Eating Out

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The cast recites lines of forced wit that aren't funny, and the clunky plot has too many contrivances.



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Caleb is a hunky political-science major with a fondness for aggressive girls. Gwen is an aggressive girl who falls for gay acting boys. It's a match made in therapy. In a plan hatched by his crafty gay roommate Kyle, Caleb finds himself pretending to be gay to woo Gwen, but their scheme is thwarted when Gwen decides that Caleb would be the perfect catch for her own gay roommate, Marc--the object of Kyle's affection. Caleb is faced with a confusing proposition. Gwen wonders if she'll ever find a straight guy. Marc can't tell why the new guy is so hot and cold. And Kyle watches the two loves of his life leave him behind.

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Scott Lunsford
as Caleb Peterson
Emily Stiles
as Gwen Anderson
Ryan Carnes
as Marc Everhard
Natalie Burge
as Milkshake Marcy
Christopher Michaels
as Sebastian, the English Guy
Adrienne Pearson
as Jenny the Beaver `Firecrotch'
Maurice Grossman
as Carnival Vendor
John Janezic
as Richard
Stafford Williamson
as Prof. Winston James
Donald Cline
as Mr. Milford
Joy Ives
as Mrs. Milford
Melissa Shaner
as Debbie Milford
Pete Kelly
as Leather Guy No. 1
Michael J. Shoel
as Leather Guy No. 2
Murph Michaels
as Frank Peterson
Martie van der Voort
as Susan Petersoon
Patti James-Bailey
as Party Guest
Sarah Burner
as Party Guest
Bradley Lau
as Party Guest
Andrea Miller
as Party Guest
Amber Nicolai
as Party Guest
Barbara Schaffer
as Party Guest
Tim Sevelis
as Party Guest
Daniel Skaggs
as Party Guest
Melissa Slawson
as Party Guest
William Soffer
as Party Guest
Shaunda Stormant
as Party Guest
Candice Trainor
as Party Guest
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Critic Reviews for Eating Out

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Audience Reviews for Eating Out

  • Aug 27, 2011
    I love the clever script!!!! But acting wise it wasn't as good, but still wickedly funny
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Nov 18, 2008
    For a gay interest film.... it is really good, for being a great work of art - no. Some extreme situations but nicely done. Sexy Ryan Carnes gives a really good performance.
    Thomas J Super Reviewer
  • Apr 30, 2008
    Spoilers are plentiful, not that it matters. <p>Caleb, unhappy with his sex life, is convinced by his gay flatmate Kyle that the best way for him to find a woman is to pretend to be gay. Apparently, since coming out, Kyle has been hounded by hundreds of eligible woman all desperate to 'turn' him and get inside his pants, and so thinks this is the obvious solution for Caleb. Please, credit me with some fucking intelligence. Not only do I find the notion of being able to 'turn' someone, gay or straight, completely vacuous, but it's also offensive that the film shows such little respect for women. It's this kind of simplistic, clichéd thinking that gives GLBT cinema a bad name. [Swiftly steps off the soapbox]. Anyway, so Caleb meets the woman of his dreams, Gwen, but, surprise, surprise, she believes him gay and so sets him up with her GBF (gay best friend) Marc. Caleb agrees to go out with him in order to try and get closer to Gwen. <p>In one of the most successful scenes (everything before and after hinges on it), Gwen has phone sex with Caleb whilst Marc goes down on him. This moment in the film is surprisingly well performed, is reasonably witty and successfully edited, but it is also (forgive the pun) very hard to swallow. Sorry, couldn't help myself there. This moment apart, there's very little to distinguish the film from any of the other 'straight guy pretending to be gay' films of which there are now so many they're practically a sub-genre. In addition, <I>Eating Out</I> is amateurishly filmed, badly acted in the majority and completely predictable. The ending where the four leads confess their true feelings for one another is not only ridiculous, it is, in the case of Marc and Kyle, completely out of character. Are we really expected to believe that Marc has been harbouring feelings for 'plain' Kyle (who is of course very good looking, just less of a muscle freak show than Caleb and Marc) all along? <p>Hampered by poor dialogue, the only other saving grace is the one-liners from Caleb's little sister, but these are unfortunately delivered by an actress who clearly has infinitesimal talent.
    Daniel P Super Reviewer
  • Mar 19, 2008
    Okay, had some funny stuff and some hot stuff.
    Sarah . Super Reviewer

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