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½ December 24, 2017


[Guillermo del Toro]
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September 26, 2017
A well made action and horror film that takes the core ingredients of the comic series and branches away. The fans of the franchise must have been mixed as the series died after 2 great films that take comic book films in a different direction. Pearlman may have seemed an odd choice for the film but I couldn't imagine anyone else in the suit. Del Toro was a strong choice for the director, the only issue I have with some of his action films is the inconsistent scene structure. The same issue I have with Blade 2 is the scenes he adds in editing, they look odd and out of place, almost to the point he shot the scene and forced it in. The film is pure origin and while the comic brings more mixed characters, this film has a lot of depth and heart. I have mixed feelings about a reboot but it has a different team that will mix the horror elements of the comic this movie missed, time will tell. 26-09-2017.
September 25, 2017
I've tried watching this several times, and admittedly my attention span veers. At times it's over-the-top chatoic CGI monster garbage that loses me. Other times it's beautiful cinematography and a simple setup, like Hellboy spying on Selma Blair and Myers on a date while sharing milk and cookies with a young boy, that moves me emotionally.

I was most interested in seeing the development between Hellboy and Jeffrey Tambor's character, and I was not disappointed, besides the fact that Tambor is left hanging. The movie pokes fun at this by showing him still lingering in a post credit scene. The film ends abruptly, a short wrap up that sees the end of the monster and the two lovers embraced as Myers watches on. It's all rather unceremonious.

Nothing is any more surprising than the trailer, you can watch that and get a similar result. But as a costume and makeup epic with great creature effects, it's just barely worth the effort to engage. I could certainly never watch this mediocrity again.
½ September 22, 2017
It's not hard to like "Hellboy" as a normal super-hero movie, neither is to like the character itslef. Ron Perlman did a really good job and specially all the make-up nad hairstyling are great! However, 2004 "Hellboy" was a dissappointing movie. Guillermo del Toro's visionary style is unique, but this is one of the his most bland offers. Due to the useless love triangle, including the FBI agent and Liz, who are both horrible characters, this movie was longer than necessary. Some other little aspects made the finale generic. At the end I was bored and waiting for the credits.
½ September 16, 2017
This isn't a great film, but Perlman makes for a good Hellboy in a bizarre film. For whatever reason, I feel no connection to anything happening. The villain is really weak. A forced love triangle comes into play.
August 13, 2017
While far from perfect and filled with meh cgi,Hellboy is still a great film. Ron Perlman gives a great performance and the cast is solid overall. The costumes are great and the creature designs are equally great.
July 29, 2017
Not something fun to watch I found it boring too complicated
½ July 29, 2017
7/28/2017 (2): A pretty entertaining flick. The cast was very good with a fun interesting story.
July 24, 2017

Guilermo Del Toro's pet project is clearly a love letter not only for fans but also for the director himself and for the most part Hellboy is a blast, its fun and entertaining with a fantastic central performance from Rob Pearlman who is utterly wonderful in the titular role with a great charm and wit. Hurt is also fabulous with a great and impacting emotional role. The production design is flawless as per Del Toro style, it just looks gorgeous and immersive. However, it has aged in places with the CGI lookin tiresome and the scrip annoying in places.
July 21, 2017
Leave it to Guillermo del Toro to pick a more obscure property to bring to the big screen in the modern boom of the superhero movie. A truly unique romp in the genre, as to be expected from a Del Toro film, Hellboy's fantastical thrills and lighthearted tone make for a fun time, even when some narrative bumps rattle the experience. Del Toro's vision is at full force here: from the gothic-inspired cinematography to the brilliant costume work and make-up effects for the different character designs, the $66 million budget was put to good use. Hellboy himself is a delight, with Ron Perlman clearly having a blast through all of his cigar-chomping and paranormal threat-fighting. The main problem here stems from the plot, which unfortunately lacks the kind of perfectionist touch of the technical side of things. The narrative drive of the story - dealing with modern day Nazis planning world domination, as you'd expect from modern day Nazis - is really quite weak, and the entire threat Hellboy faces is muddled. Outside of an organic relationship between Hellboy and love interest Liz Sherman (Selma Blair) and the father-son dynamic of Hellboy and Broom (John Hurt), the ensemble is lacking in well-established characters. John Meyers is less of his own character than the eyes and ears of us, the viewers, as we're thrust into this unfamiliar fantasy world, the kind of character that rarely works in the medium of film. Amphibious wonder Abe Sapien is a quirky delight, which makes his increasing lack of screentime beyond the midpoint a huge disappointment, These sound like glaring issues, and in some ways they are, but the pairing of Del Toro and Perlman is too strong to succumb to them. A simple tightening of the film's structure might've done even greater wonders for what's already a wondrous and fresh film.
July 14, 2017
Guillermo del Toro managed to insert his visually established style and direction into the contemporary norm of the regenerated genre's nature with his attempt of action and wit, as part of the writing aspect, being one of the functional gears to the motor, thanks to the well-performed cast. As a result, the entertainment value, or film level, parallels to the first "X-Men" by different direction and source material probably being the only differences. (B+)

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July 9, 2017
"We like people for their qualities but we love them for their defects"

For a comic book movie, I'm not sure which was the main focus...the love story or stopping the demonic world take over. ??
June 20, 2017
WOW I wasn't expecting this movie to be any good
But I was so Wrong
½ June 12, 2017
Atmospheric and well-acted, it is a great superhero film.
June 6, 2017
WOW I wasn't expecting this movie to be any good
But I was so Wrong
June 1, 2017
I can spot some flawed moments but with humor, memorable characters, beautiful visuals, this very entertaining DelToro movie makes for a good, faithful adaptation and fun film on its own.
May 13, 2017
If we happened to live in a world where "The Crow" wasn't made into a film, this would be my favorite superhero film
April 13, 2017
love my cult flicks like hellboy
March 20, 2017
A great comic book based film, with a great performance from Perlman. The ending was a little lack-lustre and very 'end-the-movie-quickly-as-we're-coming-up-to-the-2hr-mark'. But other than that it's entertaining and looks good. Out of all the action films and comic based films released over the last few years, the character Hellboy came across more effectively than any of the other hero protagonists as a well rounded individual and personality.
March 13, 2017
Mediocre action flick that uses Ron Perlman's kick-ass performance in the title role as a crutch to disguise it's crippling lameness.
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