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December 5, 2017
Found it quite boring and over-rated. However, it is well-made.
½ November 23, 2017
A classic and is pain fully being recreated 1 film/show at a time.
November 20, 2017
Just not a great movie, but a suspenseful great movie that I will watch now and then.

November 18, 2017
Amazing family film for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age. Classic and original storyline, with every scene emotionally building up to the epic climax.
November 9, 2017
It's all fine and cute, essentially Spielberg's kid version of Close Encounters, with great acting and a fairy-tale lucidity that will enchant any viewer.
½ November 7, 2017
I did not like this as a child, and I still do not like it. It is slow and overall boring.
November 3, 2017
An exciting, curious, spiritual and emotional masterpiece, whose story is only matched by how perfectly it is told.
November 2, 2017
Most emotional movie maybe ever
October 21, 2017
First off, I am so disappointed my children found this film boring when I took them to the theater for a 35th anniversary screening. They didn't hate it, but they did not get the sense of wonder and magic that I got when I watched this film as a child. Granted I was a few years older than them, but I'm still disappointed. Anyhow, "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" drips in 1980s nostalgia, with Mike and his friends playing Dungeons & Dragons while ordering pizza from a corded telephone, Space Invaders t-shirts, references to someone getting the high score on Asteroids, BMX bikes prominently featured, and so on an so forth. That alone made this film fun to rewatch, but beyond Gen-X nostalgia, Steven Spielberg does what he did best during this period of his career, he brought a sense of magic to the world. Spielberg at this time also populated his world with characters who seem very real and identifiable. I was the exact same age as Henry Thomas when this film first came out (I suppose I'm same age now as well), so that likely also added to me feeling a strong connection to the characters in the story when I originally saw the film. Thomas is great and very genuine in his performance, but this was Drew Barrymore's first film and she really does steal every scene she's in. It's hard to say a six-year-old has star quality, or if it's the script, or if it was Spielberg, but she has some of the film's best moments; dressing up E.T., calling him a deformed kid, telling her brothers, "Give me a break!" or her the film's heartfelt finale with E.T. telling Gertie to "Beeeeeee... gooood." The overall story is of a boy hiding a lost alien in his closet and helping him get home is charming, but I believe it's really all of these small moments that made this film great. It's as if "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" is entirely filled with precious Spielbergian scenes like the one from Jaws where Chief Brody and his son mimic each other at the dinner table. I couldn't get over how charming and innocent moments of the film were, particularly when Elliott first coaxes E.T. out of his closet and tells him all of his toys. Those little touches all add up to making the audience more connected with these characters, even if they don't necessarily forward the plot. Those are the scenes that stick in your mind, although the flying bicycles are certainly going to stick in your mind and are a big plot moment. A few things I don't think I picked up on when I originally watched this film was some foreshadowing of E.T. and Elliott's connection. Early on in the film when Elliott is getting food from the fridge, E.T. is startled by something in Elliott's room and shrieks, causing Elliott to also shriek and spill a carton of milk. Upon first viewing, you'd think it was E.T.'s shriek that startled Elliott, but it's the start of their psychic and physical bond between the two. The other part of the film that escaped me as a child was Elliott's mom, Dee Wallace and a great performance that's very nearly very easy to miss, struggling with being a newly single mom and a still coming to terms with a recent divorce. Her struggles as a parent are something I now identify with as an adult and allowed for a new emotional connection to the film and characters. It was also fun when rewatching the film to see how many tips-of-the-hat that were done in "Stranger Things" to this film. It's no secret that "Stranger Things" cribbed heavily form Spielberg, but I was struck by how spot on "Stranger Things" was when I actually went back to watch a Spielberg film from that era. Overall, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a film classic and if Elliot saying, "You could be happy here, I could take care of you. I wouldn't let anybody hurt you. We could grow up together, E.T." doesn't get to you, you have a heart of stone.
October 19, 2017
it's sad that i haven't seen this movie.
October 8, 2017
This is one of my favorite Steven Spielberg movie of all time
October 7, 2017
An amazing movie with a sci-fi theme with a little hint of sadness, excitement, fear, and laughter. It is truly, a must see in your life.
½ September 30, 2017
A great fun family movie
September 25, 2017
Great movie seen it so many times
September 18, 2017
Will be and always will be one of the best movies of all time!
September 17, 2017
"Emotional direction, epic casting, and phenomenal music from John Williams, each of those combined and you'll get the most emotional beautiful masterpieces of all time! It's clearly an adventure film anyone can enjoy, it's definitely one of those films that are impossible to hate, and I dare anyone to try and watch the whole thing without shredding a tear because the emotions will get to your system. Steven Spielberg, you are the master of directing films like 'Jaws', 'Jurassic Park', and 'Saving Private Ryan' but 'E.T.' is without a doubt a masterpiece we will never forget in a long time."
September 15, 2017
this is my childhood favorite movie I could watch it 100 times in a row and never get tired of it.
September 11, 2017
My favorite movie of all time! Such lovable characters that run so deep you can feel the emotions felt between Elliot and E.T. Fantastic cinematography and acting! A timeless classic.
½ September 5, 2017
Honestly, it doesn't hold up.
August 22, 2017
In my personal opinion, this movie is kind of overrated. It's not bad by any means, but I don't put it up on a pedestal as one of the best movies ever made. There are a few flaws and plot holes I can't get over, and I absolutely hate the stupid scientists/doctors that just breach the privacy of the family and barge in. Don't even get me started on Elliot's annoying, forced, loud laughter. Those things aside, it's a somewhat touching movie that everyone should see at least once.
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