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Jet Li gets to emote in some emotionally awkward scenes, but the gritty fight sequences come through in what is Li's best English language film.



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On and beneath the meanest streets of Glasgow, fiery gangster Bart is merciless with debtors, would-be rivals, and anyone else to whom he takes even a passing dislike. How does Bart maintain his chokehold? Through his unwitting enforcer Danny, who he has "raised" since boyhood. Danny has been kept as a near-prisoner by his "Uncle" Bart; trained to attack and, if necessary, kill. Danny knows little of life, except the brutal existence that Bart has so crudely and cruelly fashioned for him. But when Danny has a chance encounter with soft-spoken blind piano tuner Sam, he senses true kindness and compassion for the first time and experiences the transforming power of music. When a sudden gangland coup separates Danny from Bart and his mob, Danny is at last away from the underworld. He takes refuge with Sam and his spunky teenaged stepdaughter Victoria. Sam and Victoria open their home and hearts to Danny, who begins to envision a new future for himself. However, the mob will not give up its prize pupil so easily, and Danny must soon fight again, and fight back, to protect his new family and bury his troubled past.

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Jet Li
as Danny
Kerry Condon
as Victoria
Phyllida Law
as Distinguished Lady
Michael Ian Lambert
as The Stranger
Jaclyn Tze Wey
as Danny's Mother
Puthirith Chou
as Teen Danny
Tony Theng
as Little Danny
Owen Lay
as Baby Danny
Franck Xie Cheng
as Baby Danny
Michael Webber
as Boxing Boss
Jeff Rudom
as Boxing Giant
Alex Lawson
as Maddy's Market Fighter
Alain Figlarz
as Boss First Fight
Maurice Chan
as Tough Man
Santi Sudaros
as Swimming Pool Fighter
Christian Bergner
as Raffle's Thug
Joseph Beddelem
as Jewelry Security Man
Ksenia Zarouba
as Sales Person
Gregory Loffredo
as Bart's Thug
Scott Rider
as Trainer Brute
Pascal Lopez
as Bart's Young Thug
Pascal Lavanchy
as Bart's Driver
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  • Feb 01, 2012
    It been a while since I've seen a movie with Jet Li in it, so I decided to pick up Unleashed and to my shock, it was actually good, and it wasn't from Asia. Unleashed is about a man raised into behaving like a dog, escapes from his captor to start a new life, who seeks to reclaim him because of his unnatural martial arts skills that are triggered when unleashed. The story works, but it held back by some slow pacing. These so call "awkward emotional scene", aren't really that awkward I think. You know what I consider awkward, watching Return To the Blue Lagoon which has child nudity, now that's extremely awkward. So back on track, the story works and you actually care about the characters unlike Jet Li other English language films (Dolph Lundren in The Expendable is a good example), but it does suffer from the fact that a Piano plays a huge part in the movie and a grown man is treated and acting like a dog. The action sequences are well considering it's a American Martial Art movie. I'm not saying American Martial Art movies are bad, it's just when you have "actors" like Steven Seagal never getting hit doesn't exactly mean good action sequences. Luckily like other smart Martial Art actors including Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Jet Li does get hit which gives some credibility to the action sequences. Also, I have to say Jet Li English in this is actually good as his acting always is. The supporting cast is great, though I still find Bob Hoskins as a villain not that menacing he still does a good job in his role. Unleashed is a great American Martial Art movie with a good and weird story that works with good action sequences. If you're in the mood for a good or unusual Martial Art movie, you can't go wrong with Unleashed.
    Caesar M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 16, 2011
    "Unleashed" is definitely Jet Li's best English film. Man, are there some pretty awkward moments in this. The follow up to most of the fight scenes is very drab and very rarely does the drama actually have an impact, but the action fight sequences are incredibly satisfying. I liked the gritty cinematography also. Only one thing: why was there nudity in this movie? It was so unnecessary.
    Albert K Super Reviewer
  • May 30, 2011
    Ignoring the absolutely ridiculous premise... Is it just me, or is it a little disturbing that Li "performs best" as a socially awkward man-child who has less lines than the entire supporting cast? Honestly, I'd rather be thrown into another adrenaline pumping "brainless" action flick than watching a humble blind Freeman steal the show as Li tries so painfully to feint innocence in this contrive attempt at "emotional depth" But hey, the actions still there and grittier than ever. Unfortunately, it happens to explode without the consistency and balance you wish it did throughout the downtime and that? That's just bad storytelling/directing.
    Drake T Super Reviewer
  • May 02, 2011
    I was a bit worried about watching this film as I thought it would just be another western kung fu film, it wasn't though and I found myself very pleasently surprised. Unleashed really comes through as a story of self discovery and the most enjoyable parts of the film the ones in which Danny (Jet Li) comes to terms with a normal life, not just one of fighting.
    Cameron S Super Reviewer

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