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September 13, 2017
One of my favorites. The ending sequence is classic, theology worth talking about!
September 6, 2017
Hope to see the sequel or prequel with Keanu in it.
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August 15, 2017
Never read the comics so I'm not sure how loyal it is to them but the film as a standalone is a mixed bag really, Allot of plot details not very well explained, The story was ok in parts and was bolstered by some good action scenes and the effects were pretty good for its year, I liked Keanu Reeves more than I thought in this film but I can't for the life of me figure out why Shia Labeouf was in this film, He was just annoying and the story would of folded out exactly the same without him, The ending was pretty good and made up for the plot holes and poor execution but only just, It's not a great film but it's worth watching.
July 24, 2017
Constantine is a film that had and still has great potential to buid a rather niche and brutally dark mythology. Lawrence's film achieves this to some degree, it builds a world that's both immersive and engaging but takes a strange route in both building and ultimately destroying every chance of building said work with actions within the context of the said film. Performances are good, LaBeuof and Weiz are both fun and add a interesting dynamic to Reeves, who feels a tad tired but creates an engaging character nonetheless.
June 19, 2017
Scattershot plot and a fatally ruptured theology.
June 15, 2017
I don't know what you critics disliked about it. I thought it was amazing in every way. Even the FX were better than the average movie now and STILL amazing in 2017!!!
June 13, 2017
This movie lags in the middle, but the overall plot is well done. Who doesn't love good and evil fighting over souls? Really it's the casting of Keanu Reeves that kills the film, but he's just dry enough that it almost works with the part.
June 12, 2017
Una de mis películas favoritas. No importa cuantas veces la vea me sigue encantando.
½ June 11, 2017
A lot of cool effects and an interesting idea. Just too weird and Keanu Reeves sucks as usual.
June 5, 2017
Way better than most people give it credit for. Great comic book movie.
June 3, 2017
I was unable determine if the film was self-aware or satirical. Constantine does have a select few decent features. The leading acting was atrocious. However some of the minor characters were believable. Shia LaBeouf, Peter Stormare, and Tilda Swinton all put in decent performances and portrayed their parts well. The last "good" thing I can squeeze out of this movie was that it did have a few good visual effects. Don't let my positives fool you though, this was painful to watch.
½ May 29, 2017
Good special effects. Liked this one.
May 20, 2017
I was shocked to see the low critics' score, because I have seen this film probably ten times over the years without losing interest. It is entertaining, which is why viewers gave it the higher score that it deserves.
½ May 7, 2017
I'be always enjoyed this movie. The demons look really cool, Keanu Reeves is one of my favorite action start, and I really like style of the movie. Plus Gavis Rossdale! Fuck yeah! Good choice for movie night.
April 30, 2017
Totally fun. And scary.
March 26, 2017
This is the Demon Seeing Kueanue Reeves movie I made reference to which some people knew nothing about. It's about what it's like trying to self aware wake yourself up out of a really bad nightmare. The movies pretty classic,too!
March 17, 2017
It is an exciting and well produced movie. You can know nothing about the main character and still completely understand the complex history and motivations of all the main characters which is outstanding for a deeply rooted character such as John Constantine. If you do know the character from the comic books then you should really enjoy the deeper meanings of many items in this show. It has very good cgi effects and the actors do a great job of bringing the characters to life. Loved it
½ March 15, 2017
Though this is not the English bastard in the comic version, Keanu did a great job in playing an American dougchebags, yet skilled in fighting and magic(little). All the good ratings for Keanu
February 24, 2017
Grade - D+
Unfortunately excellent direction and good visuals can't save 'Constantine' from the ridiculous mess presented here. Ultimately, it's a mixture of a bad script and silly source material that cause this film to seem like more of a parody of itself as opposed to a genuinely frightening experience. Not good.
February 12, 2017
in 2005 a fost exceptional. acum mi se pare ca are un scenariu care trebuie sa bifeze niste scene pentru fani. dar este un film destul de lung, si rewarding.
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