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½ April 3, 2017
The usual racist hints of the french frog cinema: foreign tourists are pigeons that can be ripped off, Brazil, a country with a rich yet complex culture, boils down to bimbos in string that dance by showing their buttocks. Pitiful display of stereotyped cliches to the xenophobic relent. To avoid like the plague.
½ May 9, 2013
Isabelle Huppert acts great, she is hilarious.
June 28, 2012
beautiful movie, Huppert is great!
½ March 27, 2012
un bon petit film bien divertissant sur le parcours d'une femme (superbe Isabelle Huppert, comme d'hab) un peu dà (C)jantà (C), pleine d'humanisme et qui essaye de survivre dans la socià (C)tà (C) un peu rigide pour elle...reflà (C)tà (C) dans sa relation avec sa fille...
January 25, 2012
Fitoussi and Huppert together make this low budget one a charm.
December 11, 2011
One of the handful comic roles by the absolutely fabulous Isabelle Huppert.
November 8, 2011
i really badly affected by this movie!! i see her in my dreams ..told me to take it easy..i remember when i moved out from the theater after watching this masterpiece and i found four foreign girls dance happily with their cigarettes ..this was me inside to ..the movie could entered every one's soul and stamp "love the life" label!!

Isabelle huppert rocks..her role Bobou made us love her..she is simple and she didnt give any attentions about the boxes people made for every thing in the society,,she was out of the box women ..could do what she meant without social boundaries ..she helped two poor married couples to just do it..this is humanity we can see without high soundtracks or tears as American movies show us !!

a french movie i will never forget,,i hope i could draw character like Babou one day in an Egyptian movie!!
September 5, 2011
This was the last change I gave Isabelle Huppert. Luckily she passed and I may go see her films again in the future. This was weird in a funny and quirky way, not her usual depressing, strange and twisted way..... At times this actually was... really funny! in a way I am glad my mother is not like babou......
June 12, 2011
Isabelle Huppert's character is so amazing that only a superb actress like her would do justice to it. A delicious french movie with a Brazilian flavor.
March 31, 2011
Quirky,spunky karmic story about a woman who makes something out of nothing
February 2, 2011
It makes me slightly nervous to watch films about crazy redhaired mothers whose daughters are ashamed of them, but since the ending of this one was happy, I have decided that I liked it!
½ December 6, 2010
Once you have a good script & an interesting leading character, just get Isabelle Huppert to do the role & you have a very good film (at least)! Her magical performance lifts this warmhearted comedy into higher places.
Super Reviewer
December 3, 2010
One of the best female characters I have seen in a movie in a long time! I absolutely loved Isabelle Huppert here as the eccentric Babou. Lolita Chammah is also good as the daughter who is so embarrassed by her mother she has decided not to invite her to her wedding. (She is also Isabelle Huppert's real life daughter, and they do look a little alike which made it more believable). I could not personally see what she was so embarrassed about - I thought Isabelle looked fantastic all through this, and as for her behaviour, she showed more decency than all the so-called "normal" people. I would be very happy if I wound up like that at her age! (What am I saying, I think I am on my way there now. LOL. There wasn't one outfit there that she wore that I wouldn't have worn!).
Babou gets a job selling dodgy time share units to prove to her daughter that she can be responsible and a parent to be proud of, which brings about some interesting situations. The one flaw was that the ending felt a little rushed, but on the whole, this is a good movie about a mother and her daughter learning to deal with each other as adults rather than mother and daughter and to accept each others flaws.
December 2, 2010
Never less than good, the marvellous Huppert(Babou) lights up this emotional souffle and almost turns it into a bombe alaska. A quirky tale of a Bohemian mother, a seemingly conservative daughter, and the mother's attempts to win her approval by holding down an atrocious job selling time-share apartments in an off-season French resort. The director, while depicting the resort as cold, colourless and soulless, and Babou as self-obsessed but kindly unconventional, keeps this cool heartwarmer afloat to the happy end - although not in everyone's opinion. One cinema-goer said afterward she was bored from the very beginning - not deep enough. Ah well. Huppert is still gorgeous and prodigously talented at 57, (but oh so skinny)and maybe that's enough for this old roue.
November 17, 2010
The ice queen of French cinema, Isabelle Huppert, turns in a welcome change of pace in this breezy comedy. She's an endearing riot as the unconventional free spirit trying to win over her daughter's affections. Unlike Hollywood comedies which generally feel like a set of contrived gags sewn into a formula, this feels like it started with well rounded characters that organically grew into a story. So much so that you can easily forgive the cop-out, perfect bow-ribbon ending.
½ November 12, 2010
L'irrà (C)sistible Huppert, à (C)ternelle fantasque, trouve ici un rôle à sa dà (C)mesure et prouve combien elle est indispensable au cinà (C)ma français, toujours partante pour tout mettre sur la table afin de bluffer son public. En prime Copacabana bà (C)nà (C)ficie d'une finesse d'à (C)criture remarquable qui à (C)vite pratiquement toutes les maladresses habituelles (condescendance, moralisme,...) propres au cinà (C)ma français.
November 5, 2010
Une petite comédie sociale sympathique...
October 5, 2010
Isabelle Huppert owns this movie.
September 4, 2010
Très grande Huppert comme toujours!
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