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More vacationers are tortured for a fee in this third installment of the Hostel film series, this time being steered by director Scott Spiegel (Intruder) and writer Michael D. Weiss. Franchise creator Eli Roth returns to handle producing duties.


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  • Mar 24, 2015
    Sequels are never good, this appears to continue the franchise for the sake of trying to be shocking.
    Film C Super Reviewer
  • Jan 03, 2014
    I have not seen the first two installments and I only came across this on TV (meaning there were lots and lots of cuts) but it was pretty entertaining and engrossing. Not that bad.
    Maymay A Super Reviewer
  • Aug 09, 2012
    I actually liked it. I like all the Hostel movies, so shut up. This Hostel movie kind of deviated from the plot of the last 2 movies. The last two movies were more gory and violent. Hostel 3 was not at all as gory as I expected. The last two movies started out as college kids or people from out of town being abducted and taken to the Hostel where they were slowly tortured for money. Hostel 3 is a bit of a twist and I actually really liked it. *SPOILER* In Hostel 3 the casino is like the Hostel and the people in the casino get to bet on how they think the guy is going to kill the victim and they can bet on what the victim is going to say/do. I thought it was kind of creative....but different. I didn't really like that it was different from the rest of the movies, but it was a nice twist. I also liked the many, many twists in the film. Every time you thought the film was over, it wasn't. And every time you thought something bad was going to happen, it didn't. It was well thought out. It wasn't like a shitty plot. There were actual plot points that made the movie go in a bunch of different directions. There were actually A LOT of plot points. In my screenwriting class my teacher was always like "where's the twist in your story? where are your plot points?" well I bet if I had as many plot points as this film I would've gotten a better grade in that class. There was even a deeper story to this one. It was like a bachelor party/revenge scheme it was pretty interesting. I'm not saying this movie was super amazing- it definitely was not. The SFX were definitely the worst of the 3 films, and the script needed some work for sure. Those awful one liners were definitely not as frequent in the last 2 movies. I just like how the director put a creative twist onto the Hostel movies. It was a daring move making a sequel to and not sticking to the same formula as the previous Hostels. I liked it though.
    Japes . Super Reviewer
  • Jul 13, 2012
    It took three films, but finally the new Hostel film initiated a marketable franchise. The first two films were about a bunch of travelers who got kidnapped and killed by millionaires, who were part of some human hunting club, but they didn't go any further than that. Finally, in Hostel III, we see inside the elite hunting club and learn it's purpose. Also unlike the first two films, this Hostel has a plot, that's interesting and apathetic. Featured in Hostel III is Kip Pardue, a veteran b-movie actor, and newcomer Brian Hallisay. They were humorous, likeable, and perfect for this type of film. After two insane gorefests, Hostel finally grew up and learned to combine the shocking violence with a good story, and a likeable cast. This was the by far the best Hostel film so far and one of the best horror movies I've seen all year. If you like horror, don't miss this one. Even if you didn't like the first two films, give this one a shot!
    Todd S Super Reviewer

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