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September 5, 2020
Who really cares? I sure didn't.
October 9, 2009
A dull retread. ... Not even the film's easily enchanted target audience -- that is, children -- are likely to stay under the spell for long.
September 7, 2009
How do you go ten years and not notice how lousy your script is?
January 31, 2009
An unimaginative plot with dull characters that aren't as endearing or memorable as they could have been.
December 31, 2008
Sleep-inducing and yet excessively violent, "Delgo" is a highly directive and bloated piece of animated sci-fi set in a fantastical world that never captures the imagination.
December 30, 2008
The crude, not-so-state-of-the-art animation and artwork all too clearly show the film's 2001 start date.
December 21, 2008
As hard on the eyes as it is on the brain.
December 19, 2008
Just try figuring out the audience for the movie, because the violence is too much for kids under 8, while anyone over 8 will be turned off by the idiotic humor.
December 15, 2008
Even though some of the action is fun and the world is imaginative, it loses points for having a horrible comic relief character that derails the fun.
December 14, 2008
I'm not saying it's a Christmas miracle. What I am saying is that the new animated movie 'Delgo' and 'The Bells of St. Mary's' have something in common.
December 12, 2008
If the cast is too large or filled with name actors (often many of which are heading down the has-been road), the film is going to suck.
December 12, 2008
Shoddily animated adventure is too violent for young kids.
December 12, 2008
Indifferently produced with on-the-cheap CGI animation, Delgo has gathered a B-name voice cast that competently moves the story along but doesn't distinguish it in any way.
December 12, 2008
Although the film may be too violent for kids younger than 10 and too storybook for teens, it is a tale of mythic pretensions and can be quite stunning.
December 12, 2008
The story is tedious, noisy and banal. It is also rather dark and convoluted for children, though it does have the familiar bombast of a video game.
December 12, 2008
This flick is like a cheap thriller where the wisecracks always fall flat and the author couldn't be bothered to invent a new plot, so he just patches together some old ones.
December 12, 2008
It's all as generic as the John Williams knockoff musical score or the Lion King knockoff dialogue
December 12, 2008
There isn't enough action for older children, or silly humor for younger ones; even at an hour-and-a-half, the film feels padded, and it's going to feel even slower to audiences amped up on blood-red Icees and molar-cracking Nonpareils.
December 12, 2008
A few magic rocks and tepid battle scenes do little to inspire interest in the goings-on as Malcolm McDowell and Eric Idle spout villainy and punch lines, respectively.
December 12, 2008
Little in the movie makes sense, the humour is forced and overall, it's sometimes boring.
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