Lionel Atwill

Lionel Atwill

  • Highest Rated: 100% Three Comrades (1938)
  • Lowest Rated: 25% Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)
  • Birthday: Mar 1, 1885
  • Birthplace: Not Available
  • British actor Lionel Atwill was born into wealth and educated at London's prestigious Mercer School, where he planned to pursue a career as an architect; instead, he became a stage actor, working steadily from his debut at age 20, most often in the plays of Ibsen and Shaw. Establishing himself in America, Atwill continued his stage work, supplementing his income with silent film appearances, the first being Eve's Daughter(1918). Atwill's rich rolling voice made him a natural for talking pictures. Following a pair of Vitaphone short subjects in 1928, the actor made his talkie bow in The Verdict (1932). Most effective in roles as an aristocratic villain, Atwill found himself appearing in numerous melodramas and horror films, including the classic Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933). Atwill's career was threatened in 1940, when it was revealed that he'd thrown an "orgy" at his home, complete with naked guests and pornographic films. Atwill "lied like a gentleman" to protect his party guests at the subsequent trial, and was convicted of perjury. The ensuing scandal made Atwill virtually unemployable at most studios, but he found a semi-permanent home at Universal Pictures, which at the time was grinding out low budget horror films. Lionel Atwill died in harness in the middle of production of the 1946 Universal serial Lost City of the Jungle; viewers watching this serial today will no doubt notice how often Atwill's character turns his back to the camera, allowing the producers to cover his absence with a stand-in.

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No Score Yet Lost City of the Jungle Actor 1946
56% House of Dracula Holtz 1945
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No Score Yet Lady in the Death House Charles Finch 1944
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91% Son of Frankenstein Inspector Krogh 1939
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No Score Yet The High Command Maj. Gen. Sir John Sangye, VC 1938
100% Three Comrades Franz Breuer 1938
No Score Yet The Great Waltz Count Hohenfried 1938
No Score Yet The Great Garrick Mr. Beaumarchais 1937
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82% The Mystery of the Wax Museum Ivan Igor 1933
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60% The Vampire Bat (Blood Sucker) (Forced to Sin) Dr. Otto von Niemann 1933
No Score Yet Secret Of The Blue Room Robert von Helldorf 1933
60% Murders in the Zoo Eric Gorman, Zoologist 1933
75% Doctor X Dr. Xavier 1932


Franz Breuer
Koster, when you take a curve at high speeds do you use the brake?
Otto Koster
I just turn the wheel - and hope.
Otto Koster
I just turn the wheel and hope.
Mr. Rawitch, what you are I wouldn't eat.
How dare you call me a ham!