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May 2, 2020
...the story is a chilly one, particularly for a filmmaker who had so shamelessly (and skillfully) plucked heartstrings.
April 17, 2020
The great industrial product becomes a mediocre artistic object. [Full Review in Spanish]
February 27, 2020
The case for war as a glorious adventure for a child has never been made more vividly than in Steven Spielberg's powerful new epic.
January 28, 2020
What is most remarkable about Empire of the Sun then, is the almost seamless fashion in which a faithful adaptation... has nevertheless contrived to become a proto-Spielbergian affirmation of faith and optimism in the universe.
December 31, 2019
Empire of the Sun is a great, overwrought movie that leaves one wordless and worn out.
April 9, 2019
Christian Bale gives a most remarkable performance as Jim.
December 18, 2018
John Williams' resonant and triumphant score superbly augments this simple and complex narrative
October 26, 2016
The pseudomystical vagueness that seems to be Spielberg's stock-in-trade stifles most of the particularity of the source.
October 26, 2016
The film's grave problem is a lack of central heating: We don't have a single character to warm up to.
October 26, 2016
[Empire of the Sun] has too much childish buoyancy to serve the disturbing historical events it's ostensibly based on.
October 26, 2016
Now considered a trial run for the more moving, horrifying and involving Schindler's List, Steven Spielberg's drama, set in China during the Second World War, is a glossy and rather tame affair.
October 26, 2016
The sun sets on this Empire without convincing us that either Jim or Spielberg has come any closer to growing up.
October 26, 2016
This is derivative melodrama with Spielberg hedging his bets by ripping off his previous adventure films to lighten a story that cries out not to be turned into a comic book.
October 26, 2016
Empire of the Sun wants very badly to be a great film, though as Steven Spielberg really ought to know by now, wishing doesn't make it so.
August 23, 2016
Empire of the Sun is a breathtaking movie in its scope and energy. It's just that, true to its childlike quality, this film is just a little too over-anxious to get its point across.
August 21, 2014
Spielberg knows how to tell a story and this one is worth telling.
April 7, 2013
The best mix in his directorial career between typical Spielbergian flourishes of audience-friendly spectacle and seriousness of intent.
April 5, 2012
Arguably Spielberg's strangest object.
January 2, 2011
Beautiful, but lacking WWII saga about a boy.
May 17, 2009
Spielberg has dreamed of flying before, and this time he earns his wings.
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