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March 20, 2017
Way to long and not that good.
½ March 7, 2017
Although perhaps slightly longer than necessary, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a sweeping, engrossing film with a pensive, melancholy storytelling sensibility lacking from many modern films.
½ March 6, 2017
I had often heard this title mentioned but it took me awhile to give it a chance. I am thoroughly glad that I did in the end. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett both pulled off roles that were slightly unconventional. Cate Blanchett is not the prettiest actress in Hollywood but she has this mysterious appeal and stage presence. There were several underlying messages portrayed in this movie about themes such as 'eternal love', 'growing old and the reality that nothing ever lasts' as well as the exploration of 'old and young souls'. Although it is a film that carries on for nearly three hours, give it a chance and you shouldn't be disappointed.
March 1, 2017
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
When what happens next is so unpredictable, we have no control. When we take the time to show those how we love, when we don't know what happens next. When we know what happens next is death but don't know what it would bring. When what happens next just happens when anything is possible, as we are shown from our past. When what happens next we anticipate it's return, hope for the best, curious to know what it brings, we try to not think about until it is revealed to us. When what happens next, we wish for the best. When once we know what happens next, we prepare to cope. When what happens next we move forward by remind ourselves to always remember those whom we lost. When it's not about what happens next, when we take the time to think how we could prevent it. When those whom we lost, could not foresee what happens next to change direction of time, we have the opportunity to do so. When what happens next, doesn't matter as it won't bring those back to us. When we are born next to old and young, we have what others don't have a condition we have to live with.
When we are born on a day of the beginning of an end, we naturally were born not knowing what happens next, like much of the world was. When we don't know what happens next, when we are dying, not a doctor, we hope for the best. When we don't know what to do next, but have to do something. When we have to do is the next best thing and get rid of our burden, or stop others from doing such wrong. When the person next to us is the person we want to be seen next to. When the next best thing is for others to take our burdens away. When something always happens when we next to it, but other things we don't see, is next to amazing when we find a baby. When some surprises we know what to do next and to leave it for others to deal with, while we are natural care givers whom take care of others and know what to do next. When we know what to do next when we run a shelter. When not everything comes next, we have to let others wait. When we all don't know what to do next when we are losing our mind. When our next best thing is to lie to protect others. When there are processes and places for these incidences to know what to do next, then why didn't others do that we question next. When we don't see the big deal of a newcomer or someone different, that we joke next to its imperfections. When some gifts that never intended for us, comes our way we are filled with joy to do the next best thing and share the love. When we come from next to dirt poor, to having another mouth to feed.
When we can't help but want to know what happens next. When being different we don't get to see what's up the next corner, or see what's next to us across the street. When the things next to us we remain attached to. When other things don't want to be attached to us or be next to us we put in the next room. When we are naturally curious about the world when next to us is a lifetime of history, stories and life worth exploring. When those whom share stories share tales that you would never expect next to happening, when your face to face with history's famous people. When some people know what comes next, when they are planning something evil or when their job is heal you, and wait for the next person to test gods faith. When our father's ad mothers and god will see us the next step of the way, when we are growing and gaining our step unto the world. When what happens next is entirely a miracle or our own willful power. When others know but ourselves what happens next after life, we learn about it at a young age. When whom is next to us, we live with, hear their story and don't know what they will say next. When what happens when we die we are put next to others whom are similar to us in death. When whom is next to us we draw a large crowd when we want to hear more stories. When whom sits next to us, takes us our to see the world. When the outside world don't know who is next to us when we haven't seen them before. When those next to us may look different, but is quite interesting. When those whom we want next to are for other reasons entirely. When we need a new perspective on life, that we need to be next to something that opens our eyes so we can see the world. When those whom can't be to see us apart we want next to each other for it is more reassuring. When whom we are, we are introduced to people whom don't mind being seen next to each other. When what happens next is a blessing when we are going to have a new member in the family. When those next to us teaches us something new. When those next to us we share in their stories, secrets, and feelings. We it is frowned upon to be next to each other when we are too young/old. When being next to something we just get struck by lightening.* When it's hard to be next to people, when they are constantly going, or with someone else that makes us alone. When some things we don't want to be next to when others are uncomfortable, disliking our presence, when they become bothersome. When we look good next to others whom makes feel good. When we look good when we are next to a mirror, when we feel stronger. When others don't have much time to spend with each other when we got work and are too far busy.
