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Enemy at the Gates

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Atmospheric and thrilling, Enemy at the Gates gets the look and feel of war right. However, the love story seems out of place.



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A turning point in 20th century war history is the focus of this fact-based account of the 1942-1943 battle of Stalingrad, in which the Germans were finally defeated by Russian influence -- one of the bloodiest battles in World War II history. The film stars Jude Law as Vassili, a marksman from the Urals who is transported to Stalingrad in 1942, and a master German sniper, Major Koenig (Ed Harris). Koenig, an expert German sniper, is determined to eliminate his formidable opponent by any means necessary; meanwhile, Vassili has joined forces with Danilov (Joseph Fiennes), a young Russian political adversary, who is impressed by Vassili's skills and raises his profile in the Soviet Union. Both Vassili and Danilov become involved with Tanya (Rachel Weisz), whose Jewish parents have been captured by the Germans and have forced her to take up with the men on a sniper expedition. Koenig and Vassili begin to develop traps for each other, until fate inevitably must bring the two sharpshooters together. This large-scale production, financed mostly by Teuton companies, also features Bob Hoskins as Nikita Krushchev and Ron Perlman as an aging Russian sniper. ~ Jason Clark, Rovi

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Jude Law
as Zaitsev
Ed Harris
as Konig
Bob Hoskins
as Khrushchev
Ron Perlman
as Koulikov
Eva Mattes
as Mother Filipov
Matthias Habich
as Von Paulus
Sophie Rois
as Ludmilla
Ivan Shvedov
as Volodya
Hans Martin Stier
as Red Army General
Clemans Schick
as German Nomcom
Mikhail Matveev
as Grandfather
Alexander Schwan
as Young Vassili
Lenn Kudrjawizki
as Comrade in Train
Hendrik Arnst
as Fat Colonel
Claudius Freyer
as Aide de Camp
Dietmar Nieder
as Blond Captain
Bernd Lambrecht
as Captain with Lighter
Jim Dowdall
as Stubborn Feldwebel
Maxim Kovalevski
as Politruk/Sniper
Gennadiy Vengerov
as Russian Noncom
Dan van Husen
as Political Officer
Peter Silbereison
as Sweating Officer
Markus Majowski
as Stammering Officer
Gotthard Lange
as Corpse Robber
Anna Böttcher
as Female Russian Typist
Holger Handtke
as Paulus' Aide de Camp
Marc Bischoff
as Stealing Photographer
Mark Zak
as Captain at Headquarters
Thomas Petruo
as Russian Lieutenant
Dimitri Alexandrov
as Comrade in Shelter
David Pagel
as Pravda Interviewer
Galina Dobberstein
as Izvestija Interviewer
Igor Rozinskij
as Kranaja Zvezda Interviewer
Sergwei Tokarev
as Russian Reporter
Tom Wlaschiha
as Footsoldier
Marishcka Schubarth
as Woman Plucking Eyebrows
Natalja Bondar
as Woman Officer
Dana Cebulla
as Athletic Female Sniper
Piotr Papierz
as Politruk
Jarek Wozniak
as Politruk
Genia Makarov
as Politruk
Werner Dahn
as Politruk
Birol Ünel
as Politruk
Alexeji Volodin
as Junior Politruk
Gennadi Tselbiansky
as Senior Politruk
Andrej Kaminski
as Russian Trench Officer
Michael Schenk
as Russian Officer
Jury Cooper
as Russian Noncom
Manfred Witt
as Russian Noncom
Arslan Kodirov
as Tchechen Sniper/Sniper/Russian Officer
Axel Neumann
as Gaunt German Prisoner
Keta Burowa
as Female Russian Radio Operator
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