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April 19, 2007
An intelligent and perceptive film, neither unique nor earth-shattering, but still worthwhile.
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March 1, 2007
This emotional jigsaw puzzle is cannily constructed.
November 2, 2005
Though car chases and explosions are kept to a bare minimum here, I daresay you won't be bored.
September 22, 2005
Heights is a New York genre film....keeping our interest with adroit story telling and excellent technicals
August 29, 2005
...makes some subtle observations about insecurities and preconceptions, and the script unfolds its big twists in a way that's surprising without turning manipulative.
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August 25, 2005
A noteworthy ending to Merchant's career and a solid beginning for the film careers of Terrio, Fox and Banks.
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August 19, 2005
According to this film, New York is a joyless place where people live only to drop names, attend parties, cheat on loved ones and brood.
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August 12, 2005
...well-designed but somewhat airless
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August 6, 2005
Though good in parts not good as a whole.
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August 5, 2005
What happens to these not-so-interesting people isn't nearly as compelling as writer Amy Fox and first-time feature director Chris Terrio intended.
July 28, 2005
If the plot is thin, at least the characters are interesting, and the performances are consistently strong.
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July 23, 2005
The ties that bind this drama's often-smug and off-putting characters are contrived, and the plotting rarely goes deeper than soap opera surface. And that's a shame, considering the caliber of its cast.
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July 22, 2005
The dance these filmmakers have created is the sort that makes viewing a joy.
| Original Score: 3.5/4
July 22, 2005
Amy Fox's play, with New York clichés for characters, was never going to hit, ahem, the movie heights. But cut loose in the middle of a comic-book summer, Heights is just different enough, just adult enough, to warrant a climb and a look.
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July 22, 2005
Feels like a stage work - a self-important and self-consciously lofty one at that - and first-time director Chris Terrio does little to make it come alive.
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July 21, 2005
The material isn't strong enough and the first-time director isn't experienced enough to make it work.
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July 21, 2005
The story defies the convention of its genre by actually going somewhere.
July 21, 2005
They work like little jigsaw puzzles, seducing us into the lives of characters via little slivers, then keeping us guessing about how they will collide and change one another.
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July 20, 2005
[B]ottled-up angst somehow isn't as attractive when it's not pining away by the canals of Venice in the 19th century but rather over the... skyline of 21st-century New York...
July 19, 2005
Unconvincing Heights. Ensemble piece pretentious and slow-handed.
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