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February 15, 2018
Brilliant execution, leaving a sick, disgusting taste in your mouth. If this is ok by you, I guarantee you will enjoy this nasty horror film
October 23, 2017
Very intense and suspenseful movie! ONLY WATCH if you're cool with bleak,, highly suspenseful movies which are tough to watch. The movie about white trash scumbag kids so if they offend you don't watch either.
October 20, 2017
This is the most disturbing film I have ever seen.
September 24, 2017
Good movie. Though it's filled with clichés, it transcends most of them with a relentless pace, dark and disturbing escalation of events, a jaw-dropping ending no one will be prepared for, and great performances from its cast, especially Fassbender, Reilly and O'Connell.
August 30, 2017
Theyre kids...fight back atleast!!! *****Spoiler***** I hate when the bad guys get away in a horror film especially when theyre as unlikable as these hoodlums.
August 14, 2017
Wicked movie didn't think it will be this good
July 7, 2017
It's amazing how the death of a dog has caused so many movie massacres. First John Wick (2014), then In A Valley of Violence (2016) and now this one !!! But anyways, James Watkins's Eden Lake is a film that looks lovey-doovey and harmless, but then turns into a grissly fight for survival, which is boosted with great performances, and gritty special effects and it's amazing to see early Michael Fassbender in a violent and tense horror flick that ain't a blockbuster. Scary movie and recommended !!
June 29, 2017
I'd seen this on Netflix with a very low star rating of about 2 stars. Because I was on a Netflix horror binge, I decided I'd watch it.
& Oh boy was I glad I did. Eden Lake I would deem a psychological thriller, as unlike common (classic) horror films, this one was set on an extremely realistic plot & extremely thought-provoking. Personally, I did not see this movie for the gore but more-so the psychological aspect of it (& the trailer for it does it no justice at all). It brings a slight nostalgic vibe of teen films centric on the teenagers going out into the woods & such, however this film giving it a twist & a more violent & less-laughable or agreeable side (to this plot). This film was centric on more building of dread rather than cheap jump scares (The horror-movie equivalent to toilet humour). Extremely effective in keeping me guessing, therefore extremely engaging, & therefore, a good film. Eden Lake is one of my favourite films now, respectively. Another feat the movie achieves is it's balance of romance is almost (I say almost because it is slightly crossing over) perfect by not making the film sappy & instead once again realistic, & as well as relatable (in a sense, that good healthy imaginative sense of "What if this were me?"). Some characters might need more dimension however the level done here is certainly better than most films (of this rating). Perhaps the issue is trying to pass this film off (or watching it expecting it to be) as a gritty ghoulish macabre horror film, when to be frank it's much more reminiscent of a survival film (Think Lord of The Flies) & psychological thriller. The best advice for this film is to have no expectations of it, not good nor bad (as I did). To define it as 'scary' I find incorrect, as it sticks more on a feeling of 'dreadful', & there is nothing wrong with that (Unless you're in for gritty-scary rather than suspenseful-dread). As stated, one of my favourite films respectively.
May 25, 2017
So hard to love but impossible to hate... Original plot plus it has an original ending that never let you go.. intense, sad and scary and it will tell yourself it's just a movie.. Truly trembling-horrifying British thriller!...
March 4, 2017
5 ud af 5 hobbyknive. Romantisk weekend forvandles til et grufuldt mareridt for Michael Fassbender og Kelly Reilly, da de løber ind i en ungdomsbande ude i den grønne skov med nogle af filmhistoriens bedste paranoiascener til følge. Møgubehagelig på den fede måde. Ufatteligt, at jeg ikke har hørt om dette klaustrofobiske mesterværk før. Puuuuha, siger jeg bare. Sejeste suspense ever.
½ February 12, 2017
Not really a horror as such, more a bunch of neds torturing a couple on a weekend break. Gets a bit far-fetched at times but wasn't worst film in world. A lot of gore though.
February 10, 2017
One of the best horrors I've seen in a while. Both tense and intense, it balances highly relevant and important social issues with suspenseful plot development. The gore factor was quite high at times but well-executed and far from the Saw, recent Tarantino shenanigans.
January 31, 2017
So disturbing and traumatising but great effect and acting
January 16, 2017
Brutal depictions of torture, an emotionally devastating ending and a disturbingly realistic take on gang violence makes Eden Lake hard to watch but definitely worth the experience.
January 4, 2017
Highly intense, engaging, restrained, and effective thriller with an emotional punch. Impressively shot and acted with a moody score by David Julyan. Director James Watkins takes his time to build characters and tension, then throws you into an impossible situation to escape from. There are brilliant moments and smart jumps. The violence isn't gratuitous but it is still shocking and brutal. The director is a clever manipulator, causing you to root for the couple and hate the kids.

