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Frank Zagarino and Shannon Sturges star in this science fiction thriller. A spacecraft with an all-female crew is forced to jettison fuel due to engine problems, and makes an emergency landing on a planet being used as a penal colony. It seems everyone on the prison world has been killed except for two people, with the psychotic Convict 762 apparently responsible for the carnage. However, while one survivor claims to be a guard watching over the prisoner, the other says exactly the same thing. So who is right? Who can they trust? And how will they ever get home?
Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Ridini Entertainment Corporation


Billy Drago
as Mannix
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Cheap, poor acting, bad story, and a bland ending. The plot starts no where, it never gets interesting, and there are so many confusing moments. The film drags on and once it picks up, it slows down again.

Wes Shad
Wes Shad

Convict 762 Starring: Shannon Sturges and Billy Drago Director: Luca Bercovici "Convict 762" centers on a scavenger starship crew that consists entirely of beautiful women that's forced to seek out a penal colony (insert pun here) in order to refuel. They discover the colony has been all but destroyed by a riot, and that one of the two surviving men is a dangerous prisoner known as Convict 762. The heroines and the plot stumble along from this point. While "Convict 762" has okay special effects and set construction for what is most assuredly a low-budget effort, pretty good actiing all around, and delivers some tense moments, these positives are overwhelmed by insipid dialogue and characters who behave in such idiotic fashion that there is no doubt they are natural blondes. Characters behaving stupidly in movies where monsters and killers are stalking them is not unusual for a film. However, "Convict 762" goes well beyond the boundaries of what is typically found. One of the main characters behaves so stupidly in the last 10-15 minutes of the film that I knocked two Tomatoes off for it. It is such a bad ending that is so totally reliant on the character behaving like a braindead turnip because the plot needs her to that it ruins the entire movie. If you think you might enjoy a film that's an "Alien"-light packed with braless women in tank-tops but burdened with a failed effort to deliver a Message, you might consider ordering this one. However, I advise you to stop the tape after the scene in sickbay, following the fight in the cargo bay and just picture in your mind's eye that the space ship takes off and flies away. While you'll miss a gratuitous love scene, you will come away with a much better impression of how good this film is. Watch it to the end at your own peril. You'll never get those minutes of your life back.

Steve Miller
Steve Miller

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