When we separated from one another when we far too distant when the one next to us went away, and we were left alone for no one to understand us till now when reading the diary. When sometimes we are next to nothing or maybe something and we get struck by lightening. When we are next to something, waiting for nothing, a opportunity strikes that we are there at the right moment and time. When we are happy doing any thing and working next to nothing for the pure pleasure of working on board. When those whom we are next to show us other things nobody else told. When being next to the captain, we are next to a person that shows us how much we are missing out on life. When we are next in line to take over the family business, we remain or go, or do both what we want to do. When those we are next too we want to be close to them forever or a short while. When sometimes we bump into those we never thought we would see and meet again, and next thing leads to another and we are having a drink talking together. When we don't know what the next night or day would bring, when its a night for firsts of many things experiencing the world. When we regret what we did, when we wish we were next to each other now. When sometimes we are next to those when they visit, and have time to show them something amazing. When being close with the captain has its perks when we can sail next to larger boats. When we wish we could be next with some people forever, but we can't and have to start our own life and move out. When others will miss us, but communicating is the next best thing. When all we see is the next thing after the other while sailing, we remain next to others while away. When we go on life and rehearsals of people whom are looking for the next big thing, we work hard and focused on it and you. When the next thing to hit us is a storm. When whom we are next too we don't care when we are the Centre of attention and all we want to do is drink, whiles can't stand to be next to a cheat. When whom we are next to, we do care how we look and how others look at us. When those we run into we share a intimate moment next to each other sipping tea. When whom we are next to we keep up our appearances. When being next to somebody is discomforting, when not being next to that person is even more discomforting, that time does stand the test, and we go our separate ways. When looks don't matter to some, when what brings us next to each other is our talks. When we share something close to us with someone else, we share how much we want to be next to that life, that makes us happy. When being next to each other we feel differently that we enjoy. When someone whom makes feel warm inside, we wish to be next to. When what we thought would happen next, it doesn't.
When we are called upon by our country to fight side by side next to other soldiers during war. When others didn't sign up to be next in line to go to war, but home. When we don't decide whom we are next to when fighting but accept all the help we can get. When we are next to the enemy, we fight to see another day. When happens next would surprise you, and save you but not others. When we stare death face to face and don't want to be near it, we are glad we are next to other people as we let go. When what happens next is always something new when others have passed on, and made room for others. When next to some people, it's not the same as others we have come to meet and enjoy. When we least expect it we are struck by lightning just next to anything anywhere it finds us. When next to each other we are almost the same age. When we don't know what happens next when we stumble upon an old friend. When we don't believe things just happen next when life is predetermined and you have fate on your side. When we are not the only ones whom don't know what will happen or what we would see next when we are a star. When next to each other we are totally different people, when 1 world is torn apart and another one is just beginning. When we come face to face with the love of our life and longing to be next to each other, but can't seem to connect with each other. When we can connect with others easily when we are next to them and they are our father. When being next to those, we feel their pains, what they are going through and what's it's like to know what happens next for them, as they did for you. When we are next in line to inherit the family business we accept and know what will be next for us all through our life. When we are face to face with our real family, next to all the stories, history of the family that gave birth to us. When facing one family next to another we don't know what will happen. When anything could happen when your struck by lightening anytime. When being struck by lightening so many times, not know what each strike would bring to us next, we remain grateful to God we are still alive, makes us see how precious life is. When something so precious and significant has been next to us for so many years that we hardly noticed but from the day we are born to the day we die we are left next to the vary thing that others wear and a business we uphold in buttons. When we wish we could be next to all living things but life just let's us go and so do we. When we spend the last next time with those whom we hardly know before it's too late. When we don't know what to do next when those we can't connect on another level. When time passes us by so fast, that once we are not next to the things whom remind us of who we are, we are different people left to adapt our different life wherever we may be. When we rather next to people whom enjoy our company, have plenty in common, and we easily relate to in our new life. When we wish both life's could be next to each other beside us, but it doesn't work out. When we are so alone, discovering the world, life and ourselves all coming next to each other we too feel the same way about others that could be next to us too.
When time, place and fate are not next to each other now, but later in life when the signs were telling us it was true. When we wish timing, place, and fate were always on our side when the next thing to happens is we are hurt by an unfortunate incident, that crushes our world. When we need to be next to others when they need us most. When we don't need to be next to others whom don't understand and reminds ourselves of a past we don't care when our future is on our mind and your not next to it. When we long to be next with someone, to just go back to being alone, and being next to total strangers for a good time. When we always wanted to be next to those and return home and just keep things remaining the same that we don't want to ruin it. When we searched long and hard to return back to the place we grew up and be next to a person whom we connect well with in a new world when both our world's collapse. When we are 2 different people, that know we belong next to each other, but fate has it, it was never meant to be. When we wish to be next to someone we love, but are too late. When somethings we understand and don't care, we get rid of, as w wish others to have but still keeping next with the house the family history but with a different family. When being next to something less old and more modern suits us. When we live next to nothing, but we are happy. When we wish we could also have next to us our old lifestyle, but can only watch. When we do the next best thing and be next to all of our loves and passions at once. When there is another thing next to us, when there is another addition to the family. When we know what comes next, when we have so little time, but have to make sure they are taken care of. When we don't know what comes next when we are revealed our family history. When we don't know other things would happen next when parenting is unpredictable and we don't know what parent we would be. When we have to plan what happens next and still keep in touch when we are gone. When so many things could have happened next, but they never did. When what happens next are life's lessons we follow, and living with what just happened. When we plan what happens the next last year's of our life. When we wish we were next to each other for one last time or forever but we have to go our separate ways. What the next life holds, I hope it was more precious and filled with so much embrace as the life you lived with the ones you want next to you. When the next life isn't what we hoped for, or expected, but we will never forget what it's like being next to eachother. When we love eachother so much, we yearn to be next to eachother no matter what.

