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Death to Smoochy

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The talent involved can't save a script that has nowhere to go with its promising premise.



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Randolph Smiley has it all--as star of the highest rated kid's show on TV, "Rainbow Randolph" has a penthouse, a Times Square billboard, cars, boats and all the indulgence that celebrity brings. Randolph also has an alcohol problem and a penchant for taking bribes from stage parents. These under-the-table transactions are quite lucrative until the Feds get wise. Busted and instantly reviled, Randolph is a star no more. Scandals don't play well to the under-8 demographic. Enter Sheldon Mopes and his alter ego "Smoochy," a puffy, fuscia rhinoceros. Eager to expand his audience beyond a Brooklyn methadone clinic, Smoochy--with his innocence and unrelenting ethics--is the perfect remedy for what ails the networks. Also, the kids love him! Sheldon soon learns, however, that children's television is a dangerous world, steeped in corruption, back stabbing and violence. Broke and homeless, Randolph doesn't share America's enthusiasm for his replacement--and thusly plots fierce revenge against Smoochy.


Edward Norton
as Sheldon Mopes
Robin Williams
as `Rainbow' Randolph Smiley
Catherine Keener
as Nora Wells
Danny DeVito
as Burke Bennett
Jon Stewart
as Marion Frank Stokes
Pam Ferris
as Tommy Cotter
Danny Woodburn
as Angelo Pike
Michael Rispoli
as Spinner Dunn
Harvey Fierstein
as Merv Green
Vincent Schiavelli
as Buggy Ding Dong
Bill Lake
as Bartender
Nick Taylor
as Henry the Thug
Tracey Walter
as Ben Franks
Louis Giambalvo
as Sonny Gordon
Colin Moult
as Rhinette/Krinkle Kid #1
Nikolai Tichtchenko
as Rhinette/Krinkle Kid #2
Martin Klebba
as Rhinette/Krinkle Kid #3
Tonya Renee Banks
as Rhinette/Krinkle Kid #4
Christy Artran
as Rhinette/Krinkle Kid #5
Philip Craig
as Senator
Natasha Kinne
as Smoochy's Secretary
Richard Hamilton
as Old Vagrant
Todd Graff
as Skip Kleinman
Dan Duran
as Hunter
Michael Copeman
as Reporter #1
James Carroll
as Reporter #2
Phil Jarrett
as Reporter #3
Thomas Lyons
as Reporter #5
Angela Bullock
as Reporter #6
Robert M. Sussman
as Reporter #7
Matthew Arkin
as Save the Rhino Man
Hugo Jansuzian
as Hispanic Dad
Silvia Rojas
as Hispanic Mom
Mario Andres Torres
as Hispanic Boy
Sabrina Jansuzian
as Hispanic Girl
Fred Scialla
as Man in Crowd
Adam Bryant
as Man in Crowd #2
Richard Ziman
as Man in Crowd #3
Samantha Cordero
as Little Girl
Peter Keleghan
as News Anchor
Dave Brown
as McCall
Vito Rezza
as Lead Cop
Lou Cantres
as Little Girl's Dad
Lauren Flanigan
as Opera Diva
Cara Wakelin
as Princess
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  • Oct 16, 2017
    A dark satire from director Danny DeVito, Death to Smoochy delivers some wicked laughs but it's also kind of a mess. After children's TV show star Rainbow Randolph is arrested for accepting bribes the network cancels his show and replaces it with newcomer Sheldon Mopes' Smoochy the Rhino, but Mopes soon finds his new show being sabotaged by Randolph who's determined to get his old show back. Starring Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Catherine Keener, and Danny DeVito, the film features an impressive cast; though their performances are rather weak. And the comedy is all over the place, ranging from clever satire to slapstick; there no consistent tone. Also, the plot is pretty convoluted, with extraneous characters and subplots that don't really go anywhere. Yet even with all ts problems, Death to Smoochy is an entertaining bit of wacky fun that has its moments.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • May 25, 2013
    good cast, Norton as normal the most outstanding. good script perfect for de vitos style which makes sense as it was primarily his baby. however the subject matter is uninteresting to me
    Sanity Assassin ! Super Reviewer
  • Mar 19, 2012
    I loved the black comedy and how so many awful things happen with the involve of a children TV show. But Death to Smoochy have a bad script, what don't hel´p the movie. Rotten.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer
  • May 15, 2011
    Death to Smoochy is one of the weirdest movies I have seen. I really enjoyed aspects of it and really hated others. Edward Norton was spot on, as usual, in the role of Smoochy; but the Robin Williams/Rainbow Randolph aspect was horrible. The movie was all over the place and in the end was just not as good as it could or should have been.
    Melvin W Super Reviewer

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