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½ July 7, 2017
Não vou dar menos estrelas pq esse filme me deu muuita criatividade! Mas o enredo é bem fraquinho.
½ May 4, 2017
Ridiculously bad. You can't help but laugh. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
November 10, 2016
I can appreciate that the director tried to give the movie some artistic symbolism even though he fails miserably at it; as well as every other aspect of the film. Ineptly paced and often tasteless modern horror with a really silly plot and an off the wagon Lohan looking like a middle age woman playing a highschooler. Similar to something like The Wicker Man, it's dreadful but occasionally good for a laugh.
October 25, 2016
Sexy moves, too many freckles. Confusing, ended up having twin sister and piano teacher was killer
September 20, 2016
Really weird and screwed up!
August 30, 2016
Absolutely have no interest in seeing this crap, not even after 9 years since it came out! Why would Lohan ever agree to commit film career suicide with this!? Oh yeah, I know, drug money! You were such a beautiful girl a few years before this crap, and then, you were trying to go for the biggest zombie impersonator after all those drugs! I miss the good old days. So, this is usually the price of fame and fortune, for certain people, right!? No way Jose!
½ July 1, 2016
it was crap.Lindsey Lohan was crap(as always),the plot was crap,everything was fu*****ng crap
February 24, 2016
The release of this movie is quite obviously overshadowed with the media's recent fascination with Hollywood's latest celebrity fuck-up, Lindsay Lohan - who is attempting to be taken more seriously as an actress in a more controversial role than she is used to. The movie itself was not released to critics until the day of general release which of course doesn't look good. It's funny then that 'I Know Who Killed Me', while being quite a terrible it's short-comings are nothing to do with the casting or those scenes, despite what the critics may have led you to believe.

The film starts off quite promisingly, weaving together good mystery elements and seemingly jumping backwards and forwards in time. But instead of going into Lynch-ian twists and metaphors the film opts for a more straight forward approach. The movie does just about hold your attention but once the mystery is unveiled things all go a little Hollywood for a rather standard and cliched conclusion. The big reveal itself, while interesting, is only used as a means to explain why these things are happening when it could have been used to completely twist things around and develop the lagging story further. The gore quotant though almost puts both the 'Saw' and 'Hostel' franchises to shame. Director Chris Silverston not turning the camera away the second things get interesting.

The strip scenes (of which I am not a fan - nor movie nudity in general) were actually handled with an amount of grace at least. Silverston making these scenes surreal and mildly erotic - with an almost dream-like use of lighting - without ever really been slutty despite some more crude moments (gusset flashing) which will appeal to both 13 year old boys who've just discovered masturbation and general perverts alike. These scenes though were obviously Lohan's way of trying to shed that squeaky clean image. I'm sure her parents are most proud. It's the plot and pacing where 'I Know Who Killed Me' really falls down, Lohan actually turning in an decent enough performance. Not quite the mess we were expecting then but by the end you'll find yourself curiously musing what was the point?
½ February 15, 2016
Ever wondered how "The Parent Trap" could've gone terribly wrong? I mean like a complete trainwreck. Well, this is it.
September 12, 2015
I thought it was a good movie
½ August 5, 2015
No one. I repeat no one should see this movie
½ July 25, 2015
We interrupt this program as we all watch Lindsay Lohan go down in flames in this career-killing thriller (if you want to call it a thriller).

The quiet suburb of New Salem is being terrorized by a brutal serial killer who abducts and tortures young women, holding them captive for weeks before murdering them. Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan), a talented pianist and aspiring writer, appears to be his latest victim when she disappears without a trace during a night out with friends. As the days tick by, the special FBI Task Force convened to track the killer begins to lose hope of finding her before it's too late. Then, late one night, a driver discovers the young woman by the side of a deserted road, disheveled and critically injured, pleading for help. The girl is rushed to the hospital, where Aubrey's distraught parents, Susan and Daniel, wait by her side as she slips in and out of consciousness. When she is finally able to speak, she shocks everyone by claiming to be a down-on-her luck stripper named Dakota Moss (also Lindsay Lohan) who has never heard of Aubrey Fleming. Convinced Aubrey is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, her doctors, parents and law enforcement officials can only wait for rest and therapy to restore her memory. But after returning to her parents' suburban home, she continues to insist that she is not who they think she is, despite bearing bizarre wounds identical to those of the serial killer's previous victims. The FBI agents are further mystified when they search Aubrey's computer and discover a short story about a girl with an alter ego named Dakota. When Dakota begins to suspect she may be Aubrey's identical twin sister, Susan (Julia Ormond) shows her a video of her pregnancy ultrasound clearly revealing there was only one fetus in her womb. Confused and terrified, Dakota starts seeing visions of a menacing figure slowly butchering his captive. Convinced that time is running out both for Aubrey and herself, Dakota confronts Daniel (Neal McDonough) with a shocking truth that leads them on a frantic hunt for the killer.