Although it's somewhat derivative and coincidental and the ending isn't as gratifying as I wanted it to be, even though it's haunting and (mostly) makes sense.

If you like dark horror films that are ordeals that cause you to cringe and yell at the characters, it doesn't get much better than this.

December 28, 2016
A strong 4 stars. I only bumped it down because of the unbelievable nature of the story. I mean for most of the movie I was just shaking my head. Hey, I know it's only entertainment, but still. Besides that the movie was great! Wow! If you want to see a thrilling & suspenseful movie that's perfect in length, see this one.
December 26, 2016
Mesmerising and terrifying. One of the bleakest and best horror movies of recent times.
December 20, 2016
A very good thriller that has a couple trapped in the woods being hunted by kids who are jerks. As always, Michael Fassbender is great along with Kelly Reilly. Jack O'Connell also delivers a fantastic and sadistic performance. This movie is pretty straight forward and it is executed perfectly. The twist ending also stands out and makes this film even more shocking. Definitely a great watch!
½ November 27, 2016
2008's "Eden Lake" strives to be a nasty little thriller but proves to be just nasty - in store is not a roller coaster of adrenaline pumping but a sluggish ninety minute taunter characterized by its general lacking of humanity and its deterministic unpleasantness. A survival "thriller" that resembles a less fun, more fatalistic version of "The Most Dangerous Game" (1932), the film stars the breathlessly committed Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender as a young couple terrorized by ruthless hoodies during what's supposed to be a relaxing romantic getaway.
And that's all the setup one needs if actually willing to sit through this downer of a horror show - for most of "Eden Lake's" length do we find the duo in a battle of wits with savage adolescents led by a murderous teenager (Jack O'Connell) who brings an entirely new, and entirely frightening, dimension to the dangers of the mob mentality. None of the film's fun, though: when your primary antagonists are angsty juveniles more or less acting villainous as a way to please an intimidating peer, we tend to feel for them rather than actively despise them.
What sort of film writer/director James Watkins wants "Eden Lake" to be is unclear. Does he desire to bring us callous quasi slasher a la "High Tension" (2003), a frenetic survival of the fittest chiller akin to "The Descent" (2005), or an unfiltered exercise in barbarousness serving as a more watered down variant of "Wolf Creek" (2005)? An answer isn't much necessary: point is is that nothing about "Eden Lake" is remotely appealing - never does a thrill overcome us, a scare crawl under our skin. Only experienced is disconcertion lined in fatigue. Even its gut punch of an ending doesn't rile up the terror Watkins is so obviously trying to evoke. In a movie wherein the sun never shines and where there's no such thing as a right turn or a glimmer of hope, how could we expect less than disgusting misanthropy?
Kudos, then, to Reilly and Fassbender for portraying people in peril so effectively that we go through periods in which we decide that maybe the film's worth suffering for as means to witness their exceptional performances. Likewise for O'Connell, the then-eighteen-year-old hellcat scarier than any Hitchcock villain if only because he's easier to set off than a sensitive hand grenade. But even uniformly good work by a game ensemble can't much stir me to say "Eden Lake's" worth anything. Sure Watkins is adept at bringing alarm to the screen with dirt-covered grit. That doesn't mean I have to like the cinematic dish set out in front of me.
October 22, 2016
This is one hell of a survival flick. Jack O' Connell is a sick fucking bastard and it contains two scenes which are extremely disturbing. The finale is brutal.
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