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A woman's long history of bad luck starts to change when she puts her life on the line in this romantic drama. Adèle (Vanessa Paradis) is a 22-year-old woman whose life seems to have been a long series of miscalculations; she's never had much luck with love, life, or career, and is standing on a bridge overlooking the Seine one night, contemplating suicide, when she's approached by a man named Gabor (Daniel Auteuil). Gabor announces he's a knife-thrower who needs a new human target for his act. Would Adèle be interested? Adèle's immediate answer is to jump into the water, but after Gabor fishes her out and gets her to a hospital, she has a change of heart and the pair are soon on their way to Monaco, where Gabor gets a spot at a circus. Adèle and Gabor make a great team; he's good with knives, she's young and beautiful, and suddenly Adèle's luck starts to change. She visits a casino one night and comes home with a fortune, and even when Gabor throws blindfolded, she walks away without so much as a scratch. However, an obvious chemistry is brewing between the two, which leads to a dilemma: Gabor has a strict policy of never getting romantically involved with his partners. Will he make an exception, or is Adèle's new run of luck coming to an end? ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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  • Dec 22, 2012
    Rating: 3.5 stars Arthouse Rating: 4 stars The 1999 French film "Girl on the Bridge" was shot in Black and white, and adding color to it would be like dumping a bucket of paint on a beautiful Black and White photo. Much more than a romance, it's a character study of depression and search for love. Paradis and Auteuil were a great on screen couple, and the acting was genuine and smooth. I didn't really expect to like this, I expected a typical romance, and while the synopsis is truly as typical as it can get, the flow and setting made it much different. I believe this is for every crowd of movie watchers. There's something for everyone
    Daniel D Super Reviewer
  • Feb 11, 2012
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This film is a masterpiece of performances.
    Sam R Super Reviewer
  • Jan 04, 2011
    This is a love story for adults. The lovers' acting: impeccable. The music fits like a glove. The plot: they'll die without each other. This movie is filled with delightfully original ideas set in the surreal atmosphere of a circus, and who better than the French to pull that off? Tremendous tension, great dialogue, unique setting, and photography.
    Cynthia S Super Reviewer
  • Dec 05, 2009
    The Girl on the Bridge, directed by Patrice Leconte, is a amusing, touching moving, visually stunning meditative work on solitude, fortune, and salvation. The film blazes a trail through Paris, Italy, Monaco, and Istanbul, adding contortionists, other circus performers on the way and a little bit taste of Greece. Vanessa Paradis (simple perfect) and Daniel Auteuil (what a great performance) star in this film which is greater example of European cinema. It is a French black and white road movie with adventure through Europe. Paradis plays Adele, a lost soul for whom brief affairs (and when we say brief meaning a few minutes to a few days) that serve only to lead her on to the next guy who will, hopefully, offer something more than his penis. She is an unlucky, visceral girl who does not beg for pity. Seeking an end to her misfortune, she decides one night in Paris to jump into the Seine. Along comes Gabor (Daniel Auteuil), who stops and offers her a proposition: since she has nothing to lose at this point, why not join him. He is a knife-thrower and she is to be his target. He tells her luck is his especially in a try to save her but she jumps anyway, and he goes in after her. Their relationship has just begun. This is not a sexual relationship?though the intensity and trust involved during the knife throwing create a fiery atmosphere. Their seduction of each other is not sexual, though it is physical even if they don't touch, and above all heartfelt. Neither Adele nor Gabor is seeking sexual pleasure, though Adele's persistent liaisons are almost funny in their lack of passion. The knife throwing scenes are most intense. The public has tired of mere knife throwing, so Gabor must up the ante. Adele is covered with a white sheet-he aims for her silhouette. Adele is placed on a spinning wheel-again his aim is perfect. The trust shared between them is immeasurable and makes most modern day love stories about as compelling ?as telephone commercials?. The scene where Gabor's eyes are blazed out in a line of white light is rendered well, but shots more subtle in their gradation suffer in the translation. Camera loves Vanessa. It is clear that is one of the most beautiful a woman can look in the movies and I think that she's the idealized waif of every lonely boy's fantasy.....The Girl On the Bridge follows some standards guidelines of romantic comedy with some interesting variations and rhythms. There are those who will immediately assume that because the film is French, it must contain deep philosophical musings, but that's not really the case. Yes! The film tickles the underbelly of things like fate and chance, but he never does much with these weighty issues. This is not a deep exploration of the existential aspect of humanity's nature. Instead, it's a quirky love story that appeals more to the emotions than to the intellect. It is an exploration of love, luck, telepathy, and is a charm film from start to finish.
    Arianeta L Super Reviewer

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