From the beginning to end, I Know Who Killed Me is just a ludicrous mess of a film. With a story this bad, it baffles me that a script went through script meeting. And they said yes to it. When I watched this script go on my TV screen, it is so hard to take this story seriously because the concept from the jump is really absurd. And when a story/script is this silly is released to the world, there is no reason for this script to be written.

The performances are incredibly horrible in every way. However, it is not their because the script is so bad. Lohan, who gives a great performance in the Parent Trap, is especially dreadful in I Know Who Killed Me. Because of her arrest for DUI, on-set bitchiness, and all that jazz, her awful performance shows. The rest of the cast includes Neal McDonough, Julia Ormond, and Brian Geraghty, who are no better-- they are just as terrible as Lohan. Again, the script is just so incompetent and I can't nothing else but the screenplay/script-- which is (I forgot to mention) one of the worst written things that put into celluloid.

The direction.... what direction? There's barely any direction in my opinion. If there was any direction, in my eyes, I didn't see much of it. It's like Chris Sivertson wasn't on set when this film was made.

I Know Who Killed Me supposed to be a thriller but it really isn't. There are no thrills whatsoever. At the end, I saw everything that coming especially when they reveal who the killer was. And the ending is just so pitiful that it is laughable. I can't call this a thriller but I can however call this a comedy. Also, the film features one of the most unintentionally hilarious sex scenes in recent memory. I will not describe it. You have to see it for yourself.

I can go on how shockingly awful I Know Who Killed Me really is. From the inane script, horrific performances, and the nonexistent direction, I Know Who Killed Me is a disaster for everyone involved-- especially for Lohan herself. I am so surprise that is got made. Based on the plot itself, I Know Who Killed is a film that is so distasteful and so vile that it shouldn't been made. It made several critics worsts of lists and won eight Razzie awards-- and rightfully so. The film tries to be technically eye catching and mind-blowing but it flunks on both of these things. I prefer you to skip this misguided excuse of a thriller, However, if you are fascinated by terrible films like I Know Who Killed Me, then this movie is for you. But, like I said, skip this movie at all cost.
July 22, 2015
Um....Ya....No Comment
½ May 25, 2015
Truly awful. Ugly, terribly directed and shot, stupid, and ridiculous. Lindsay Lohan is terrible and the movie features what is perhaps the most forced, unnecessary, painfully uncomfortable sex scene in the history of movies.
½ March 24, 2015
A genuinely terrible film that relied heavily on Lindsay Lohan acting sexy to try to spark anyone's interest.
March 18, 2015
Original and entertaining horror movie
Super Reviewer
½ February 17, 2015
Cool movie I guess...I found it similar to the one she did when she was little "the parent trap".
½ January 25, 2015
This is the worst movie I have ever watched, but it was such train wreck i couldn't look away. The plot had such massive holes and the characters so terribly developed I am truly shocked it was ever produced in the first place. Don't become me and waste brain cells on this movie, sticking your head in a microwave would be better.
½ January 10, 2015
This film pissed me off! I figured it out who the villain was as soon as they were introduced at the beginning of the film. The film was slowly-paced with too many scenes of Lindsay Lohan dancing. Now, I'm not saying that it wasn't part of the plot, but we really don't need to watch entire routines to get the point. Also, the ending was disappointing. I don't want to give any spoilers, but the ending was slightly abrupt and very cheesy (especially the last shot).
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