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April 13, 2018
these kids are so annoying that you kinda wish they would get diced up. Only if the screaming would stop Eli Roth repeating the same old formula with a twist just doesn't work.
January 12, 2018
I actually liked this one better than the first
½ November 17, 2017
Unnecessary sequel that never gives the audience a reason for its existence.
½ October 29, 2017
More true to the accusations of being torture porn than the original but it also keeps a sense of irony in acknowledgement of that fact throughout. It's crypto feminism disguised as snuff exploitation even if it ultimately values gory set piece over politics.
September 18, 2017
somehow missed both hostels but they've been highly recommended
½ September 17, 2017
I watched Hostel 1 to 3 on Amazon Prime back to back on same day. Part 1 sets the stage for you. Part 2 is a direct sequel to Part 1 with little twists, and part three is stand alone story with even more unexpected twists in the story. Super explicit nudity, gore and violence.
August 14, 2017
Even better the first one that's all I'm saying see it for ya self.
May 28, 2017
3/5. Surprisingly, Hostel Part 2 is better than the original. It helps that the main protagonist is actually likable this time.
May 17, 2017
I Like Over The Top Gore.
February 19, 2017
The gore in my eyes died down a bit, which made it disappointing. Also the plot was very good either. I thought it was terrible.
½ January 23, 2017
Takes the first and goes even further. Not sure it was really necessary.
October 14, 2016
Twice the gruesomeness and suspense for a sequel... thumbs up!..
½ October 13, 2016
I found Hostel 2 to be pretty satisfying and entertaining, and is probably the only movie out there where you'll have the privilege to see someones cock getting cut off before feeding it to the dogs. Anything goes in this flick, there're little kids playing football with someones head, and other fucked up stuff like it. But in general, it's a compitent horror film, another good job by Eli Roth. Although, most of the film this time was much more predictable. Recommended !!
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½ September 21, 2016
The characters are better than in the first part, and the set-up in a medieval Slovakian town is nicely atmospheric again. Although I obviously watched an edit, some of the jumps were hard to get. The suspense just isn't as great as in the first part, there is basically no showdown to speak of.
½ September 16, 2016
Una delle cose pių malate che io abbia mai visto, non capisco dove la gente possa trovare una qualsiasi forma di intrattenimento da un' opera cosė sadica e disturbante.
August 28, 2016
This is the only horror film I own and it's for the "Bathory scene". How they got away with what is effectively a live action Dolcett short.. I don't know. But this quality peice of erotic horror escaped hollywood's own ideological self censorship. 5 stars for the scene alone.
August 20, 2016
More torture porn with little to no redeeming qualities.
June 22, 2016
With 'Hostel: Part II', Eli Roth furthers his torture saga with more of the same grueling violence and creative setups. The originality has worn off, but the premise has actually been fleshed out and expanded upon.
½ March 25, 2016
A slower, less adventurous version of the first film with less gore. Still enjoyed it, but it was formulaic. Some good moments, but few and far between.
February 26, 2016
Distinctly less gripping than it's predecessor. Roth has, quite literally, regurgitated the same format as the first film. This offers nothing new and is very, very dull. This could have been a fun opportunity to expand on the origins of the bloodhound group or provide some sort of fleshed narrative whereby we learn why someone might want to pay a price to be able to kill a person. There was room for psychology, debate, real meaty discussion. Instead, this was a carbon copy of the first film and bored me. Stop relying on gore to move films forward. The most horrifying parts of any and all films are the things we think, and feel but don't have to necessarily always see.
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