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Shown into a windowless examination room, eight candidates have reached the final stage of selection for a prestigious job at a mysterious corporation. There is one question before them and one answer is required. If they try to speak to him or the armed guard by the door they will be disqualified. If they leave the room for any reason they will be disqualified. If they spoil their papers they will be disqualified. As the clock ticks down, they must figure out what the company expects of them, and how far they are prepared to go to secure the ultimate job.


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  • Jun 05, 2015
    An excellent and entertaining film. This was so interesting, I could not stop watching. So suspenseful! I wish there were more films out there like Exam.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 23, 2014
    Flawed, but still worthwhile answer to time-pass.
    familiar s Super Reviewer
  • Jul 17, 2013
    Awesome!! kinda like Cube, but less mysterious. the background story about the virus and shit was pretty cool though. normally these "Zomg!! we're trapped!" movies have little to no explanation of why these peeps are put in a room/house/clusterfuck of deadly cubes together. so the fact that the end doesn't leave a giant WTF in your mouth, is fucking refreshing. although I did feel like a bit of a derp. (it would've made a lot more sense if the actual question was on the paper, but I guess that was the point. they were all derps because homie already asked them the question. lmfao actually, the writers are derps for putting "Question 1" on the paper. there shouldn't have been anything on the paper. friggin' tards I swear...)
    Stevie S Super Reviewer
  • Apr 04, 2013
    The premise is nihilistic but pretty cool. In the near future, eight strangers are applying for a job and a company that are not much more specified than that. They come together during the final exam, a white sheet of paper in front of then. What's missing is a question. The discussions and conflicts that arise as the clock is ticking down from 80 minutes´are sometimes realistic and sometimes a bit forced. It doesn't exactly help that none of the characters is particularly likable, but their struggle to come up with a solution to the situation is still entertaining, sometimes even exciting. The twist towards the end doesn't exactly blow you away but is still neat enough and it is refreshing that the solution lacks any sign of cynicism.
    Jens S Super Reviewer

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