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With miscast stars, a ludicrous plot and an obvious twist, Derailed embodies its name all too aptly.



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A married Manhattan ad man, Charles Schine, falls in lust with a sexy younger woman he meets on his commuter train, but when they meet in a hotel it goes terribly wrong. An armed man bursts in, beats Charles, rapes his date and then blackmails Charles for a staggering amount of money. Charles tries to fight the blackmail by hiring muscle, a disastrous move that gets him into potentially dire legal trouble, as does his agreeing to participate in a company scam in a desperate bid to make back some of the blackmail money.

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Clive Owen
as Charles Schine
Jennifer Aniston
as Lucinda Harris
Vincent Cassel
as Philippe LaRoche
Melissa George
as Deanna Schine
Tom Conti
as Elliot
Giancarlo Esposito
as Det. Church
Denis O'Hare
as Jerry the Lawyer
David Oyelowo
as Patrol Officer
Dennis O'Hare
as Jerry the Lawyer
as Dexter
Allison Timlin
as Amy Schine
Richard Leaf
as Night Clerk Ray
Rachel Blake
as Susan Davis
David Morrissey
as Sam Griffin
Addison Timlin
as Amy Schine
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  • Yet another in the seemingly endless line of stupid, generic thrillers that Hollywood foists upon the movie-going public.

    Dec 6, 2005 | Rating: 1.5/4 | Full Review…
  • Someone had to work extra hard to make a movie this bad with two likeable leads like Mr. Owen and Ms. Aniston. I can't figure out why.

    Nov 30, 2005 | Full Review…

    Andrew Sarris

    Top Critic
  • It has a great look, a couple of genuinely terrifying turns and a surprise or two that I didn't see coming. This is a flawed but stylish and entertaining thriller.

    Nov 14, 2005
  • [Derailed has] a ludicrous script whose twists and turns are laughably obvious or just plain laughable.

    Nov 11, 2005 | Rating: 1/4 | Full Review…
  • As long as Clive Owen is on his own, solving problems and planning revenge, Derailed is a reasonably gripping thriller.

    Nov 11, 2005 | Rating: 2.5/4
  • They Never Saw It Coming, teases the poster for Derailed, and you have to wonder if blindness is now a prerequisite for Hollywood characters.

    Nov 11, 2005 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Derailed

  • Apr 08, 2012
    So I was gonna watch the JCVD thriller called 'Derailed' but after the first five minutes I realised I had the wrong film haha so I stuck with this despite Aniston being involved. Honestly I was pleasantly surprised with this thriller, you don't think its a thriller and you don't see the quite decent twist in the plot, but its actually pretty good. I won't go into the plot for fear of spoiling it but its all about double cross, setups, scams...basically naughty lying laced with blackmail. Bottom line the film is carried by an excellent performance from Cassel who is really quite evil looking and convincingly aggressive. His scrawny frame is deceiving as is his change in character to get into Owen's life which gives him the kind of presence that sends shivers down your spine, the fact that he won't stop makes him nasty and scary. Owen does a good job as the husband in dire straits as he battles against the demands of Cassel's character, he looks the everyman and plays it well. Unfortunately Aniston simply cannot shake her comedic background and just cannot convey a decent performance in drama as far as I'm concerned, she just isn't convincing, purely a TV actor period. For some reason someone thought the casting of 'Xzibit' and 'RZA' was a good move for this film, errrr no, they add nothing in their roles and I don't understand why they were even considered when simple more toned down characters would have been better. And can someone explain to me whenever these 'musicians' are cast in films the end credits always seem to role with a lame rap song? is that part of their deal or something!? completely wrong choice of music for the end credits here, totally ruins the feel. From a slow start which feels like its gonna be crap to a pretty good thriller which does get you involved as the plot gets deeper. I didn't see the plot U-turn and it really makes things interesting as you root for Owen's character, before that its a little annoying as you tend to blame Aniston for his ever mounting problems but after the twist you see why.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Jan 29, 2011
    This is quite a great surprise. Exciting And unexpected. Great thriller!
    Andre T Super Reviewer
  • Jan 02, 2011
    I can not understand the negative reviews on this movie... it is just a thriller, and delivers everything thriller should have! Yes, there is some old stuff in it but it is well done! Very well directed by the Swedish director Mikael Håfström (for his 2003 movie, Evil, received an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film), written by Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie (Collateral), and co-starring French actor Vincent Cassel (Ocean's Twelve), who in the movie is the 'rapist'. When you think honestly, everything is in expectations... because this is not an Academy Award film, and most of people expected just that from this director. I can't find it 'derailed' from his style (Vendetta-1995, Days Like This-2001, Evil-2003, Drowning Ghost-2004 and 1408 from 2007) which is not fresh but recognizable! Roger Ebert, a critic from Chicago wrote the following "Clive Owen was my candidate for James Bond, and can play hard and heartless rotters (see "Closer"), but here he is quiet and sad, with a sort of passivity. He lets his face relax into acceptance of his own bad fortune. Jennifer Aniston does that interesting thing of not being a stereotyped sexpot but being irresistibly intriguing. That works with a man like Charles. Happily married, in debt, worried about his daughter and his job, he would be impervious to a sexy slut." Well said... and well done!
    Panta O Super Reviewer
  • Dec 16, 2010
    This is a very well done Thriller with the perfect amount of cop/detectives influence. The plot twists are what make this movie a must see because it will get your attention immediately after it starts. You don't expect some of the tragic events happening to a "normal" guy like Clive Owen's character and that's why it gets very interesting. The acting is specially good from Owen, Aniston, and mainly Cassell; the guy steals the show. Owen once again demonstrates he's a very talented actor who can carry the whole movie on his back. The direction is solid and even classy.
    Mouhannad S Super Reviewer

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