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Charles Bronson, weary and comatose, is trotted out again as the cocked crusader Paul Kersey in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown. Director Michael Winner has jumped ship for this installment, replaced by J. Lee Thompson (who has seen better days). Kersey is back in L.A. and dating attractive reporter Karen Sheldon (Kay Lenz). Of course, the clock is ticking, and the gong goes off when Karen's daughter overdoses on crack. Before you can say "kaboom" the drug dealer, along with a large cast of bit players, are blown to bits by the single-minded vigilante. An enterprising publisher whose own daughter has died from a drug overdose hires Kersey to wipe out the city's two rival drug dealers and their legions of flunkies. Kersey has no trouble agreeing, and using the technique limned in Yojimbo, he methodically eliminates gang members, first from one side and then the other, until one gang's paranoia about the other gang causes the two competitors to engage in a major confrontation that impacts both groups.

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Charles Bronson
as Paul Kersey
Kay Lenz
as Karen Sheldon
John P. Ryan
as Nathan White
Perry Lopez
as Ed Zacharias
George Dickerson
as Detective Reiner
Soon-Teck Oh
as Detective Nozaki
Dana Barron
as Erica Sheldon
Jesse Dabson
as Randy Viscovich
Peter Sherayko
as Nick Franco
James Purcell
as Vince Montono
Michael Russo
as Danny Moreno
Danny Trejo
as Art Sanella
Mike Moroff
as Jack Romero
Tom Everett
as Max Green
Michael Wise
as Romero's Hood
Irwin Keyes
as Bauggs's Chauffeur
Tim Russ
as Jesse
Derek Rydall
as Kid with Long Hair
Margaret Howell
as Rape Victim
J.P. Romano
as Masked Man #2
Tony Borgia
as Masked Man #3/Kersey's Double
Gerald Castillo
as Lieutenant Higuera
Robert Axelrod
as Italian Restaurant Owner
Mitch Pileggi
as Cannery Lab Foreman
Alan Berger
as Watchman
Russell Solberg
as Police Car Driver
Terry Ward
as White's Butler
Art Frankel
as Pool Party Bartender
Elizabeth Scherrer
as Party Guest
Roydon E. Clark
as Cannery Worker
Gene Lebell
as Cannery Guard
Gary Rooney
as Masked Man #1
David J. Partington
as Morgue Attendant
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Audience Reviews for Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

