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October 17, 2019
Here, [Sebastián] Leio continues to explore how broader definitions of love are pushing the envelope in society, rightly arguing that "love is love is love."
August 8, 2019
This is a sensual, sexual and shocking film unveiling unorthodox relationships in an Orthodox Jewish setting.
July 24, 2019
Disobedience works much better when the director lets McAdams and Weisz play their feelings out through soft glances and subtle touches. The plot gives itself away too soon, however, leaving the third act feeling empty and unfulfilling.
July 19, 2019
A beautiful and subtle love story that also offers us an approach to a religious ideology. [Full Review in Spanish]
July 7, 2019
A left-field, New York-based photographer, Ronit has returned to London for her rabbi father's funeral. She has lapsed from the faith, which its adherents resent, but even more taboo is her rekindled affair with her childhood lover.
May 28, 2019
More than a few of the themes and devices utilized throughout the film feel a bit too neatly put together... But don't let that distract from what's at the core of the story.
May 4, 2019
Never seeks to condemn the orthodoxy of faith either, rather there's a recognition of its own values, and its ultimate message on the frailties of free will results in a film that is challenging, engaging and affecting.
April 24, 2019
All three principal actors are excellent, bringing out nuances of their characters' inner wishes and clashes in their moving scenes together.
January 26, 2019
Chilean director Sebastián Lelio lends this adaptation of Naomi Alderman's 2006 novel of the same name an outsider's curiosity... only a foreigner could bring this much lyricism to locations within spitting distance of the North Circular.
January 19, 2019
Never earns what it works so hard to achieve
January 18, 2019
Disobedience is a compelling understated drama that seethes with passion thanks to Sebastian Lelio's assured direction, compelling storytelling and fantastic performances from the three talented leads.
January 11, 2019
Like Menashe, Disobedience is a study of an individual's attempt to reconcile modern life with the more antiquated elements of a patriarchal religion, a far more interesting premise than a kiss-off between two ostensibly straight actors.
December 28, 2018
While nuance may be lacking, it makes up in tone and directorial precision.
December 28, 2018
Disobedience doesn't reach the rapturous, magic-realism-tinged heights of A Fantastic Woman (an unusual and virtually flawless movie that just gets better with repeat viewings), but it is absolutely another big win for Lelio, a red-hot and unique talent.
December 22, 2018
Those [sex] scenes will inevitably become a big talking point, but Disobedience isn't as concerned with passion as its consequences.
December 21, 2018
Disobedience is not a flashy film by any means, but it makes up for it with pure, raw emotion.
December 19, 2018
Disobedience makes the most of its source material and two fine leading ladies to deliver a modest yet undeniably affecting tale of repressed love and passion.
December 17, 2018
The price of freedom
December 12, 2018
The film shows the diversity within the Orthodox community and the changes that Lelio makes to the ending of Naomi Alderman's book present us with a more hopeful vision.
December 12, 2018
Disobedience's lesbian lovers lack passion, and more frustratingly, they become increasingly passive.
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