least fine to watch. Cedric failed monumentally at elevating this to 'just fine' status. Perhaps I'm putting too much responsibility on his shoulders, but this movie still sucked no matter who was to blame. This was terrible and no one should watch this under any circumstances.
July 8, 2017
awesome....adventure and comedy....and great pictures very clear camera work...keep me moving with it! Cedric is always awesome!!! Great supporting actors and actresses, too!
½ February 2, 2017
It's good movie to watch
August 12, 2016
The Cleaner stars Cedric the Entertainer who portrays a janitor who has lost his memory in a computer game. I would give this movie a D rating with a B rated supporting cast. Okay script, with subpar performances. I wouldn't give a lick for this movie.
April 25, 2016
4/25/2016: Meh. Great cast but it wasn't overly funny.
October 16, 2015
Another movie that you have never heard of till it shows up on Netflix.
September 21, 2015
With a warn out plot that's never worked on any level, a cliched character, and poor acting by everyone involved in it, did anyone expect this to be anything other than another predictable Les Mayfield comedy! I Mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ^Z^
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January 2, 2015
Okey comedy movie but not as a fun as i thought it should be. Story is about Jake "Cedric" and he wakes up next to a dead FBI agent and he have lost his memory and must now find out who he is and whats has happen. Overall a decent movie.
January 1, 2014
This is a film spitting on the action and comedy genre, end of statement.
½ October 4, 2013
Please somebody: Clean up this unfunny, milked out, steereotypical, racist mess! Not you Cedric "The Entertainer".
May 26, 2013
looks like another stupid cedric the entertainer movie

hes been making really stupid cheesy movies latley

hes gots to stop cause hes really funny and shouldnt be doin this corny shit
½ March 30, 2013
It's actually pretty funny and has its moments.
March 7, 2013
"Jake" (Cedric the Entertainer) is having one of the weirdest days in his life. He wakes up in a hotel room, discovers a briefcase with $250,000 (US) and a dead man laying on the bed next to him who is carrying FBI credentials. As he is looking in the room's bathroom mirror trying to not only figure out who he is, he tries to figure out why there is a dead FBI agent in the room with him.

As he tries to slip out of the hotel, he bumps into a beautiful blond woman (Nicolette Sheridan) who helps him. While making their getaway, she tells him that she is his wife and is named "Diane" and takes him to what she claims is their home -- a mansion complete with a butler (Robert Clarke). She calls a doctor (Kevin McNulty), who determines "Jake" is suffering from amnesia.

It is obvious the woman wants something "Jake" knows, and tries to seduce it out of him. However, flashes of something he believes is from his past makes him leave the house and head to a computer chip manufacture.

While sitting in a diner across the street from this computer chip place, a waitress named "Gina" (Lucy Liu) of the diner claims to be his girlfriend and tells him that he is a janitor at the business he thinks he is an executive of. This claim is pretty much confirmed when a couple of janitors come into the diner and sits down to talk with him.

"Gina" then agrees to help him regain his memory and takes his home. Eventually, he learns that he's more than just a janitor, and knows something about a computer chip that may just be vital to national security.

Despite Cedric the Entertainer being part of this movie in the leading man role, this is not even close to a comedy. There are very few chuckles, but nothing more. This is more an adventure more than a comedy. A lot of comedic moments center around "Jake" remembering something about what he thinks is his past that turns out to be something totally different. Some of his reactions as he slowly learns the truth are barely chuckle worthy.

There are some good performances in this movie, but there is barely enough character development with many of the characters, especially central figures trying to capture "Jake".

There is some good performances in this movie. Liu and Cedric make a fair on-screen duo, but they have just a little chemistry. One I wish had a bigger role, which could have helped the plot a bit, was Mark Dacascos (who is probably best known for his role as "The Chairman" on the Food Network's cooking competition show "Iron Chef America"). Dacascos is pretty good as a villain, but he is not on screen long enough for him to expand the character. He does get to show his martial arts skills, which we catch a glimpse of on "Iron Chef America's" opening and an occasional profile of his "Chairman" character. Out of the entire cast, Liu and Cedric's characters are probably the best developed, even if they only had fair on-screen chemistry.

The action scenes are not that great either. In fact, they are pretty average. We get some gunplay, and some fist fights with some martial arts thrown in, but nothing spectacular. We don't even get our leads in a scenario where they are captured and put in danger by the villains.

The soundtrack is not really memorable either. There are some hip hop tunes, but since I listen to Pop and Classic Rock, I didn't recognize the performers.

The movie is still pretty watchable, but lower your expectations if you saw the promos for this movie on TV, another DVD or online. Check this one out on HBO when nothing else is on.
February 2, 2013
kinda stupid .... oh well
½ January 24, 2013
Funny, Funny...I was not expecting this movie to be that great but it was good.
December 10, 2012
uhmmm i went to go c this movie n we got in free cuz we were late n we left early.. soo i kinda c this
December 7, 2012
For now not to bothered for this...uninterested...
November 4, 2012
This is just bottom-of-the-barrel, lowest common denominator made for television fare that isn't even worth existing.
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