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A gross-out comedy that's more gross than comedic, Grandma's Boy is lazy and unrewarding.



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Alex, a 35-year-old video-game tester, is forced to move out of his apartment and in with his grandmother and her two old lady roommates.

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  • Jul 10, 2015
    I almost had to do a double take when I saw that this film had 85% of people who rated it, give it a rating of 3.5 or higher. What film were they watching? I'm nobody to tell a person what they can or can't like, but I think we were watching two completely different movies because I just thought this was an awful comedy. This is the type of film that, probably, has a very dedicated cult following and I would, honestly, like one of these people to explain to me how they thought this was funny. I'm not looking to judge or malign anybody for enjoying a film, I just want to know what they thought was funny about the film. Unless it's a 'it's so bad that we laugh at it, not with it' deal. I can get that. But this isn't like Hot Rod, because at least that film made an effort to make you laugh with its silliness and its antics, it may not have always worked, but there were some real funny moments in that film and I can completely understand why some people would absolutely love that film. That's the closest thing I can compare it to, really, even though they don't have much in common with the exception that they're comedies. If you've seen an Adam Sandler movie then you know what to expect, except it's raunchier due to the R-rating and features one of Sandler's buddies in the lead role. Say what you will about Sandler, but he sticks by his friends. No matter how unfunny or untalented they may be. And perhaps that's unfair to say, but Allen Covert isn't a particularly good or entertaining comedic actor when he's playing a supporting character. So what made them think he would be a good lead actor? I mean other than he's just Sandler's friend. To be fair, though, out of all of Sandler's friends who play his sidekicks, who, out of any of them, would make the best lead. Gonna be impossible to pick out. The best option would be David Spade, but I don't feel that he counts as he already had a track record prior to hooking up with Sandler. I mean actors that only appear in Sandler movies and nowhere else because nobody will cast them because they all suck. You know you have problems when Rob Schneider is your best choice. Ugh. Anyway, Allen Covert is no good here, I just don't think he has good comedic timing and a lot of his 'acting' relies on gross-out humor and not actual funny delivery of his lines. I think some people can make both work. Jonah Hill, for example, can make it work because his comedic timing and delivery is impeccable. Allen Covert only has the film's raunchiness to cover up the fact that he's just not very good. And I don't mean to come across as mean-spirited, I'm sure Covert is a great guy, but he's not a good actor. There's just no denying that, no matter how much you loved this movie. Tell you what, if this guy was so great in this film, then why has he not appear in any other comedy films as a lead. And this would be movies outside of the Happy Gilmore, Sandler's company, umbrella. It's probably a combination of the fact that he has that Sandler stank on him and that he's not a good comedic actor. This is a series of gross-out sketches held together by a flimsy fucking narrative. And this film is guilty of one of the worst crimes a comedy film can have, it is practically begging for laughs in the worst way possible. The film, in a lot of scenes, has its own laugh track. Not like you see in sitcoms, of course. But you'd have a group of people all hanging out with each other when someone, supposedly, said something funny. To ensure they got the reaction they wanted, they had all the other characters in the scene laugh at this person's, more likely than not, terrible joke. I hate that shit so fucking much. It's pretty obvious that, when you do this, that you have no faith in the joke that was written down on paper. The worst of these, as far as I can remember, is before the epic party at Grandma's house takes place, Alex's drug deal tells the group that he has a new batch of weed called Frankenstein. Alex asks him why and the drug dealer then says that it'll make you walk like him, he proceeds to do the Frankenstein walk and the entire group laughs. Seriously. That's an actual joke in the fucking film. Holy fucking shit! Talk about some awful writing. The film has its moments, like when people make fun of JP for all the usual shit. The JP looking like Bono's brother comment might have been the best line in the entire film. And it's not even that funny. Linda Cardellini, Shirley Jones and Doris Roberts deserve so much better than this. Joel David Moore, as JP, was amusing for like 5 minutes. After that he, literally, becomes one of the most annoying characters I've seen in any film in a long fucking time. I like Joel, actually, but he was just absolutely horrendous here. Look, if you enjoyed this film then I am happy for you. You are smoking some high quality weed that actually makes this seem like a funny movie, but I thought it was fucking terrible. One of the worst movies I've seen in a looooooooong fucking time. Utterly dreadful and something that no one, unless under the influence of a large amount of narcotics, should ever see. I wish I had those 90 minutes back, but I will never have them. I'm closer to death thanks to this movie. Awful.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Dec 08, 2012
    Starring a few of Adam Sandler's frequent co-stars, Grandma's Boy is a rare Happy Madison production without Sandler himself. Star Allen Covert (the guy soaping his ass in Mr.Deeds)is better than expected, as are Shirley Jones (Partridge family) and Linda Cardellini. Remember her as Scooby Doo's Velma? This film is a stoner comedy to be sure but also a love-fest for computer game geeks. This is simple fun. I laughed frequently, but some of this material is only funny if you really are stoned, a little like Cheech and Chong. The best example might be the whole Dante-chimp-lion bit. Also, the office at Brainiac is completely wacky yet somehow imaginable. Having never been a part of a company like this, I imagine JP's robot voice not completely out of place. Its laugh out loud funny, may be not as outrageous as The Hangover, but I enjoyed Grandma's Boy more than that or most recent Sandler's flicks.
    Clintus M Super Reviewer
  • Nov 29, 2011
    Aside from a couple of funny jokes, the film ultimately fails at being a comedy.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Aug 15, 2011
    Aside from a couple of funny jokes, the film ultimately fails at being a comedy.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer

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