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The movie works when things are on fire, but everything else - from dialogue to characters - is scathingly bad.



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Disaster follows when a long-dormant volcano suddenly reawakens. When strange things begin to happen around the peaceful town of Dante's Peak, noted vulcanologist Harry Dalton is sent to investigate. Harry's investigation leads him to believe that a volcanic catastrophe is imminent, although his disbelieving superior refuses to warn the townsfolk.

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Pierce Brosnan
as Harry Dalton
Linda Hamilton
as Rachel Wando
Charles Hallahan
as Paul Dreyfus
Jamie Renee Smith
as Lauren Wando
Jeremy Foley
as Graham Wando
Kirk Trutner
as Terry Furlong
Tzi Ma
as Stan
Brian Reddy
as Les Worrell
Lee Garlington
as Dr. Jane Fox
Bill Bolender
as Sheriff Turner
Carol Andresky
as Mary Kelly
Peter Jason
as Norman Gates
Jeffrey L. Ward
as Jack Collins
Tim Haldeman
as Elliot Blair
Walker Brandt
as Marianne
Hansford Rowe
as Warren Cluster
Susie Spear
as Karen Narlington
David Lipper
as Hot Springs Man
Heather Stephens
as Hot Springs Woman
Ingo Neuhaus
as National Guardsman
Patty Raya MacMillan
as News Stringer
R. J. Burns
as Man at Helicopter
Tammy L. Smith
as Town Meeting Woman
Justin Williams
as Paramedic
Donna Deshon
as Road Block Newsperson
Tom Magnuson
as Road Block Newsperson
Marilyn Leubner
as Babysitter
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  • Jun 20, 2016
    This is one of the better "disaster films" out there. It is nice because it isn't on a large worldwide scale, but focuses on a small town laying next to a long dormant volcano just named "2nd Most Desirable Place to Live in America" and a volcano expert discovers the volcano may be waking up. The script is very well written and both Hamilton and Brosnan turn in great performances. The action is good and the visuals are great. Underrated film.
    Patrick W Super Reviewer
  • Sep 14, 2012
    Not as disastrous as I remember, "Dante's Peak" holds the same, played-out formula as far as disaster films go with very little originality and zero baseline emotion apart from sheer panic and fear. None of the characters shine through, and the only highlight of the film are the graphics, that still hold up.
    Christopher H Super Reviewer
  • Sep 11, 2012
    There seemed to be a few disaster films in the 90's, there also seemed to be a trend for making identical films, this was the first for the double dose of volcanoes. Now lets be honest here, there is a standard setup for disaster films which is usually always followed and somehow keeps on working. In this case we have Brosnan being the science boff who no one believes when he fears a volcano may erupt next to the sleepy mountain town of Dante's Peak. From the very start its a waiting game, waiting for the fun to start when the mountain blows. The easy plot builds up many characters so we get to know them plus links to other folk so when it all kicks off we feel the emotion run deep. Its simple building block film making basically and this film actually does it well with likeable characters all the way through. I must admit Brosnan is pretty good here, never really liked him before but his calm heroic demeanor is very soothing amidst all the terror and tension, I really wanted him to survive with the woman and kids. The other things that impress about this film is how realistic it actually is and how well they handle all the effects and action. At no point was I ever thinking how shoddy the film looked or how cheesy it was. All the acting was really very good with some genuinely tear jerking moments of emotion and pretty much all the volcano eruption special effects were excellent. In fact during almost every sequence of rock spurting action I was impressed by the effects which also included some good model work and good matte paintings of the mountain. Most definitely a more realistic route for this particular slice of volcano drama, pretty accurate with volcano facts offering a good education really. The whole thing builds well and gives plenty of time for everything to come to a climax nicely, no rush and no fuss with obvious care and attention to all areas. A highly recommended natural disaster that has it all including the obligatory dog to really heighten your angst and wetten your hankie when the lava flows. (This film also includes the infamous 'Wilhelm scream' which is a kooky hokey scream sound effect used hundreds of times in various films. Google it and you will see what I mean and recognise I'm sure.)
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Mar 17, 2012
    It is a film to dry. There is a great movie, but not bad either. This is good and acceptable in that it is a disaster movie, but some things are a bit exaggerated or saved situasiones characters humanly impossible, but that's ok. At the end is a movie that initially has a rhythm a little tired but in itself is entertaining.
    Rodrigo R Super Reviewer

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