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Her beloved mother murdered by a vicious gang of assassins, young Yuki (2007 Best Buttocks Award-winner Akiyama) transforms herself into a gothic lolita killing machine, wielding a lethal umbrella that can blast, slice, and chop her enemies into oblivion. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Action & Adventure , Art House & International , Horror
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Pony Canyon

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Aoyagi Ruito
as Masato
Yukihide Benny
as Shimada
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Blood, watery though it may be, is nonetheless much, much thicker than plot.

Full Review… | August 25, 2015

Audience Reviews for Gothic & Lolita Psycho (Gosurori shokeinin)

A lightly plotted revenge movie too silly to be taken seriously. We have an umbrella wielding goth girl taking down the gang that killed her mother and paralyzed her father in a home invasion. Her quest involves finding out why they chose their family. The answer is not what she imagined. Ridiculously copious amounts of blood and gore accompany her along the way.

Don Schick
Don Schick

One line summary: Weak story, poor execution, still a gorefest. -------------------------------------- The film opens to spaghetti being eaten with an emphasis on the slurping while smoking a cigarette with one's hair grazing the spaghetti. This is at gambling den, where poor people are being tortured or murdered at the amusement of the rich. The camera meanders from one wretched scene to the next until it focuses on two well-to-do criminals who are gambling over odd versus even for the roll of two dice. The winner gets to shoot three tied up victims. After this is completed, the 'loser' gets upset, and the woman who rules the roost calls for her bouncers to settle things down unless the two parties shut up. One party leaves, while the other braces for confrontation. Yuki, dressed in Goth style, arrives and beats the nonsense out of everyone except the gambling den owner, whom she decapitates. After the bloodbath, Yuki goes home to her paraplegic father, who had been giving prayers at a small indoor shrine. Miraculously, Yuki's clothes have no blood splatter or spaghetti sauce on them. Yuki burns a card that symbolizes her opponent in her recent victory. There are a number of filler segments, sometimes in flashbacks. The spaghetti segment at the start. It certainly justified the death of the spaghetti eater and any of his cohorts, but it did not advance the plot or deepen character development. There's the segment about the chemistry teacher who wants to demonstrate telekinesis on a spoon, but sends wind up the girls' skirts instead. Anything involving the nonsense character Elle. There were four of these. The worst was when Yuki and Elle have guns drawn at point blank range, and they don't fire. Elle takes a phone call, which goes on and on. Sure. Yuki tries to break Elle's neck. Takes forever. Both Yuki and Elle have unlimited numbers of bullets in their guns. The laughing of her fifth opponent went on ad nauseam. Ridiculous fight scenes: The mob fight scene in the gambling den. Yuki spins with her umbrella and defeats/knocks down a dozen larger attackers with knives, swords, and the like. Yuki kills target number one, but that took three, perhaps four, seconds. Yuki versus chemistry teacher, mop versus umbrella. After a bit he showed he could fly; still, it was a mop versus an umbrella. In the middle of the fight, he stops to comb the mop's hair. This was one of the persons who killed Yuki's mother. She did not really pursue the question of why he did it, or whether his allies posed further threat. This was target number two. Seven guys in a fight club decide to beat up a man with no training whatsoever. Yuki challenges them. They yell for a while, then use their bodies to form English letters. Then they form a character with the group, and say, 'We are kamikaze!' With that sort of introduction, how serious could this group be? Grunting and her umbrella seem to be enough for her to prevail. Absurd. Actually, this should be under 'filler segments.' This goes on and on. The amusing part was that their victim was the one she came to kill, Yuki's target number three. Yuki's fights with Elle, her victim number four. This was about as credible as the mid-level opponent fights in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Whereas fully trained men who each have 50 to 70 pounds of muscle on Yuki cannot defeat Yuki, the diminutive child Elle (a lightweight well under five feet tall) wounds Yuki and narrowly missed killing her. This is the ultimate foulness of this movie. It embraces the unlikely or the impossible. Rather, it seems to insist on it, and rejoice in it. Yuki and Elle fire well over 50 bullets at each other in the second fight...and land zero of them. This continues for another 25 or so minutes. It does not get better. -------Scores-------- Cinematography: 7/10 Dark and soft focus for too many frames. Sound: 7/10 OK Acting: 0/10 No credible performances. Screenplay: 0/10 Terrible.

Ed Collins
Ed Collins

Dark comedy (too superficial to be taken seriously), funny at times but nothing that stays with you.

Alice Smith
Alice Smith

Super Reviewer

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