  • Aug 08, 2012
    I really enjoyed this fourth film in the Death Wish series, and though it really isn't anything new, it still proves that Charles Bronson is one mean vigilante. In this one, Bronson gives his brand of vigilante justice to a bunch of drug dealers. I very much loved the first three films and I thought it was an interesting idea for this film. The idea was quite different, and it worked. Although the film isn't perfect, it still manages to be good fun and is pretty good for a fourth film. Charles Bronson is always a pleasure to watch on-screen. Die-hard fans of the series will enjoy this, and though it's nothing new, this one still delivers what you'd expect. Charles Bronson delivering vigilante justice to the bad guys. Go into this film expecting a mindless action film, and that's what you'll get. The film is very entertaining despite its flaws, and overdone ideas. Bronson still is awesome to watch, and in the end, that's what's important. Although it's never anything memorable like the first three films, Death Wish 4: The Crackdown should appeal to fans of the series and action buffs in general. Death Wish 4 is nothing new, so don't watch expecting something very different, it doesn't have that. Sure, the main character goes against drug dealers now, but the formula is the same. We know what will happen. Despite this, I liked the film, and thought it was a pleasant time waster. If you're in the mood for mindless action, then give this fourth film a try.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jan 23, 2009
    <i>"I'm Death!"</i> <p> It's risky business getting close to architect-come-vigilante Paul Kersey (Bronson), whose family and friends all seem to have a drastically reduced life expectancy. <i>Death Wish 4: The Crackdown</i> is the third sequel to 1974's <i>Death Wish</i>, and it signals a substantial decline in quality for the series. This isn't quite the same kettle of fish as its predecessors - the concept is tired, Paul has lost his inimitable zing, and a new director is behind the camera. In the end, <i>Death Wish 4</i> is merely a careless, low-budget money-grab. <p> Now that Paul Kersey's entire family has been wiped out (with the exception of his stepson who curiously disappeared after the first film), additional loved ones need to be introduced in order to bring out Paul's vigilante instincts - for this outing, he's dating a woman and <i>she</i> has alive family members. <p> In <i>Death Wish 4</i>, Paul has returned to Los Angeles and is dating attractive reporter Karen Sheldon (Lenz) who has a teenage daughter named Erica (Barron). They all live together happily, but this wouldn't be another <i>Death Wish</i> sequel unless this solace is shattered. One night Erica dies of a drug overdose, and in retaliation Paul begins to punish the city's major drug dealers. But even an unstoppable vigilante like Paul Kersey needs some support, and here it comes from publisher Nathan White (Ryan) who's determined to avenge the drug-related death of his own daughter. White hires Kersey to kill the key players within two rival drug dealing organisations and thus instigate a war between them. Of course, the police get involved with some reluctance...but are utterly useless in the grand scheme of things. <p> The original <i>Death Wish</i> effectively spoke about the urban crime epidemic of the 1970s, but the sequels substituted this societal commentary with bloodletting and exploitative action. <i>Death Wish 4: The Crackdown</i> continues this tradition with thinner plotting and thicker action. It's filled with laughable contrivances, unclear motivations, one-dimensional characterisations and an almost indecipherable plot. Unlike the preceding sequels, Paul Kersey now targets drug dealers instead of street punks. The film tries to deliver a timely message about the dangers of drug use, but it lacks the gritty realism required to send home a clear message, and it's clearly interested in just one thing: exploiting violence. <p> Charles Bronson was apparently displeased with <i>Death Wish 3</i>, and terminated his creative partnership with director Michael Winner as a result. J. Lee Thompson instead parachuted into the director's chair (his prior films include <i>Cape Fear</i> and <i>Guns of the Navarone</i>, and such Bronson films as <i>The Evil That Men Do</i>). The series' distributor (Cannon Films) was on the verge of bankruptcy by the time <i>Death Wish 4</i> came down the pipeline, and the company were accordingly cutting back on budgets. Thompson's work is visibly marred by budgetary restraints - camera movements and set-ups are basic, and there are a bunch of technical goofs (one explosion looks incredibly fake and was obviously superimposed). The action sequences do remain enjoyable, but one has to overlook a number of contrivances while watching them (people with clear shots at Paul always delay their firing, giving the protagonist a chance to notice their position). <p> The aging Charles Bronson was no spring chicken when <i>Death Wish 4</i> entered production, and he sleepwalks throughout the film as if someone was always dangling his paycheck just out of camera range. It's gotten to the point where the vigilante just isn't motivated anymore. At least Bronson does deliver some great tough guy dialogue, mind you. As with prior instalments, credibility is frequently an issue - how can an aging Paul continue to fight and win against more spry opponents? Oh well, it's an action film of the '80s...who cares about logic? <p> As long as you disable your brain before viewing and temper your expectations, <i>Death Wish 4: The Crackdown</i> is a serviceable entry to the stale <i>Death Wish</i> series. In the end it's just too predictable, too naff and too by-the-numbers. <p> Followed by <i>Death Wish V: The Face of Death</i>.
    Cal ( Super Reviewer
  • Dec 01, 2008
    This was a great action flick with lots of top notch ammo use.
    James K Super Reviewer
  • Jan 28, 2008
    Charles Bronson did it again! He pulled off the impossible, He makes Schwarzenegger and Stallone look like wussies. I thought his performance was nothing less than mesmorising and for and old guy to walk softly and carry a big gun that takes alot of talent. the story was so heart warming and Bronson's performance was so powerful that I felt a shockwave of emotion from his stoic appearance. DeathWish 4 is the feel good movie of the eighties and deserves to be treated as respectfully as the third installment of this amazing series. The final action set piece takes place in a roller skating rink and it truely gives the viewer a sense of dark lighting and feeling especially when you see a bunch of clantily scad women and male teens running for their lives as Bronson mows down gangster after gangster in this power packed emotionally driven sequel. By the way, check out Bronson's one liners, they are sure to put chills down your spine. And you gotta love that rocket launcher he uses at the end.
    Cassandra M Super Reviewer

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