Dead Snow (Død snø)


Dead Snow (Død snø)

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Though it doesn't cover new ground, Dead Snow is an entertaining mix of camp, scares, and blood and guts.



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Eight medical students on a ski trip to Norway discover that Hitler's horrors live on when they come face to face with a battalion of undead Nazi soldiers intent on devouring anyone unfortunate enough to wander into the remote mountains where they were once sent to die. It's Easter vacation, and what better way to spend the break than skiing down the isolated hills just outside of Øksfjord, Norway? After packing their cars with enough beer and ski equipment to ensure that a good time will be had by all, the students set out for their destination and prepare for a relaxing snowbound getaway. Shortly after arriving at their remote cabin, however, the students receive an unexpected visit from a rather suspicious hiker. According to their shady visitor, the Nazis occupied this territory during World War II. In the aftermath of their brutal raping and pillaging, the locals revolted, driving the few surviving Nazi soldiers -- including their iron-fisted leader, Colonol Herzog -- deep into the hills. Neither the soldiers nor their leader were ever seen again. Everyone in town assumed that they simply froze to death. But there's something stirring out there in the trees, and it won't be long until the unsuspecting students discover how the story really ends. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


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  • Mar 01, 2015
    I mean what's not to like about Nazi zombies, honestly. Then again, this film could be poorly made, written, or acted. I'm not gonna sit here and suggest that the acting or the writing were truly that great, but the film does have an enthusiastic tone and it certainly pays tribute to some of the films that inspired it. There's also some plenty of great gore to boot. I will admit that, until the climactic act of the film, I would've rated this film to be average. That's not necessarily a bad thing for horror movies since it is easier to make a shitty a horror movie than it is to make any other type of film. And by easy I mean the fact that there's so many more avenues for someone to fuck up a horror movie. Whether through lazy writing, shitty acting, or even worse gore, horror movies are generally have an easier time to be awful than other genres. I realize that sounds strange, but that's the way it is. But I digress, an average score, for a horror movie, is considerably better than an average score for, say, a comedy. Because at least the movie isn't bad and, sometimes, horror geeks just want a horror movie that's not bad. But, thankfully, this film's last act got pretty crazy and it definitely elevated the movie past the average territory into a good one. This is very obviously a low-budget film, but I think they definitely made the most out of it with some great gory and campy moments. This is a film that does not take itself too seriously. And, I mean, come on. A film about Nazi zombies, can anyone truly take that seriously in this day and age? Maybe if this had come post-WW2, then it would've had a chance. Not today, and to their credit, they realize this and they definitely make the movie as campy as possible so you can get some laughs out of the entire thing. And it works, while it certainly takes a while, I found this to be a fun little movie. Nothing that would've set the world on fire, but it would entertain you for 90 minutes. And that's exactly what it did and, because of that, I would definitely recommend this film to horror geeks, if you haven't seen it already. A fun time will be had by all. Good stuff here.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Oct 25, 2014
    If you think this is a typical zombie film then you'd be surprised. A group of 7 adolescents went on a Ski trip to the snowy Norwegian mountain. Like Evil Dead, they discovered a hidden chest full of treasures. Little did they know, they have awaken the Nazi Zombies who have died in the WWII. Hilarity ensured as the group tried to survive the cat and mouse chase with the zombies. Very refreshing, I hesitated when I first heard of this film but the reviews interested me and I wasn't disappointed. It may look like a B movie but like the Evil Dead, small budget and lots of creativity can prove to be successful. Keep the gore pouring!
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Aug 06, 2013
    This is was a tiny too brutal.
    NaWie M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 07, 2013
    SPOILERS Dead Snow. Dead Snow. Dead Snow. Dead Snow. Dead Snow. Let's repeat it again, Dead Snow, Dead Snow, Dead Snow.....How would I describe this picture? Nothing, it is just strangely entertaining and deliciously foolish. First and foremost, Dead Snow is a Norwegian horror comedy movie. If fact, if you notice the opening scene of the movie with a fragile sense of look, you could easily understand that this movie is straight horror comedy, the sequences during the first quarter of the movie could be deceiving though. The film has really some good scares, and yes it is carnage, but it never serves or fulfils much. In this highly flawed movie, one would witness poor camerawork, poor direction and somewhat unfavourable acting too, everything just never fits, and something went really to a wrong path - perhaps a bad, bloody one, and needless to say, illogical plot points and an abominable script. Despite being flawed, I would like to stick on my points on believing that this film is not entirely a wooden, '2d' movie, it is deep and believe that there's something about humanity that the filmmakers would want to portray through this art-form. At the very late scenes of the movie, although illogical and comical, the chasing zombies chasing the human character went to stop upon witnessing a small box that sheltered valuables. 'Pop-Up' question would be: What the filmmakers are trying to portray through that scene - for money or power, people would go for violence or war? The behaviour of a person might unpredictably change? Or are they attempted to visualize the truth about "solutions to all problems"? And the question continues. To wrap it up, Dead Snow is still funny and fun, despite being somewhat atrocious. Allow me to reiterate - it is strangely entertaining and deliciously foolish. [5/10]
    Alex D Super Reviewer

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