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This sequel to The House of Frankenstein offers an account of a naive scientist (Onslow Stevens) who allows Count Dracula (John Carradine), the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.) and the Frankenstein monster (Glenn Strange) to seek refuge in his laboratory.

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Creighton Chaney
as Lawrence Talbot
John Carradine
as Count Dracula
Martha O'Driscoll
as Miliza Morrelle
Onslow Stevens
as Dr. Edelman
Ludwig Stossel
as Zeigfried
Glenn Strange
as The Monster
Skelton Knaggs
as Steinmuhl
Fred Cordova
as Gendarme
Harry Lamont
as Villager
Lon Chaney Jr
as Lawrence Stewart Talbot/The Wolf Man
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Audience Reviews for House of Dracula

  • Sep 15, 2014
    Fully committing Bram Stoker's classic Gothic character to unfortunate camptastic heights, this unnecessary but occasionally fun monster mash-up mercifully put the stake in the original Dracula franchise's heart. Here, everybody wants to get cured but not without a monstrous dust-up. Before it's all done, the mad scientist who tries to cure the Wolfman and fend off Dracula injects himself with the Invisible Man serum and tries to reanimate Frankenstein's monster. Wowee, it's every '40s kid's dream and every '40s adult filmgoer's muddled mess of a nightmare. Perhaps lending credence to the argument that HWood just doesnt learn from its mistakes, 2004's Van Helsing tried the same monster fighting shenanigans with the same laughable results. The best part about this film inadvertently calling the down Count is the fact that it gave full license to England's Hammer Studios to pick up the Gothic horror torch in the '50s. Without a doubt, their Dracula franchise fleshed out the undead better over the years. In this unrated continuation of Universals Dracula series, Count Dracula (John Carradine) and the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney, Jr.) seek a cure for their afflictions while a hunchbacked woman, mad scientist and the Frankenstein monster have their own troubles. As always, Lon Chaney's in fine tortured form as the Wolfman but John Carradine turns Dracula into a scrawny pushover of a dandy all while a gray hair-colored Lionel Atwill nearly collapses under the weight of playing mad scientist to the arch degree. Oh, and the scientist!s female? Yep, she's a hunchback. Game. Set. Meh. Bottom line: House of Pain
    Jeff B Super Reviewer
  • Oct 31, 2012
    Universal continues their "monster rallies" in House of Dracula, bringing together Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein Monster. The story picks up several years after the events of House of Frankenstein, where a now freed Dracula seeks the renowned Dr. Edelmann for help in curing his vampirism, and by happenstance Lawrence Talbot also comes looking for the doctor in hopes of a cure to his lycanthropy. The performances are all fairly good, and John Carradine gives a compelling depiction of Dracula. However, the film is rather uneven and has difficulty handling the various character stories. House of Dracula is fun and entertaining, but doesn't quite meet its potential.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 05, 2010
    A later universal monster movie which deserves a watching, it's very interesting and exciting. I know I enjoyed it.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Nov 09, 2008
    i really reall do not like this guy as dracula he is a worm compaired to bela lagousi!
    Morgan S Super Reviewer

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