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½ August 8, 2017
A bad LSD trip made into a visually entertaining movie. Not a very valuable film, but really fun to watch.
½ April 10, 2017
Secara keseluruhan, this is awesome! Saya sangat mengapresiasi fantasi orang Jepang yang sebetulnya dengan sederhana bisa dibilang aneh dan tidak realistis. Jepang ternyata masih memiliki ekplorasi unrealistic weird fantasy yang hadir di film ini tanpa membuat saya ketakutan ataupun kaget karena kisah horrornya yang sebetulnya bisa membuat penonton cukup nyesek dengan ceritanya
Antonius Block
Super Reviewer
April 1, 2017
Oh my goodness, what at trippy, crazy, cheesy little movie this is. I don't think it has a single scene in it which doesn't have some type of campy, surreal special effect. Early on it seems like part Wes Anderson, part after-school special, part J-pop, part ... I don't know, just 'out there', and certainly unique. It gets weirder and weirder as it goes. If you love the bizarre and the downright silly, movies which don't take themselves too seriously and are out to throw wild images at you, you'll probably love this film. Director Nobuhiko Obayashi has a real flair, and he's not out to make things look super-realistic, he's out to entertain. If you're looking for a ghost story, real drama, or horror, well, this isn't it. You never feel real tension, even as the cute little girls are attacked by mattresses, devoured by a piano, etc etc. For me I suppose I fell more in the latter camp, wishing the film had some balance in creating a film about the supernatural, but you can easily see why it has a bit of a cult attraction to it, and your mileage may vary.
March 14, 2017
The eccentricity and innovation of early German cinema combined with Japan's unique take on the horror genre and storytelling, adding up to a very strange and mesmerizing acid trip of a movie.
February 17, 2017
Unbelievably odd Japanese horror film must be seen to be believed.
February 11, 2017
if you are searching for an odd horror movies with satisfyingly aesthetic graphic in a cute way, you should see this!
January 12, 2017
An eclectic, witty and self-aware fantasy horror with catchy Godiego soundtracks and the naive spirit of a soap opera. Alas, also a forgotten cinematic lesson.
November 25, 2016
Weirdest Japanese Shit.
Super Reviewer
November 22, 2016
A bizarre, experimental kitschy feast for the eyes. The problem is that there's very little going on beneath the surface.
October 31, 2016
The best I can do: Yellow Submarine as a horror film.
½ October 31, 2016

No, seriously, WTF.

How do I even talk about this one? I've heard people say it was bizarre, but I didn't expect this. I was left kinda speechless from this. I mean, calling this movie weird or strange seems like weak criticism. Like yeah, it's strange, no sh*t.

But I can say this about "House", it's quite out there and manages to surpass your exceptions. But I wish I watched this sooner, because I kinda love this movie. It's both mad and quite beautiful at times. I would say it's more than one movie, it's actually all different tones.

Now picture this: What if Halloween, drama, comedy, Kung fu and supernatural activity were all squash together in one movie, but all the genes try to out-act one another for an hour and half. That's this movie.

And I thought this will be a good Halloween movie and it really is. There's dancing skeletons, blood pouring out of the walls, paranormal entity, and a piano that eats a girl. Yes, that happens. But what's interesting is that director Nobuhiko Obayashi asked his daughter of what she finds scary. So basically, this film was co-written by a 10 year old Japanese girl and it dose sure show, but I mean that in a good way, as this is a look into a child's mind.

I also love the music in this and I like how the movie literally plays the main theme repeatedly, but with different instruments. My favorite one has to be "Sweet Dreams of Days Gone by".

Now for issues I have for the movie are pretty slim, but if I had to pick something that I think could have been better is actually the title of the movie. "House" just doesn't catch your eye or sound interesting as a title. It's the reason why it took me long to watch this one, because before I use to see the poster for this movie when I'm looking through the Criterion list, but just didn't have any interest. For a movie this wacky, it sure lacks creativity in the title.

Overall rating: "House" was pretty fantastic and never had a dull moment. Sadly, it's not for everyone, as I've seen different opinions on this that are both good and bad. But a movie like this I would imagine so.
½ October 26, 2016
This movie is pretty insane, both in terms of content and craftsmanship. You're left thinking "What did I just watch?"
October 16, 2016
This is equal parts an art house film and horror film. The effects are super cheesy and gives the movie a surreal quality to it, its incredibly odd to say the least. I recommend it if you want something a little psychedelic, semi-frightening, and completely silly.
October 10, 2016
This film is part Japanese teen drama, part Evil Dead and part 4 AM Adult Swim and, despite what a bizarre combination that seems, it's genuinely terrifying. It will fuck with your mind.
October 10, 2016
Bizarre Japanese horror film has become a cult favorite for its singular filmmaking and its humorous take on the genre that's even more visceral than Sam Raimi's Evil Dead movies. Too bad the plot is so murky, and the problematic pacing keep it from being a bona-fide classic, but its strengths are still a marvel to behold.
October 3, 2016
Fan-fuckin'-tastic, Refreshing & original to the point of creativity overdose, So much fun & it has a great fun mood that even its stupid moments work, Even overusing the music score which seems really inapropriate in some moments doesn't hurt & ends up adding to the fun, I need to see more of this kind of stuff if there's any other
September 22, 2016
"Hausu" (or "House") is one of the most insane cinematic experiences I have ever had. There is nothing like is just completely insane! A young girl takes her friends to her Aunt's house, but the girls are slowly picked off one by one as the house is haunted and the Aunt is not what she seems. That sounds so much more straightforward than it ever really is. I mean this is a movie that turns into a cartoon from time to time, and is utterly incomprehensible at other times. I love how weird the Japanese are...they have strange sensibilities, and that is what makes them great!
September 1, 2016
This one is really odd, but also fun, silly, and even frightening.
½ August 26, 2016
Had some cool elements. Just went over the top for me.
July 20, 2016
Hausu is the Japanese equivalent to films such as Troll 2 or The Room but maybe a little bit better. Unlike those two films, this one actually looks good. The story doesn't make much sense, nor is the acting good at all. But it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be a joke. What's worth watching about this film is the way it looks. Everything looks and feels as though one were in a a dream. That's intentional.
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