I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story Reviews

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July 22, 2019
An open and affecting look at the little white-haired man inside of the giant yellow suit.
July 5, 2019
A truly magical experience from start to finish, with a heart as big and kind as the bird himself.
June 20, 2019
The problem is that LaMattina and Walker refuse to let Spinney's story breathe for a single moment, instead relying on a barrage of maudlin tactics to choke tears out of viewers.
September 15, 2017
I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story" is the delightful and heartwarming story of the man inside the head, the 8 foot tall 6 year old who has crossed borders, transcended politics, breached intractable boundaries and enriched lives from his inception.
August 24, 2017
A slathering of sentimentally triumphant music emphasizes what seems like a feeling of protectiveness for their subject, but fair enough.
May 16, 2016
It plays like an extended promo, washed with a score of elevator-music strings, and composed of so many talking-head snatches that it often feels like a trailer for itself.
December 18, 2015
It's amazing that a documentary so clumsy has such incredible highs and lows, but that's the power of Big Bird for you.
November 9, 2015
I Am Big Bird is not great filmmaking but it pays fitting tribute to Spinney and the character into which he invested so much of his own personality.
July 31, 2015
The purity of intent and sophisticated craft [Spinney] has poured into their creation remains unacknowledged by the general public. The modestly appointed, crowd-funded documentary I Am Big Bird should clear up that oversight once and for all.
July 30, 2015
Spinney is well-deserving of the attention, and from a standpoint of sheer curiosity and fascination, knowing more about this man who created a character that we loved as children and that our children now love, is a gently poignant experience.
July 27, 2015
This adulatory doco of Spinney's life and work is a handful of love stories glued together by Spinney, who is at the centre of it. A kinda This is Your Life doco
June 25, 2015
There's little sour to temper the sweetness of this portrait.
June 19, 2015
While nice--arguably too nice, in fact--it feels like fifty minutes of material drawn out to nearly ninety.
June 18, 2015
Though its gooey, sentimental soundtrack is a misstep - this story is quite sweet enough already - "I Am Big Bird" is mesmerizing for anyone (and that's a lot of us) who grew up with "Sesame Street."
May 29, 2015
Very much a heartwarming tribute, bordering on treacly.
May 28, 2015
Spinney is a one-of-a-kind personality, an oddball even among the oddballs who pioneered Sesame Street's Children's Television Workshop.
May 22, 2015
In less than 90 minutes, it's a reasonably complete history of the big Bird character and the man in it.
May 22, 2015
Not a definitive story of Sesame Street, but it's a superb portrait of one of its longest residents, and a peek behind the scenes well worth taking for anyone who grew up with one of pop culture's most identifiable and most long-lived children's icons.
May 21, 2015
Children love and understand the majestic galoot.
May 20, 2015
I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story, for the most part, is a puff piece. A feather film, if you will. It's as nice and flavorful and yellow as a Nilla cookie.
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