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      Downton Abbey Reviews

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      Jul 3, 2023

      Investing on launching a series that'd only sell to a niche consumer was a risk. Happy to see it succeed.

      Mar 16, 2023

      It's good to be back with the household again! The story is far-fetched, but the charm and indulgence of DA makes it work. There is a little more sentimentality to it than the Seasons that gave birth to it, but it is warming to watch

      Oct 25, 2022

      It's nice to watch. I watched it mainly for its Production Design, Costume Design and Cinematography.

      Sep 1, 2022

      Maggie Smith steals every scene she is in. If you like english period pieces you will enjoy this. it doesnt go too deep but perhaps one needs to watch the mini series to really delve into the character development.

      Aug 30, 2022

      The best you can say about a series as long as Downton Abbey is that you grow to care for the characters. The stories are complex but full of drama. Never short on the dramatic moments. A few lighter moments but they are rare. I can't say that there was on actor that disappointed. Very good casting, and the actor picked is perfect for the part. It's definitely a binge watching show. I've watched 6-7 episodes and then nothing for awhile.

      Aug 4, 2022

      ) If you think you could waste 2 hours of your life watching some people argue over organising a dinner for the royals AND some homosexual promotion, be my guest. I'll ask for a refund for the disc. Absolutely unfit to run in my player.

      Aug 2, 2022

      This Downton Abbey film was quite entertaining and good. I'm a fan of the series and was very happy to see this film. All the characters continue to entertain us with their drama and funny moments and I feel it stayed true to the series in every way. If you're a fan of the original series, then I highly recommend you watch this one.

      Adele J
      Verified Jul 1, 2022

      Loved the movie, it was a great continuation of the family moving forward with the sign of the times. Very entertaining with a happy ending.

      Jun 26, 2022

      Downton Abbey is a flawless continuation of the beloved series, bringing back the cast and delivering a story with all the details that fans adore.

      Jun 25, 2022

      The Downton Abbey film has a plot that is perfectly constructed to let every character have a showcase for the thing we expect most from them. This is a blast.

      Jun 12, 2022

      Always great to go back to Downton.

      Steve H
      Verified May 30, 2022

      I so enjoyed all the seasons on tv. The movie was not as well done as the seasons. It did however wrap up many things left in completed at the end of season 6. Overall glad I saw it.

      May 21, 2022

      Loved Downton Abbey: A New Era! It's amazing the characters stay true to their personalities. Again, a well done movie so entertaining and delightful.!

      May 19, 2022

      Great show, happy to see all the characters back. I love the plot and the humour. An absolute Must See to any fan!

      May 19, 2022

      Julian Fellowes' "Downton Abbey" is an intimate, heartfelt and thoughtful period piece that brings Britain's most beloved television series into Sense & Sensibility of modern era without Pride and Prejudice xenophobia. With television spin-off, Fellowes utilizes power of Cinema evoke nostalgia of a television show from forgotten era. It's Fellowes first endeavor translating Britain's most world-famous television series for big-screen, but he accomplishes expertly. Using spellbinding cinematography, Fellowes immerses viewers into Crawley family's reunion battling class discrimination on royal family's vacation. Fellowes' choice shooting Downton Abbey interior sequences through tracking shots is risky, but works tremendously. Emulating Alfred Hitchcock's "Rebecca", Fellowes effectively uses tracking shots to illustrate a imp-Rebecca-ble household haunted by previous housekeepers' ghostly presences. Like Manderley mansion haunted by imp-Rebecca-ble maid Maxim-um superstition, Downton Abbey is a towering mansion casting spell on its inhabitants. Fellowes showcases immense control over production-designs, music and editing, recreating magic of television series. Fellowes' screenplay is also sensational, and expertly uses symbolism convey fractured homosexual relationships. One admires astonishing performances making skin Crawley. Hugh Bonneville delivers greatest performance to date as Robert Crawley. With mesmerizing expressions, he convey angst, desperation and regrets of a lord under pressure take care of mansion amid royalty family vacation. Robert James-Collier is remarkable in role of a homosexual butler whose choice keep sexuality shrouded in secrecy attracts scrutiny. Through body-language, he conveys experience of a homosexual scarcely allowed privilege embrace sexuality without attracting media coverage. The final, most unforgettable cast standout is Maggie Smith. As Downton Abbey's mistress, she emanates regal royalty authority to the film. Although "Downton Abbey's" undeniably unforgettable, it's a Downton-grade from TV series. It's Downton-roddely paced, lacking energetic momentum of the original series. Moreover, it relies heavily on viewers' knowledge of skin-Crawley family from original series. Nevertheless, Downton Abbey fans will definitely appreciate "Downton Abbey" and so will movie-goers seeking exhilarating entertainment. If conniving countesses vying for attention Downton Abbey mansion requested explain family's skin-Crawley-ing class discrimination, they would advise showrunners "No Englishman Would Dream of Dying in Someone Else's House" open Bridgerton bridge leading towards Howard's-End estate despite South-Korean families suffering Parasite home-invasion burglaries stating servants don't deserve wear The-Crown belonging to royal monarchies suffering speech disabilities delivering The-King's-Speech forewarning Titanic shipwreck tragedy that will befall wealthy families whose inheritance stolen by housemaids haunted by imp-Rebecca-ble memories of previous successors in Knives-Out murder mysteries investigated by Sherlockian detectives forced to keep sexuality shrouded in shame endure The-Danish-Girl sex surgeries achieve prosperity for The-Imitation-Game discoveries buried in Little-Women biographies.

      Verified May 5, 2022

      If youre a Downtown fan, youll really enjoy this. I think the viewing pleasure is enhanced by knowing all the background and personalities already. But for someone whos not familiar with the show, they do a good job of some intertwined explaining- thevrepartee of the characters are fun, and the various plot lines keep your interest. And of course, the costuming, sets, vistas all immerse you.

      May 3, 2022

      As expected, beautifully produced piece with all the familiar faces, glamour, stunning costumes, and great locations. Storylines intriguing in the first half, but then they get rather cliched and superficial as though trying to give every character a small bite of the apple. Some good lines and pithy moments, but J Fellowes does always tend to add too many lines to an exchange that has already made its point.

      Verified May 2, 2022

      Boring. I had a difficult time keeping up with all the characters and who they were. Gay scenes were unnecessary in this story.

      Verified May 2, 2022

      was really good ,the servants were the best !

      May 2, 2022

      My mom loves this movie

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