Level of Interest-5
Twist & Turns-5
½ February 12, 2017
Started slow but ended well that I watch it many times..
½ February 4, 2017
Benjamin Button wields a heavy amount of content and delivers it to the screen in a way that is so uniquely poetic. The gift of life is a huge proponent to the story and would not have been successful without the performances of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. It is hard to resist the southern charm that is brought to us here through another one of F. Scott Fitzgerald's excellent stories
January 18, 2017
A beautiful film of incredible performances that in this story beyond being fictional, conveys many messages. It is powerful, and shows love from very broad and well idealized perspectives, each of its elements makes it harmonious and it should be enjoyed more than once.
January 15, 2017
Morí de aburrimiento. Dura demasiado, la historia no tiene ningún propósito y los personajes sufren sin necesidad.
January 11, 2017
Was recommended by my Girlfriend so we brought this on Blu Ray and watched together. What a brilliant film never seen anything like this. Was a very sad film. Very touching and moving. Going to give it a second viewing very soon.
January 11, 2017
Nota: 8.1/10 - 4.2/5
January 7, 2017
5 stars when I saw this before. I found this really emotionally touching.
December 10, 2016
Great, great, great movie!!! Everything about this movie was good!! I even saw myself in a section of the movie, made me appreciate this movie and my life even more!!!!
December 7, 2016
An interesting movie. Definitely Oscar worthy.
½ November 28, 2016
I remember that out of all the David Fincher films, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the film that I remember the least. So I wanted to see it again to remember it and that David Fincher directed it which when I finished it, I can kind of see why as this is not one of his bests. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett are terrific and their chemistry is pretty good. The effects on Brad Pitt's character is really great, they tried their best to make it look good, and it doesn't look scary. The story is pretty good even though it feels like Forrest Gump, which feels like a coincidence consider that Eric Roth also wrote that film. The direction by David Fincher is still top-notch, and the writing is good, although it can be over-sentimental at times. Taraji P. Henson is great in it that it's cool that she got nominated for an Oscar. Benjamin Button is memorable, which the main reason is actually not because of his disease, but because the movie spends time on the character that it's more than enough for me to care about him. The movie is a bit overlong, and the ending felt a bit tacked on even though it's a bit better than other films like Remember Me. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is not one of David Fincher's grand films, but I had a bit of a good time with it that I'm glad that David Fincher hasn't directed a bad movie yet.
½ November 27, 2016
I may be a little bias solely because I believe Brad Pitt is one of the greatest actors of my generation. Such a well put together movie with an excellent story line.
October 21, 2016
Just released that this review was deleted so I am going to attempt to review this film after seeing it four months ago. David Fincher is slowly becoming one of my favourite directors. Every single film I see of his I believe is a great work of art. Not only do his films have great acting, cinematography, and production design, but all of his stories he tells sucks you into the movie immediately. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett have amazing chemistry and they really pull off every single age range. The story is an emotional, yet beautiful one about the wonders of life. Reminded me a lot of Forrest Gump. If you are struggling for a movie on date night and are looking for something with a bit more depth than something like Bridesmaids, then this is a great film to watch. Very emotional, very romantic, very well-made!
October 12, 2016
I was just simply amazed & in awe by this beautiful film! It was an original & heartbreaking story about a person born as an old man who grew younger for more than 80 years, & it was so different than other films I've seen! The acting was on point & plot just kept me wanting to keep watching! Highly recommend it!
September 29, 2016
Gave it 45 minutes to 'wake up', and it hadn't ; and it was such a ridiculous premise (I was expecting more of a Merlin style living life backwards) that I felt it didn't warrant another 2 hours viewing. Binned.
½ September 27, 2016
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½ September 24, 2016
This was a very well done drama from David Fincher that had some excellent performances.
It was very creative and even answered all the questions I was asking myself while watching.
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