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Academy Award-winner Cuba Gooding, Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michael Ironside headline this sci-fi action flick about a man who must fight for his life after receiving a lethal brain implant. Luke Gibson (Gooding, Jr.) nearly died in the car accident that killed his wife and unborn child, but upon awakening in the hospital it quickly becomes clear that his life is still in danger. A microchip has been implanted in Luke's brain, and now his every move is being monitored by Hope Industries, a powerful corporation headed by a ruthless executive (Kilmer). If Luke doesn't get it out of his head soon, he'll become another brain-dead casualty of our corporate overlords. In order to regain of his own mind and prevent Hope Industries from achieving global domination, Luke seeks help from a team of highly intelligent computer hackers.


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  • Nov 18, 2010
    I don't get Cuba Gooding I really don't, he has been in epic's, blockbusters and sensible dramas yet he also tends to make many many straight to DVD cheap budget films just like this. With a mix of various other films and ideas this plot is rather tired, unoriginal and not well made with lots of tacky looking sets and cgi aplenty plus Val Kilmer looking terrible as a computer geek (deliberate I guess). The casting is actually surprising for a crappy film, Michael Ironside, Kilmer, Gooding and an uncredited Lance Henriksen at the very end on a poster, its strange how these small films get such good casts but it still doesn't help this sci-fi flop with a terrible 'made for TV' look and pointless nonsense action and dialog. Bottom of the barrel stuff for Kilmer and Gooding.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Feb 05, 2010
    A good cast in this film, shame the film couldn't have been a little bit better
    Roy G Super Reviewer
  • Jan 01, 2010
    This is one B-movie...that if it were to play in TV...Cuba Gooding Jr. would bring in a Golden Globe if they are rating Sci-Fi Flicks. Thsi move was pretty good being the sci-fi fan that I am. Val Kilmer as the villan in this one would have fared better is he had a better haircut in this movie...I could see this also a s a video game...contender. LOL! THis was good and I was not disappointed at all. I just wish it had better direction while it was being filmed.
    Fascade F Super Reviewer
  • Nov 17, 2009
    Weeeiiiirrrrddd Corporate Conspiracy meets Sci Fi action thriller. I think Val Kilmer must really be desperate for work or he really regrets this. He doesnt even look anything like pictured on the cover. What do I think of Cuba Gooding as the lead? ehh could have been worse. Its a stand against capitalism ,even though movies are in general very commercialized. After seeing a head explode in the first minuet and a half of the movie, you would expect cheap thrills and shocking violence to be more fluent, but they werent, so cheers for that. Still I think the plot could use some polish and revising.
    Jess B Super Reviewer

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