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October 25, 2016
Works as a badass, stylish Yakuza movie, and an absurd, hilarious, grotesque parody of same. It's a total blast, I had a great time.
½ October 6, 2016
Takashi Miike tiene una especial sensibilidad a la hora de abordar sus películas, una muy marcada por la cultura pop de su país, aunque algo distorsionada por su propia creatividad. No es de extrañar que sea tan coleguita de Tarantino.

Y es que Fudoh, destila su sello en cada plano de la película, y aunque es cierto que esa sensación "mangaka" es comprensible, no te sabría decir si esto es debido al propio material original o a la genialidad de su creador.

Lo que si puedo decir es que sin duda es una cinta especial como ella sola: una trama de venganzas entre Yakuzas con ese hiperbolismo del anime y manga que solo los japoneses saben hacer.

Divertida sin duda.
August 29, 2013
Kid as assassins, lady bodyguards, and an assassin using her genitalia as her weapon, these are some of the few weird characters Miike has to offer. And oh he never fails to bring a lot of bloodshed. It's a good flick really but the story is too lame.
½ February 6, 2013
Lo mejor, la chava que lanza dardos mortales con propulsión vaginal!... no me pregunten a mi...
March 17, 2012
Possibly the best of the "Yakuza" sub-genre, provided that you don't mind copious amounts of unrealistic gore and darts firing out of vagina. And I don't.
Super Reviewer
August 26, 2011
Crazy, but not at Miike's finest. Worth a watch.
½ August 2, 2011
Fun Odball Yakuza film from Takashi Miike worth checking out if your a fan of the director.
November 18, 2010
i think it can be better if u made it so easy
November 10, 2010
This movie creates a world removed from any form of reality, yet one that is compelling and entertaining as hell.
October 6, 2010
Takashi Miike, a director notorious for gorey films totally delivers here. Fudoh is by far one of his best. It even has 100% on rotten tomatoes? go figure! this film is epic. A highschool version of the godfather with samurai's, yakuzas instead of italian mobsters, gore, over the top violence, and most of all a girl who shoots bulletts out of her vag. This film is epic. Check it out!
June 28, 2010
After listening to a podcast from IFC about shock cinema, my interest in seeing Fudoh: The New Generation was sparked. As far as violent and gory movies go Japan has a pretty strong hold on the market. And one of the most notable film-makers whose films contain a lot of over the top, or boundary pushing violence would be Takashi Miike. Now, compared to some of his later films Fudoh: The New Generation isn't as shocking, but it contains a lot of aspects to it that might raise some eyebrows. But leave it up to Miike to make the film strangely enjoyable, even with some rather unusual content.

Fudoh: The New Generation pits father against son, after Riki Fudoh's (Shosuke Tanihara) brother is killed by their father to appease a rival yakuza boss. Starting his own criminal organization at his high school, Riki employs an assortment of unusual bodyguards and assassins. There are a couple of pint-sized kids who tote massive fire power, and even a stripper who uses a blowgun; but doesn't use her mouth to shoot the darts at her victims. I won't say where she does put it, but you should be able to guess that one easily.

Like a lot of Japanese shock cinema, there is a lot of blood in Fudoh. And it is done in that fashion where people have endless gallons of blood that emit out of them whenever they are cut, stabbed or shot. Also, people seem to be able to take massive amounts of damage before they finally die. There is a shootout in a bathroom, where a man is hit dozens of times with power guns but keeps on moving. It's this sort of disregard to both logic and seriousness that made this film so enjoyable to watch.

Fudoh: The New Generation has a nice steady pace to it, bizarre characters and situations as well as an endless supply of fun and memorable eye candy. Gangster movies have a tendency of being too serious, especially with their violent content. Which is why I think I like the perverse twist that Fudoh uses on standard gangster movies, which really helps the film stand out from the majority of the other films of the genre. It may not be as great as other notable gangster films, but it is one that you won't soon forget after seeing.
June 19, 2010
Listed as one of Takashi Miike's lesser known masterpieces is Fudoh, a film boasting an outwardly pulpish exterior beneath which lies a deep and complex exploration into the importance of belonging.

The intrguing thing about Fudoh is that this quest to find one's place applies not only to the title character but also to the majority of the supporting cast, with each one finding some degree of personal fulfillment in helping young Fudoh avenge the death of his much admired older brother and thus become a dangerous yakuza boss.

Certainly, the unfetted nature of Miike's more mature pieces goes a long way to gauge audience invovlment in the story and it certainly manages to add extra weight to the film's many serious contextual questions, elevating it beyond the likable though largely blase comic book charm which infested Miike's similarly scenarioed Crows.

The only real improvement which could be made to Fudoh is the duration. The third act introduces characters and situations which touch on Japan's unstable relationship with South Korea - a rare moment where Miike touches on political history - and it would have been nice to have seen the director devote more time to this issue than simply keeping to the strict confines of the film's 90 minute package. Still, what's on offer is nothing to be sneezed at and remains far superior to the majority of commercial films coming out of Hollywood (although the same can be said of all of Miike-san's works).

Undoubtedly, Fudoh is a triumph of all that appeals about the director and sits right up there with Audition at the top of Miike's cannon.
½ May 9, 2010
One of Takashi Miike's most thrilling and enjoyable films, this is a brutal, twisted and gripping tale of revenge within fueding yakuza families that also weaves some manga-styled action sequences, characters and comic relief into the mix to create a very unique and enjoyable crime film. This is a truly awesome movie that's further proof of Miike's status as one of the finest, bravest and most original film-makers in the world.
April 15, 2010
few films are as equivalently awesome and over the top like this. the gore is goofy and the idea is great, and this film is definitely worth seeing (unless of course you're into plotheavy films that are entirely coherent all the way through). i'd give examples of its awesomeness, but there's not one example i can think of that isn't memorable and unexpectedly brilliant - meaning, see it for yourself and be surprised.
March 21, 2010
a true perversion of the typical gangster movies! here we have over the top weird violence and a warning of how violent is the japanese youth is becoming.
and besides that is brilliant entertainment, we got acid falling on a girl´s face, hemaphrodites fucking with both women and man, 8 year old boy´s shooting a yakuza boss, a group of school kids playing footbal with they´re english teacher´s........HEAD and a high school girl throwing dart´s from her vagina.
in a summary is a very little nice movie to watch with all the family(don´t forget grandma) on a sunny afternoon. :D
February 16, 2010
'Fudoh: The New Generation' is an instant classic. Fans of action, crime, or exploitation movies will eat it up! Violent fun most of the way and always looking good
Takashi Miike's masterpiece!
½ January 26, 2010
Badass, bizarre, violent, perverse, and stylish. The cinematography and direction are fantastic. Takashi Miike's best.
January 2, 2010
it can be kind of predictable, and kind of cheesy, but it's certainly entertaining.
December 20, 2009
Boy born into a yakuza family plots a takeover. Over-the-top yakuza youth movie directed by Miike. While Miike movies are often some of the weirdest and most extreme that I've seen, this one just seemed dumb more than anything else. Even though I don't speak Japanese, at times the heavy yakuza accents (akin to Jersey wiseguy speak) began to grate against me.
October 26, 2009
Another Miike classic. Deadly female assassins who shoot deadly darts with air power from their muscle clenching vaginas!! Samurai code splashed with youths immaturity. Not his best work but worth the view.
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