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December 4, 2008
February 25, 2003
Russell is the reason to go to the theater. He will continue to hold your attention when things around him -- like the storyline -- lose steam and credibility.
February 24, 2003
Well worth recommending.
February 24, 2003
Fails to make the grade as either a gritty crime drama or an intriguing piece of historical relevance.
February 21, 2003
Harrowing and compulsively watchable morality play.
February 21, 2003
The movie ends not with a bang but a wimp.
January 29, 2019
It's not totally without merit (Kurt, mostly) but there's little nuance or replay-ability here.
December 22, 2010
Violent police detective teaches his partner.
December 27, 2007
July 29, 2007
Russell fans, take note: This is probably the strongest work he's done in movies.
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