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Mark of the Vampire

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When several new residents of a small Czechoslovakian village are menaced, seemingly by a pair of vampires, a detective and a vampire expert are called in to investigate. This remake of the 1927 silent chiller London After Midnight reunites Dracula director Tod Browning and star Bela Lugosi.

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Lionel Barrymore
as Prof. Zelin
Elizabeth Allan
as Irena Borotyn
Bela Lugosi
as Count Mora
Lionel Atwill
as Insp. Neumann
Holmes Herbert
as Sir Karell Borotyn
Jean Hersholt
as Baron Otto von Zinden
Carroll Borland
as Luna Mora
Donald Meek
as Dr. Doskil
Egon Brecher
as Coroner
Henry Wadsworth
as Count Feodor Vincente
Eily Malyon
as Sick Woman [cut from release print]
Christian Rub
as Deaf Man [cut from release print]
Torben Meyer
as Card Player
Zeffie Tilbury
as Grandmother
Rosemary Glosz
as Innkeeper's Wife
Claire Verdera
as English Woman
Guy Bellis
as English Man
Baron Hesse
as Bus Driver [cut from release print]
Mrs. Lesovosky
as Old Woman in Inn
Robert Greig
as Fat Man
Jessie Ralph
as Midwife
Franklyn Ardell
as Chauffeur
Clare Verdera
as English Woman
James Bradbury Jr
as Fourth Vampire
Henry Stephenson
as (scenes deleted)
Doris Lloyd
as (scenes deleted)
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Critic Reviews for Mark of the Vampire

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Audience Reviews for Mark of the Vampire

  • Nov 26, 2010
    wonderful gothic atmosphere but there's an odd tone to the film and you'll soon discover why. i still can't decide if the ending is clever or just ridiculous. not browning's finest hour but worth seeing
    Stella D Super Reviewer
  • May 20, 2010
    Godawful script (due, at least in part, to the numerous scenes that were never shot and a number of others which did not make the final cut) is somewhat redeemed by some decent atmosphere, a spectacular sequence (with some very impressive special effects) and a very creepy performance by Mr. Lionel Atwill. Is this a remake of "London After Midnight"?
    Eduardo C Super Reviewer
  • Nov 02, 2009
    Barely a step above a Ed Wood film, which is surprising with such a good cast and a great director like Tod Browning. The pace and editing of the film is chaotic and the story is stupid. The only saving grace is the look and it's only 80 minutes. I read this film had 20 plus minutes cut out so that would explain why it was so horrible. It also has a bad twist ending reminiscent of April Fools Day, do not waste your time.
    cody f Super Reviewer
  • Aug 04, 2007
    Ultimately disappointing vampire story, whose only saving grace is Carol Borland, who really spooked me in her role as the female vampire.
    Cindy I Super Reviewer

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